It must be true love ?... ~Sequel To "Reality Ruined OUR Life."~

Sequel to "Reality Ruined Our Life."

Hillary has it hard in her life, and don't know what to do...
She thinks that Niall doesn't love her anymore.. She thinks that she has no chance..
But still... Niall loves her..
But what if she still gets closer and closer to Harry?..
What if Justin says he loves her?...
Who will she chose ?... How can she chose?... While she's still truly in love with Niall ?...

Read this, and you know how it ends...

(Y/N= Hiii! So this is a sequel. If you're a new reader.. I think it's best that you read "Reality Ruined Our Life." too, because that's easier for knowing what's going on, and which persons that are in this book :) )


83. Chapter 84.

Hillary's P.O.V. *2 weeks later.*

New Year was amazing. Niall was my New Years kiss and we celebrated with his family and our friends. I met a lot of new people and I can't describe how happy I was seeing old friends.

Niall is now currently in the studio making some new songs with the other lads while I'm in the park with Jace. The sun is shining so bright and he's happily playing with some other kids walking around.

It makes me smile seeing him happy. I took my phone out of my jacket, took a picture of him and put it on Instagram & Twitter.

Hillary Star @Hilla_Star

Makes me happy seeing my lil boy happy <3 #ProudMomma

I posted it and put my phone away, seeing him running to me.

"I made new friends mommy!" I took him into my arms and gave him a tight hug.

"Go play with them for a little while before we leave. Niall will almost be home."

He clapped his hands and stood up.

"Will daddy be there too?", "I don't know sweety, don't worry about that.", I smiled as he ran back.

I know it's hard for him living like this but he surprisingly takes it better in his mind than I thought.

After an hour, we decided to go back home as some fans came up to us too. I went on pictures with them and some of them even wanted me to film a video saying their name. I loved it to see them being happy meeting me and even Jace. We got in the car and drove home. My phone soon went off making Jace giggle.

I laughed at his reaction and watched the caller.

Babe <3

I smiled and put the phone on speaker.

"Hey princess."

"Hi love. How are you?", "NIALL!", Jace happily screamed.

"Hey big guy! And I'm fine babe. How are you?"

"I'm alright. Why you calling?", I asked as I smiled brightly.

"I was just calling to say I'll be there in about an hour. Recording is tiring but we had to record some other songs. We're now almost ready. I'm coming with Harry."

"Sounds great. I'll leave you than."

"Love you both! See you in an hour."

"Love you more!" Our call went off as I looked over at Jace.

"Niall and daddy are coming in an hour sweety!" he clapped his hands heatedly and looked outside the window.

One Direction have been so busy lately but I don't mind really. It's amazing seeing they still enjoy singing and being there for their fans. They had a concert a week ago where we all joined from backstage and even Jace enjoyed it a lot. He was sometimes singing along which makes me think he'll start singing too. I don't know but I kinda hope so.

I wouldn't mind if he wanted something else. I'll just let him do what he wants.

We arrived home after 10 minutes, seeing fans standing at our parking lot. I sighed lightly and unbuckled Jace's seatbelt after mine. We got out of the car, as fans began to scream and push everyone aside.

I covered Jace his ears because of the girls screaming as I saw he began to get scared.

"Can everyone please go a little bit aside?! I'll come outside in a few minutes!" I tried to scream but only the half of the people heard me.

I pushed myself and Jace through the girls as I tried to get to the gate. I opened it and decided to just let my car stand in front of the gate instead of my parking lot. As we finally were through the gate, the fans pushed themselves against the railing. Jace and I went inside as he jumped on the couch.

"Why are all the people screaming?"

"They wanna get through the gates, sweety. They probably know Niall and daddy will be here in a few minutes."

"Aren't they doing this for you?", "I don't know.", I smiled as I put the telly on for him.

"Mommy will be back in a few.", "Are you going outside?", I nodded as I put my other shoes on. My heels were killing me.

"Be careful mommy!", I chuckled, nodding. Giving him a kiss on his forehead before I went outside, the fans screaming louder again.

Taking my phone, I quickly send Niall a text saying some fans are outside the house.

I went closer to them, went on pictures, giving some autographs and talked with some of them.

It felt like hours, being outside and meeting fans. I loved it to be honest.

Niall and Harry soon arrived which made some fans pass out or scream even louder than they did before.

We soon went inside 'cause many more people arrived. I was so tired, especially Niall and Harry too. Jace was still so hyper, sitting on Harry's lap and playing with him.

"How was your day?", I asked as I plopped down inbetween them.

"It was good. Recorded a lot of things! But I'm happy to be home.", I smiled and laid my head on his shoulder.

Niall and I already talked about living together but we never really decided to fulfil it.

We'll talk about it another time when we're alone again. I don't think Jace would mind and my parents are happy if we would too. Not that they want me to leave but they're happy for me and Niall.

I sometimes can't believe this all is happening. It has been so many years since my dreams actually came true and it's amazing that this all is happening to me.

I'm so thankful for everything. Even the bad times don't mind for me anymore. I'm happy now and this is all I want.


I know Jace normally needs to go to school but yeah I sometimes hate putting school in chapters so just imagine something by yourself lol.

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