"Niall, She is your sister." I watched Niall's impression. Though he stood there trying to collect all his thoughts. "Are you sure?" Niall questioned. "I'm 100% positive, Mr.Horan." He probably doesn't want me, I'm a trouble maker and well..... He's perfect, he doesn't deserve to live with someone like me. "Okay......C'mon Alyssa, let's go home." I stood there shocked. "Are you serious?" He nodded his head and grabbed my hand.


3. Chapter 3

A hour I came through the door, the first person I seen was Stacey. "Who do you think you are!?" She yelled. " What do you mean?" I questioned super confused "You took one hour, did I tell you to be that long?! No I never did!" Then all of a sudden she pushed me. All the groceries in my hands fell with a loud smash. I pushed her back she screamed. That made Frank curious and he came in angry. I was dead. I went to run but he grabbed my hand and knocked me into the table I landed on a plate, a piece of it cut my side making me yelp. I got up and went running about to open the door. I heard a giant smash and realized Frank hit me with something causing me to hit the wall and black out.

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