"Niall, She is your sister." I watched Niall's impression. Though he stood there trying to collect all his thoughts. "Are you sure?" Niall questioned. "I'm 100% positive, Mr.Horan." He probably doesn't want me, I'm a trouble maker and well..... He's perfect, he doesn't deserve to live with someone like me. "Okay......C'mon Alyssa, let's go home." I stood there shocked. "Are you serious?" He nodded his head and grabbed my hand.


5. Chapter 5

I opened the bag to find a whole bunch of stuff like my phone,some clothes, a toothbrush, a little bit of food,a pair of shoes and my wallet. The first thing I did was open my wallet, I counted my money. I had 1,000 dollars all the money that I had secretly hidden from my foster family.

I got up and was ready leave the alley, by accident I had dropped my bag "Ah sh-" I was cut off by the smash when my bag hit the ground. I opened the front pocket, there was a couple things but I grabbed the first thing that I seen and it was a note. I read it:

Dear Alyssa,

I know this must be weird for you we are like natural enemy's yet I'm writing you a note, Well I'll cut this short....... Your parents wanted you it's just, well how do I put this......you were stolen from the hospital, I know weird right? They wanted you as a servant, you would've lived with a bunch of other people in a shack and served criminals....... Your probably wondering how my parents got you? My dad was a criminal, he adopted you for the same reason but at least, I guess it's a little better then how you would've lived? Okay what I'm trying to say is you have to find your family, your real name name is Alyssa Jade Horan. I'm sorry, nobody would want news or anything like this. You might have to Mullingar to find them though.


Charlie Grey

I stood there in shock.

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