It must be true love ?... ~Sequel To "Reality Ruined OUR Life."~

Sequel to "Reality Ruined Our Life."

Hillary has it hard in her life, and don't know what to do...
She thinks that Niall doesn't love her anymore.. She thinks that she has no chance..
But still... Niall loves her..
But what if she still gets closer and closer to Harry?..
What if Justin says he loves her?...
Who will she chose ?... How can she chose?... While she's still truly in love with Niall ?...

Read this, and you know how it ends...

(Y/N= Hiii! So this is a sequel. If you're a new reader.. I think it's best that you read "Reality Ruined Our Life." too, because that's easier for knowing what's going on, and which persons that are in this book :) )


8. .. Barbara..

*1 week later.*

Yesterday was amazing again. The concerts from this week were awesome, just like the boys and the fans. I had a week off now, for discover this country. Miami !!!... It's amazing here, even when i'm just in our hotel. I'm really tired now...

This week, i still didn't talk good with Niall. I texted Justin somethimes, and i was closer with Harry again. He and the other boys cared for me. Still, it was awkward when i was close to Niall. Like.... In the bus. Well, i really need to sleep, or i'll just fall on the ground !!...

'Hillary !'

I heard someone say. I sighed, and rolled my eyes. I turned around to the hotelroom door, and smiled when i saw Harry.

'What's up?'

'Are you gonna eat with the boys and i?'

'No... Sorry. I'm really tired, and don't have the feeling to eat.'

'Oh, okay. See ya later than.'

I smiled and nodded. I plopped on my bed when Harry went away, and pulled my shoes off. I closed my eyes, and everything went black after a while.


I woke up by a familiar laugh in the hallway. I slowly opened my eyes, and rubbed them after i was used on the light.

After a few minutes, a knock came on the door. I sighed, and rolled my eyes. I shuffled to the door, and opened him a bit.

'Hey, Hill. Sorry if we woke you up, but we had a question..'


I said, opening the door wider when i saw it was Louis.

'Do you wanna come with us to meet the fans? We will go to the park after a while than.'

I thought about it for a few seconds, and than nodded.

'Be down in a few minutes.'

I said, and closed the door when he nodded. I grabbed my "fresh" clothes, and went to the little bathroom in the hotelroom. I put my clothes from yesterday off and let the water of the shower fall. After it was warm, i stepped into the walk-in-shower, and washed my body and hair. After i was done, i dried me, and put my clothes on. I brushed my teeth and brushed hair, and did everything i needed to do in mornings. I was finally done after like.. 15 minutes, and took my phone with me. I walked to the elevator and went on Instagram for a few minutes. I went through my timeline and saw something i didn't expect....

danielparks can't stop thinking about you.... @HS


That @HS wasn't my real account, but i think i know who he meant....

Hillary Star...

I don't wanna be like... Fancy... But i think it is...

He can't stop thinking about that person, and if it's me.. Why don't he call or text ?!...

I sighed, and put my phone away when the doors opened. I smiled when i saw the boys sitting on the couch in the lobby. With.... Another girl that sat next to Niall....

Well, and Zayn but yeah.

'Hey, boys.'

I said, and the boys looked directly to me.

'Hey, Hill. ready?'

I nodded, and smiled.

'Oh, yeah. This is Barbara..'

I awkwardly nodded, and fake smiled. I heard A LOT of rumours about Niall and Barbara. Is it real now ?...

I awkwardly went to sit next to Harry, and felt his gaze. I ignored it, and looked to my hands.

'Ready for meeting fans?'
Louis asked, ignoring the whole situation. I just nodded, and followed the boys.

And Barbara...

I felt an arm wrapped around my waist, and i turned around to see Harry smiling. I weakly smiled, and looked to the ground.

'Don't worry..'



'Why should i?'

'You looked sad when you knew who she was, and when you saw her.'

I shrugged my shoulders, and watched Niall talking to her, when we waited on Liam. He had to go to the bathroom.

'Why is she even here?'

Okay, that plopped out of my mouth. And i've to admit... It came a bit harsh.... But luckily, Harry & Louis just heard it.

'She probably slept here in the hotel too. She has a concert here.'

Louis began, and looked to Harry.

'So she saw us when we waited on you. And came to talk to us. Well.... Niall..'

Harry said.

'And yeah... Now she's still here... But don't worry.. We don't like her that much too.. And they're just friends.'

Louis continued again. I awkwardly nodded again, and saw Liam coming to us. We went outside, and the screams went through my ears. Wauw... I think i'll never can scream as loud as they can..

'Hellow everyone!'

Niall screamed, and waved to the fans. I smiled weakly, and went to a girl that had red hair too!

'Omg! I love your hair, girl!'

I laughed, and gave her a hug.

'Oh my.... Oh my..... OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! You-you-you are.... H-Hillary S-Star...'

She said in an American voice, and began to cry.

'Ooh, don't cry baby.'

'I can't stop !!'

I laughed, and gave her a huge hug when she asked to do it.

'I love you! And that's why changed my hair colour!'

'Oooh, well i love it!'

I said, and waved to other people too.

'Can i've a picture with you?!... Please!!..' 'Ofcourse!' I said, and smiled, standing a little next to her, and taking a picture with her. 'Thank you so much, Hillary!! I love you soooo much !!! I'll always stay an RedStar !!'

I laughed, and looked confused.


'Yeah! I created a fan-name for us all! Nobody knows it!'

'Oh my, so cool. Hha, thank you for being that, and creating it! I love you too, princess!'

'Can you please follow me on twitter?... I love you so much ! And i imagined this day like.... YEARS!!!! I was here from the beginning and i'll always be that until the end!!'

Omg.. That made me almost cry!..

'Oohn.. You make me almost cry!! Give your name.'

She laughed, and wiped a tear away, to write it on a little paper she had.


'Thank you, but have to go. See ya soon, baby.'

I said, and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She screamed, and cried harder now. I ran to Harry that was still sharing autographs. I smiled,and gave a hand to some people that stood next to the girl that Harry was taking a photo with.




I wanted to smile, but that would be weird.. So i just smiled in myself.




When we finally were done with like... 50 minutes, standing there sharing autographs, pictures and talks,.... We went to the park. Barbara luckily went away. I'm so sorry, but i can't resist her... Maybe... It's because i'm "jealous"... But so ?...

Harry and Louis already knew that i didn't like her. And sometimes, they just had to laugh because i looked with weird faces to her. She even gave me a hug when she went away!


Okay, she's sweet, and beautiful, and-

UGH !!!! Okay, she's perfect for being a model.

And even for Niall...


Now i think i'm not good enough for him!

Ugh !!! Hillary, stop thinking about that all !!!!.....


Unknown' P.O.V.

I saw a picture on Twitter with Him and Ariana... What the hell ?.... Why is she f*cking stealing him ?!..... It's my ~ex~boyfriend ! And i know i didn't want him anymore. But now.... Now i love him again. And i'm jealous.... She can't get away from me... No... I'll do ANYTHING (!) to get him back...

Justin's mine.


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