They Don't Know

Myrthe Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinsons little sister. But nobody knows. And no one can find out. Cause Myrthe and her best friend Jette have more secrets...


2. Kiss Of Poison

"Where is Jette?!" Louis walks into my room while I'm still in my underwear. "Louis! You can't just walk in like that! Jettes room is next door, you know that." I quickly put on some pants to make this whole situation less awkward.

"I can't just walk into her room.. What if she's dressing up?" Is Louis blind? "What do you think I'm doing?" His eyes grow big when he finally notice that I am not wearing a shirt.

"Well you're my sister, that's different." "Your sister in a bra! That's weird!" Damn, Louis really is stupid.

"I just need to know where Jette is." "Right here." Like always Jette enters my room trough the window. Her room is next to mine and it takes like one minute to walk from her room to mine. But it takes 30 seconds to get out of her window into mine. So she takes the chance. It's to dangerous for me so I just take the door.

"Why did you call me?" "Where are mums car keys?"

"You mean..." She takes a couple of keys out of her pocket. "... This one?" "Yes!" Louis grabs the keys as quickly as possible.

"Why did you took them?" Jette shrugs. "I guess I just miss the racing, so I took the first car I saw. No worries, the police didn't saw your mums sign. I took care of that." Louis seems shocked. And I understand why he is shocked.

I remember the first time I stole a car. That was together with Jette and her best friend since she's ten years old (he's also a drugs dealer) Josh. I had to steal a car so Jette could race with it. I remember how quilty I felt when I was in the back of the car. I was sitting in a car that wasn't even mine. But now i'm used to it.

"I won't tell my mum if you promise never to steal from her anymore." "I didn't steal it! I was planning on putting the keys back. But then you came in and took them away from me." I believe she was planning on putting the keys back. We are the only 'family' she has. And she told me she really likes my family and that she's feeling home here.

"But okay, I promise not to borrow without promission" "Good." Louis walks out of my room.

"So Josh just called. He's in town. You wanna come?" I haven't seen Josh since the 'steal a car' mission. But I understand it's important to Jette to keep in touch with him. "Sure."

30 minutes later we're waiting for Josh in a little restaurant called 'the white horse'. This is our favorite restaurant in town.

"How late would he be here?" Jette looks up from her phone. "Two minutes ago." I don't like it when people are late. I just want people to be there when they say they Will be there.

"Jette!" Jette jumps up when she hears his voice. "Josh!"

I feel very lonely watching them hug. "And you took Myrthe. I haven't seen you in such a long time!" He hugs me tight.

He orders some coffee and takes a seat next to Jette. "So, what did I miss?" "Not a lot," Jette answers," we're both still living at her place. Single and forever lonely haha." Yes, forever.

"I don't believe that. Two beautiful girls like you?" I feel that I'm blushing. "Well Myrthe has a bit of a flirt with Niall." Now I'm totally red.

It happend once. Niall and I were alone at my place. My mum was out shopping and the other guys were with Jette at 'the white horse'. Niall and I were talking about boyfriends and girlfriends. I told him I only had one before and that he was a terrible kisser. And then Niall kissed me. Just out of nowhere. I loved it. There was passion and there was love. After that I didn't really talked to him anymore.

"It's just a flirt." I see Jette and Josh looking at each other. It's so anoying, they understand each other without words. I can't follow their conversations.

"So what have you been up to, Josh?" My head is still as red as an tomato.

"Wel Jaymi, JJ and I applied for the x-factor!" JJ and Jaymi. I have heard about them But I never met them. They are friends of Jette and Josh. Jette said Jaymi was her 'best gay friend'. She can come to him whenever she has a problem. And loves him a lot. JJ is like her older brother. Protecting her, taking care of her.

"So you can sing?" "A little." I never heard him sing before. But I guess I just don't know him that well.

After an hour in the white horse we decite to go in town to do some shopping. Josh is very funny and has a good fashion taste. When we are on our way home, I walk in to someone.

"Sorry." "That's okay." I know that voice. When I look up, I see Niall. "Niall?!" I don't know what else to say. I haven't spoke to him since the kiss.

"How you doing?" "Good, you?" This is awkward. I need to get away from here.

"I'm fine, but Jette is waiting for me. Bye!" I almost walk away when Niall calls me back. "I have been thinking." I don't wanna talk! "About what?"

"About the kiss..." He wants to talk with me about that? Even more awkward! "What about it?"

"What did you feel when you kissed me?" "I don't know..."

"Well I'll give you a second chance to think about how it feels." A second chance? "What do you mea-" I can't finish my sentice Cause Niall kisses me without a warning.

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