"Niall, She is your sister." I watched Niall's impression. Though he stood there trying to collect all his thoughts. "Are you sure?" Niall questioned. "I'm 100% positive, Mr.Horan." He probably doesn't want me, I'm a trouble maker and well..... He's perfect, he doesn't deserve to live with someone like me. "Okay......C'mon Alyssa, let's go home." I stood there shocked. "Are you serious?" He nodded his head and grabbed my hand.


6. Chapter 6

No it isn't true! How can I believe someone who lied to me so long and his parents abused me for so long! He probably hid a tracking device in my friggin bag! I threw my bag at the wall and fell to the ground to cry. I've spent years being abused but my real parents never did anything to find me so I'm never going to this people that I'm told are my parents.

I felt a slight tap on my shoulder, I jumped up. I turned towards the person. He was my age he had short brown hair, blue eyes and a huge smile. Though it quickly disappeared when he realized that I had been crying. "Are you okay love?" He asked. I nodded my head violently "Yes." I for up my bag and walked around him out of the alley.

He grabbed my wrist, "I know there's something wrong..... Please can I at least walk with you, you look lonely." He asked me, I nodded my head "I guess so...." I had no idea what to say, I had no idea who he was. He extended out his hand out, "Hi I'm Louis! Louis Tomlinson that is" I shook his hand, "Hi.... I'm Alyssa...... I don't really have a last name..." He stared at me puzzled "What do you mean you 'don't really have a last name'?" "Well I was adopted.....I sorta left them..." He didn't dare to look at me. "So your like, running away?" I sighed "Yeah kinda, I wasn't fit for their family. But please don't tell anyone. They know I left but I don't want them to know where exactly I am..." Louis slowly nodded his head " I probably shouldn't do this but do you wanna come to my house? So you don't have hide in alleys..... It's okay if you don't I was just wondering." I was in shock, but that was nothing knew. It was the fact that he actually wanted me to come over. It was very surprising. "Ummm....sure, why not" he smiled. "Okay it's over here follow me."

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