The Final Jump

Jamie John Jonson had everything he could possibly wish for; a nice car, lots of money, a loving family... But things get too much for him, does it drive him over the edge?


2. The Aftermath

"Mum, have you seen Jamie?" His sister Harriet -Mae called up the stairs.

"No, I haven't. He's been out all night. It's so out of character..." Their mum Josephine replied, distress creeping into her voice.

"Oh, well, he probably stayed round a friends. His cars not here either," Harriet said.
"Yeah, look your toast is on the coffee table, switch the news on while you're in there too?"
"Okay, and thank you," Harriet replied as she walked into the front room.
'A body of a twenty-one year old boy is thought to have been found floating in the English Channel by a fishing company. Detectives have said they are looking at all aspects of his death. His name is unknown. All we know is that he has short brown hair and is middle weight.' 
Harriet and Josephine stared gobsmacked at the now paused newsreader.

"Mum?" Harriet stammered.

"Go get the phone... Oh god oh god oh god Harriet what are we going to do?!" Their mum panicked.

"Just call them and they'll deal with the rest," Harriet said as she handed the landline phone to Josephine.

"Police please, and make it quick. It's my son Jamie. I think he was the boy who was found in the English Channel,"

"Okay. Don't panic. State your name and address and we'll send officers over to you A.S.A.P." The male police officers harsh voice spoke through the phone.

The body of Jamie John Jonson has been found.

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