They Don't Know

Myrthe Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinsons little sister. But nobody knows. And no one can find out. Cause Myrthe and her best friend Jette have more secrets...


1. How It All Started.

My name is Myrthe Tomlinson. Yes, I'm Louis Tomlinsons little sister. But nobody knows. If they would, people would kind of hate 1D. Cause I've been in prison for a couple of weeks. Let me tell you why.


This was the first time I met Jette, one of the reasons why I was in prison and my best friend. The day we met, my teacher was screaming at me because I didn't make my homework. Jette was a new student and was supposed to be introduced to the class. Luckily for me, Jette is very cheeky. She told my teacher she wanted to be introduced now. My teacher was kind off shocked, But did introduce her. Jette winked at me and saved me from an hour of detention!

After class, I thanked Jette. After that, we were one. We did everything together. We were a team. Unstopable. Unbreakable


Jette was (and still is) my best friend, so I took her with me to my shooting class. Yes, I can shoot. With real guns. And I'm not bad. The crazy thing was, Jette wasn't bad eighter.

After I showed Jette my whole life, she wanted to show hers. She started with the thing she loves to do the most.

Street racing.

Not really what I expected. But she is. She's the youngest driver of the club. But one of the best. After the day she showed me the club, I've been her guide. I need to tell her where to go when she's racing. Together we make a pretty good team.


This was the time I found out Jettes real secret. She didn't just drive for fun, she drove for money. And another way to get that money, was selling drugs. Yes, my sweet best friend is a drugs dealer.

She had a lot of ways to sell the drugs. She could be really nice, sexy, mean, deathly and all that kind of stuff.

She showed me some of that ways, but I just didn't liked the idea of selling drugs.


This was when I found out about everything. Jette isn't just a street racer and a drugs dealer. But she's also an orphan. Her parents were also working with drugs and streetracing. But they were not as good as Jette is. Before Jette was born, they owned their boss more than 90 million. Her mother died when Jette was 1 year old, so her father decided to stop. But there was still money left to pay their boss, so he said if Jettes Father wouldn't work for him, he'd kill Jette. So to get all the money, Jette helped her father. When her dad died two years ago, she was left alone with still a lot of money to pay.

So she was looking for a partner. A friend, someone she could trust. And then she found me. She kept her life a secret from me because she didn't want to put me in danger. But when I found out, she didn't want to keep the secret anymore.

Somehow, I liked the idea of being bad. So I decited to help her.


Being a bad girl isn't easy. Jette was good at it, she was one since she was little. I was damn good in shooting. I was even better than Jette! But when it came to fighting to men, cheating people, seducing people, lying, running, racing or acting, I sucked. The racing wasn't a problem, I was still Jettes guide. But I had to control the other things.


This was my first mission. I was supposed to play a slut in a sex club, and when Jette and I had our two guys on our own in a room, we would torture them to keep their mouth shut, Cause one of them told the police about the drugs. But I still was a bad liar. So I kind of ended up in prison... But Jette escaped.


Jette and her friends the streetracers, saved me from prison. She made sure we didn't have to go back, by playing innocent.


I came back home, and my mother decited that Jette could come and live with us.


I re-met my brothers best friends/bandmates Zayn, Liam, Niall and Harry.


I got closer with the guys, so did Jette. I had the feeling that my brother kind of liked Jette. Just like Harry, he also likes her.

And I...? Okay maybe I kind of like Niall. But it's just a crush.

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