The one

A broke girl helping the community then she meets Jai and convinces her to give him her number they go out together and Jai has apparently told her this is not a date because she doesn't want it to be a date but inside he really likes her and takes him forever to tell her for more start reading


2. a break up

Jai's P.O.V

Beau: oh sweet it's finished let's film

Jai: yeh we'll thanks for no thanks

Beau: no worries anytime

Jai: shut up bro

Beau: NO you

Jai: whatever man lets fucken film

James: you always fight

~ while sara was walking home she was wondering if she really loved the relationship she was in now Jai made her think when she gave him her number for some reason she felt like it was the right idea.

When sara arrived home her mother was there and told her that John was here

Oh great whys he here anyway

Mum: he says he misses you


Sara's P.O.V

I'm still trying to find a way to break up with him I just can't he's the only the only guy I've ever been with

John: hey babe

Me: hi

John: what's wrong

Me: nothing

John: you sure

Me: yeh I am

John: we'll them come on let's go to my place

Me: no I wanna stay home

John: come on we'll have fun

Me: no I said I wanna stay

Starts touching sara in places and sara gets uncomfortable

Me: stop touching me

John: why baby don't you wanna



What going on now

~ enter the room~


Me: what going on here

John moves away

John: nothing just fun Mrs Morgan

Me: firstly it's Ms morgan and secondly I think you should leave honey you have five minutes to go say your goodbye and leave

John: yes "Ms" Morgan

Me: thank you

John's P.O.V

God this always happen I just wanna have sex with her we've been together for almost a year and we've never had sex she's never kissed me the only kiss she gave me was a kiss on the Cheek she doesn't want me to kiss her I'm sick of it.

You know what sara that's it I'm done do you want to be over or not because I'll give you a choice open the door for me and i leave for ever open the window and I'll leave for today

~ sara starts to walking hoping she doesn't regret her choice but she does it anyway~

Sara: here you go bye

John: wait what

Sara's P.O.V

I couldn't bring myself to do it as much as I wanted to I couldn't so I opened the window it should if been the door I should of

~John jumps out if the window and says "bye babe"~

I didn't say bye back I just smiled to him


~phones rings while sara is in the shower she hears it wraps a towel around her and answers,


Jai: hi sara

Sara: who's this

Jai: me Jai

Sara: oh hi

Jai: wanna go out tonight

Sara: uh as what

Jai: what do you mean

Sara: is this a date

Jai: do you want it to be

Sara: no cuz if it is then I won't come

Jai: fine it's not a date but I won't be able to resist you beautifulness

Sara: haha we'll see if this is not a date

Jai: ok I'll pick you up in 1 hour

Sara: ok cool I'll be ready bye


~ car beeps ~

Sara runs speeds down with one sleeve of her cardigan fallen down and her hair pushed to the side

Jai's P.O.V

Wow she looks amazing her shiny dark brown hair pushed to the side the sleeve isn't fallen her yellow top brings out her eyes those puppy brown eyes just shine she looks beautiful.

when I open the car door for her she puts leg and slowly put the other leg I know she's teasing, when she puts her whole body in she says " your late "

" and your not "

~ sara looks at her sleeve and smiles and puts it up~

Sara's P.O.V

I was teasing him he knows it let's see how long this dinner that is not a date go long for her says It's a date

Sara: so where are we going tonight

Jai: well you said that this is not a date

Sara: yeh

Jai: so I'm staying hidden from the paparazzi

Sara: so basically basically your saying that we're going to a back street " diner"

Jai: yeh exactly

Sara: what is with you and back street shit

Jai: we have to stay hidden from the paparazzi

Sara: whatever

Jai: we're here

Sara: wow this is to nice for a back street "diner"

Jai: I didn't say it was ugly.... Or a diner

Sara: maybe not ugly but you did say it was a diner

Jai: oh.... We'll it's not

This is to nice to not be a date he so is trying to make it a date

They have a laugh and talk and talk they eat and drank and had a very fun night

Sara: that was a fun night

Jai: yeh it was

~They stare at each other showing a strong connection~

Sara: oh stop here

Jai oh yeh

Sara: thanks for the night

Jai: walks up to the door step and makes her laugh

Sara: wanna come in for a cup of coffee

Jai: sure

~ they walk into the room laughing~

Sara: hahaha I'll go make coffee

Jai: uh sara

Sara mhmm

Jai: Your bed

~ sara looks at her bed~

That's when I saw the only thing I didn't want to see my boyfriend on my bed NAKED it was horrifying that's when I knew if I never wanted to see that then I never loved him and that's when I had to break up with him


~throws close at him~

John: what


John: are you breaking up with me

Sara: ding ding ding correct 20 points for you NOW GET OUT

I felt so sorry for Jai he was just standing there watching I can't imagine what he was feeling at the moment

Jai's P.O.V

Ok so this wasn't what I was expecting to see this I can't believe she had a boyfriend and she never told me, I thought she was single

John's P.O.V

I thought she would of liked what I had planned for her instead she hated it and broke up with me

Sara's P.O.V

Bye idiot

John don't you dare call me a idiot bitch

~Walks up to sara slowly, Jai walks slowly and suspect something, John slaps sara across the face then sara turns around and starts crying and Jai runs to sara when john was about to punch her Jai stops him

Jai's P.O.V

Is this guy dumb

Hey hey hey you are really a fucking idiot what do you think your doing fucking hitting a girl and you were about to punch her

~ sara still crying on the floor~

John: you don't think I know

Me: oh no I know so

~Jai goes on his knees and checks her face

Fuck he hit her hard it's all red and you can see his hand mark on her face

Are you ok

~Sara shakes her head crying ~

Sara: it hurts it hurts really bad

~Jai gets up~

That fucken idiot

You dumb fuck she I fucking girl

John don't call me a dumb fuck

~ John swings a punch, but before he knew he missed Jai moved before he could punch him~

You really think you can punch me or hurt me for that matter

~ Jai punches him in the stomach and kicks him to the floor~

You had no chance now GET NOW

~ John slowly gets up but he can't so he slides to the window and painfully climbs the window and drops, Jai goes to the window and scream IDIOT WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO NOW~

Hey sara show me

When I look at her face it was red as looked like it was turning into a bruise

Is it hurting

Sara: yeh a lot

Ok I'm going to go get you a ice pack and a cup of warm tea I'll be back just stay here

Sara: ok

~ Jai comes back here puts ice pack on her face~

Sara: ahhh

Sorry sorry

Sara: thank you

For what

Sara: for staying and helping me and I know your wondering why I never told you I had a boyfriend, it's because I was planning to break up with him

Jai: ohhh ok cool

Sara: how it looking

Jai: it's bruising, how's it feeling

Sara: painful


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