It must be true love ?... ~Sequel To "Reality Ruined OUR Life."~

Sequel to "Reality Ruined Our Life."

Hillary has it hard in her life, and don't know what to do...
She thinks that Niall doesn't love her anymore.. She thinks that she has no chance..
But still... Niall loves her..
But what if she still gets closer and closer to Harry?..
What if Justin says he loves her?...
Who will she chose ?... How can she chose?... While she's still truly in love with Niall ?...

Read this, and you know how it ends...

(Y/N= Hiii! So this is a sequel. If you're a new reader.. I think it's best that you read "Reality Ruined Our Life." too, because that's easier for knowing what's going on, and which persons that are in this book :) )


70. Goodbye America, Hello London!

Hillary's P.O.V.

Today was the day i'd be seeing the boys again. I missed them so much and the best still needs to come, i'm deciding to move back to London... It's better for all of us. I already talked with my parents about it and they first didn't even wanna react but they understood why i wanted it and again, what's the best is that they'll maaaaybe move over to there also. I'm so happy! It all comes so quickly and i can't believe it !!...

I'm packing and will leave in like 2 hours. My mom has been with Jace downstairs. That's why she'll move to London also. She still wants to see Jace and me. Dad has been working non-stop and he luckily could find things in London to work for.

I've 2 songs out in 2 months and it's been great. Fans like it and i also got a lot of comments from other stars. That's amazing to hear ofcourse!

'Hillary! You've still an hour to get to the airport!', 'An hour?!', i hurried downstairs with my suitcases and gasped when i finally came downstairs. I put my jacket on, grabbed my keys and put Jace's on also. Mom was smiling but i knew she was trying to hold back her tears.

'Dad will be at the airport in a few normally.', i nodded knowing he would probably to late but i hoped for the best.

'Jace, you ready?', he shook his head and pouted. He pointed to my mom and sat at the ground.

'Granny will be going with us to the airport.', i said and took him into my arms. He tried to fight back so i gave him over to my mom and went outside with the suitcases.

'I'll be with you as soon as possible, Jacey!', i heard my mom say when i walked into the house again. A cab will bring us to the airport and my crew already flew over to London 2 days ago. I was free again for like a month and than i'll have concerts again. Also the VMA's ! (Y/N= i know it's not in London & that i'm late with it but oh yeah just leave it ;) :s :p)

We all stepped into the car and after a few minutes, we finally drove to the airport. I'm really-really(!) excited and nervous!...

'I'm gonna miss you both so much...'

'We'll miss you too mom, i already do it now... But we'll see each other soon again!'

'Ofcourse... I'll talk with your dad about it. I miss London also and i can't wait for so long to move back.', i smiled weakly and gave her a strong hug. Jace joined in also which made us laugh a bit.

* * * * * *

'Miss, you're here. Have a good flight.', 'Thank you...'

I stepped out of the car again and got handed my suitcases by the taxi-man. I thanked and paid him & watched him drive away. My mom now burts out in tears as soon as i took her into a hug.

'Granny don't cry!'

Jace said and hugged her from aside. She chuckled and took him into her arms.

'I'll miss you both.'

'I love you!', 'Ahw..', i said and hugged both of them again.

'I love you too, big guy.'

After a few minutes we heard someone speak through the whole building telling people to get ready for their flight. And ofcourse it was me who had to leave also.

'Well... That's it than..'

My mom sighed. A little tear left my eye too when we hugged each other for the last time again. Not the really last time but i think it'll not be that soon that we'll see each other again..

'Dad didn't show up..', i whispered through the strong hug.

'I know, sweety... I'm sorry..', i shrugged my shoulders and pulled away. My mom gave Jace a hug also and than we said our goodbye's.

'See you soon!', 'Bye! I love you.', 'I love you too, sweethearts!..', we waved to each other and i turned around and took Jace's hand in mine while i had the suitcase in my other hand. Someone luckily helped me with all the suitcases so it wasn't "hard work".

'HILLARY! HILLARY WAIT!', i heard a deep voice scream. I turned around and saw my dad running up to me.

'DAD!', we took each other in a huge and tight hug while probably getting a lot of eyes on us but i didn't care really.

'I couldn't get here so fast. I'm sorry.', 'It's alright!', we whispered and pulled away.

'I'm gonna miss you, baby girl.', 'I'll miss you too, dad...', i sighed and watched him giving a big hug to Jace also.

'I love you.', he said and turned to me again. 'I love you too..'

'You're growing up so quickly!... I can't believe this is all happening...', i smiled weakly and heard "my signal" again.

'Okay... You need to go..', 'Goodbye dad.', 'Goodbye, hun.', we waved each other goodbye and Jace and i left again. Saying goodbye to my parents was really hard. Especially when i was non-stop with them but yeah, i'll see them as soon as possible. And i'm happy that i'll see Niall, Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Teddy again! Also just other friends that live in London and that i didn't see in a long time but those 6 people are most important for me actually...

Goodbye America, Hello London!



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