It must be true love ?... ~Sequel To "Reality Ruined OUR Life."~

Sequel to "Reality Ruined Our Life."

Hillary has it hard in her life, and don't know what to do...
She thinks that Niall doesn't love her anymore.. She thinks that she has no chance..
But still... Niall loves her..
But what if she still gets closer and closer to Harry?..
What if Justin says he loves her?...
Who will she chose ?... How can she chose?... While she's still truly in love with Niall ?...

Read this, and you know how it ends...

(Y/N= Hiii! So this is a sequel. If you're a new reader.. I think it's best that you read "Reality Ruined Our Life." too, because that's easier for knowing what's going on, and which persons that are in this book :) )


85. Again.

Niall's P.O.V.

"Hey babe.", I said and gave her a kiss on the cheek, wrapping my arms around her waist.

"Hi Ni.", "What ya doing?", "I'm looking for houses but all I see are huge houses that we don't need."

"Princess, all houses are good as long as we have space enough and if we like it."

"That's the point. One house is too small, other is too huge. And other houses are too expensive."

"For you, but let me see.", I took the computer from her lap and scrolled through the houses.

"Here.", I pointed to the screen and showed her another house. It wasn't too huge or small and had a perfect garden and huge rooms, for Jace too.

"Looks good.", "Let's contact someone and see how it looks. Jace will love it too."

She nodded and stood up, putting her shoes on.

"I'm gonna go pick Jace up.", "Do I need to come with you?", she shook her head and grabbed her keys, giving me a kiss on the lips and left afterwards. I'm so excited and happy I finally asked her to live together. I was kinda scared for her reaction but it turned out good.

Hillary's P.O.V.

I got out of my car, walking up to Harry's door. I missed Jace even though it has only been a day.

I knocked at his door, waiting a few minutes before someone opened it.

"GEMMA!", I screamed from happiness.

"HILLA!", she screamed back, taking me in a hug.

"Babe! It has been such a long time since we saw each other!", she said as she let me in.

"I know right. Missed ya so.", "Missed you too.", she said smiling.

"Mommy!", Jace came out of the kitchen running to me.

"Jacey!", wow loads of screaming here. I took him into my arms and gave him a tight hug.

"Harry is just out of the shower I think. He'll be downstairs in a few minutes.", Gemma said taking my jacket I just put off.

"Oh is good.", I said smiling.

"What brings ya here?", I chuckled as it has been such a long time since I saw her and as she probably saw Harry.

"Well I was normally staying here for a friend around town but she called off saying she was sick and she didn't wanna get me sick. I was already heading to her so just turned up here. I'm staying here for a while."

I nodded and gave Jace a kiss on his cheek.

"Daddy and I made cupcakes, mommy! And Gemma came this morning joining us!", he explained happily.

I smiled as I looked to the stairs, just seeing Harry coming down shirtless.

"Daddy! Mommy is here!", Jace said running up to him.

"Oh hey, Hillary.", he smiled, coming to me and giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"How are you?", I asked as I sat down on the couch again. "Good, good. What about you?", "I'm fine."

"So what was all those screaming?", he chuckled asking Gemma.

"Well Hilla and I were both screaming and than Jace and her.", she laughed sitting down next to me.

"I'm gonna go change into some other clothes and than go out to visite my friend. She wanted me to buy her something."

"I thought she didn't want you get sick?", Harry asked.

"I know but she needs food and no one can buy her. By the way, being with her for an hour won't get me death.", she smiled running upstairs.

"So how was Jace?", I asked as he was playing on the ground with his teddy bear.

"He didn't do anything wrong. Good boy.", he laughed, showing his teeth.

"Probably got it from his dad.", I softly said. He smiled and looked at his hands.

"So.. I heard you're gonna live with Niall? He told me."

I nodded my head and looked up to him.

"Already found a house?", "Nope. Well Niall would contact someone while I was coming to here so yeah... Harry, can I ask you something?", he nodded and looked up too.

"Why.. Why are you still acting so 'weird' when it's about Niall like this?"

"I don't know..", "Harry.", "I'm sorry. It's just so weird talking about my best friends being together and one of them had a relationship with me."

"It has been so long, Harry. Like.. I don't know... Six years? Maybe shorter. Why do you still find it so weird?"

"Because I maybe fucking have a son with you too!"

"Shut up!", I said and looked at Jace who was now looking at the both of us.

"I'll take Jace with me.", Gemma suddenly came into the living room.

"I'll go bring Jace to Niall.", we nodded and a loud sigh left my mouth.

"We're arguing so much about this, Harry. I'm tired of this all."

"I'm sorry..", he said as he came closer to me, slowly wrapping his arms around me as I did too. I still love Harry, believe me. But not in the way like a relationship.

I hope he someday does too. Like, seriously, it has been so long since we broke up.

"I need to get over 'Us', but it's hard since you're like the only girl I've ever loved so much."

"That means a lot to me, Harry. I really love you so much too but you just have to understand that I wanna live my life with Niall. You still mean a lot to me, just like we were together, but I don't love you like that anymore. It kind of breaks me too and I know we have Jace but.."

"I know, Hillary. I know. But just know that I'm still glad to have you and be so close to you. I'll never stop loving you even if I would have someone. And I know I have to move on."

I smiled weakly and nodded lightly.

"I gotta go.", "Okay. Let me know how Jace is.", I nodded and gave him a tight hug.

"See you later, Harold.", I smiled as I put my jacket on.

"Bye, Star.", I chuckled and waved him goodbye, getting in my car and heading home.

I hope our next meet up isn't gonna be like this. We already talked about this so many times and I'd like to just stop it.

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