It must be true love ?... ~Sequel To "Reality Ruined OUR Life."~

Sequel to "Reality Ruined Our Life."

Hillary has it hard in her life, and don't know what to do...
She thinks that Niall doesn't love her anymore.. She thinks that she has no chance..
But still... Niall loves her..
But what if she still gets closer and closer to Harry?..
What if Justin says he loves her?...
Who will she chose ?... How can she chose?... While she's still truly in love with Niall ?...

Read this, and you know how it ends...

(Y/N= Hiii! So this is a sequel. If you're a new reader.. I think it's best that you read "Reality Ruined Our Life." too, because that's easier for knowing what's going on, and which persons that are in this book :) )


86. House.

Lol, I've already said like 100 times that I'd end the story in a few chaps but I really can't..

I can't stop writing & this is my fav book to write, even though I've like one reader, or ghost readers.

Anywayssss, sorry for not updating a lot.

No inspiration at all..



Hillary's P.O.V.

Taking Jace in my arms for the 10th time already, I started tickling him which made him giggle so loudly.

Niall soon came downstairs, smiling like an idiot when he both saw us.

"Hill, I wanna tell you somethin'.", I nodded and laid Jace down next to me on the couch as he started playing with his fingers.

He's so Harry... Weird but in a good way.

"I've searched some houses and finally found one I really like. It has enough room for us three and it's not too big nor too small. I started talking with the owner and said it would be good to go look in like two hours", I nodded, smiling.

He also got a huge smile on his face and ran to the kitchen, Jace following him soon.

I decided to take my phone and go on Twitter. I haven't tweeted in 3 days which isn't normal for me.

'Great day :) x Hope you enjoy it as much as I do xx'

I tweeted it and soon got replies. I was already dressed nicely so had some relaxing time.

Scrolling through the comments, I saw people being happy but also really sad. It made me so down when I saw people saying they were sad.

'@hillaryhoran cheer up babe! Love you xx'

"Mommy! Niall wants to eat."

"There's enough food in the fridge, Jacey."

"Niall says there's not.", he pouted. It made my heart melt.

I rolled my eyes and stood up, taking Jace's hand and going to the kitchen. Niall never looks around. Especially when he wants something so much like food.

"Babe! There's no fo-", I opened the fridge before he could finish his sentence and he soon blushed lightly. The fridge was literally full of food and drinks!

"You should really look for glasses, love", I gave him a kiss on the lips and went to the living room again, seeing Jace laughing because of Niall.

"Don't laugh!" I heard Niall scream playfully as I turned my head and soon saw him tickling Jace.

"NO! MOMMY! HELP!" I ran to them and started tickling Niall which made him fall down to the ground.

The kitchen wasn't really a perfect place to do this all but that's us. We're not normal.

"Look out for the table you two", I said and gave Niall a big kiss again, Jace on his forehead.

I plopped down on the couch again and turned the TV on. I can kill some time until we leave.

"Hill, isn't it better if Jace goes to Harry for a while, until we're back?"

"But Jace already went yesterday", I said and looked up to him. Jace was probably still in the kitchen.

"Than we can let Harry come over. You know Jace, he'd want to play and run around a house", I sighed and agreed. Yes, Jace is a playful boy. I actually just want to be with him but I understand Niall.

He smiled weakly and started texting Harry.

I'm so excited to go look for houses.

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