My superstar Roommate

Hello ! I'm Avalon. I'm 20 years old and currently in bankrupt. I get kicked out of my apartment and now live on the street. I started starving to death and find myself in complete darkness. One faithful day I wake up in a room I'm not familiar with. And that is when my journey begins ...

With one direction.


2. 1:waking up

I don't know what happened. All I remember was me sitting on the side of the road in England begging for a few more cash. But sadly I've got an addiction to something really affective and that's why I look as I am.

I woke up in a room I was not familiar of. The whole room was white including the bed. There were machines besides me and I was wearing a white gown.

"Mm , I see you're awake Ms.Evans. Are you feeling any better ?" A beautiful , tall brunette walked inside.

"Where am I ? Why am I here ?"

"You're in a hospital. A couple of guys found you on the side of the road unconscious. Do you not remember any of this ?"

I shook my head signaling no.

"Then you must of had a miner concussion. But I assure you everything's ok"

I replied with a fake smile.

"D-do you know who the guys are." I stuttered.

"Actually I do ! Actually everyone does. You're very lucky to actually meet them." I knitted my eyebrows together in confusion.

"You know the band-" she got cut-off by the door bursting open.

"Ok ! I'm so sorry nurse but I have to see if she's-oh , I s-see you're awake." A boy looking round about my age barged in acting all crazy. But he did look rather handsome with his sandy brown hair and those blue eyes. And DONT get me started on his accent !! I can't believe I'm fan girlin' right now.

"Excuse me , but you cannot barge in here like this even though you are .... Louis Tomlinson." I watched her suspiciously as she eyed that Louis guy up and down.

"Umm .... Ok? Look , can we take her home now."she sighed but forced on a smile.

"Yup , you sure can. But ... You're more than welcome to take me home as well." She walked over to him seductively as that Louis guy backed away. I chuckled.

"I-I would love to but , I don't want too ! W-will you excuse me-LIAM !!!!!!"

In came a tall , muscular guy with a buzz cut and brown eyes.

"Ya' called !" Omg !! He also has a British accent !

Louis mouthed 'H.E.L.P M.E' to that Liam guy.

It took a while for Liam to understand what Louis was saying but when he figured it out he nodded his head in response.

"How about I take this young lady with me to the reception desk while louis and Harry get Avalon ready !" She nodded her head and left with Liam trailing behind.

"Whew !" He fake wiped his forehead.

"I thought she was never going to leave." He chuckled.

"My girlfriend would not like that."

I stayed silent while playing with my fingers.

"So what's you're name , love" I don't know if this guy was playing dumb or if he is actually stupid.

I didn't reply but stay silent.

"Ok then , how about we take you outta this place !" He speed walked over to me and gently helped me up.

Before I knew it , he swept me up off of my feet and carried me bridal style.

"Ok , I'm gonna take you to the car but since you're light I'm just gonna have a quick chat to Harry for the car keys , ok love." I nodded.

He opened the door for us. A curly haired guy leaned back against the wall near our door.

"Hey hazza ! Can you keep an eye on Avalon while I go get her stuff in the car."

"Sure , here's the keys." .... He ALSO has a British accent ???? Ok , maybe all of them are British. But this guy has a deep , sexy accent.

"Thanks hazza." He walked over to a chair and sat me down.

"Everything will be ok. Just stay away from that guy over there." He pointed towards the curly guy."can you do that for me ?"

I nodded.

"Good. I'll be right back. If he touches you please come and tell me." He smiled.

I looked down at my fingers while fiddling with them.

Why does he want me to stay away from him ? Is there something wrong ? Doesn't he like me ?

All these thoughts were going through my head-

"Hey" I looked up and found a pair of green/blue eyes.

I quickly looked back down and twiddled with my thumbs.

He huffed and stomped off somewhere else while cussing a few words.

"Hello , I'm Niall. Louis told me to bring you to the car." He smiled. Ok , so maybe he doesn't have a British accent but he does have an Irish accent.

I didn't reply . He picked me up bridal styles and jogged a bit towards the car.

I whispered in his ear since I was still in his arms"I'm sorry if I way a ton" I squeaked.

He suddenly stopped and stared into my grey-green eyes.

"You.Are.Not.Fat." He stated while leaving me pissed.

I hate it when people lie to me! I know I'm fat! I know I'm not skinny! Why do you gotta lie?!

I took a big sigh as he placed me in the back seat.

"Ok, we're gonna take you to our place, you're gonna stay with us for awhile-" he got cut off by screaming .

"AHH ITS NIALL HORAN!!!!!" A blond girl pointed towards Niall who's currently leaning on me, trying to buckle my seat belt.

"AND HIS MAKING OUT WITH A BRUNETTE!!!!" Another girl added making me blush.

"Don't worry, just ignore them." He grinned while standing up.

"I'll be right back, so don't go anywhere." I rolled my eyes making him chuckle.

He shut the car door, leaving me in complete, and utter silence.


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