They Don't Know

Myrthe Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinsons little sister. But nobody knows. And no one can find out. Cause Myrthe and her best friend Jette have more secrets...


3. His Comeback

"I told you it was magic." I say to Jette while I plop down on her soft white seat. She chuckles as she takes a seat next to me. "So are you guys like dating now?" I shake my head while I look at her. "We haven't even been on a real date yet. Beside that, Louis would kill Niall if he found out abou.... Are you okay?"

Jette stares at her phone screen like it's a grenade. "I'm fine, I just... Just... I gotta go, I'll be back by supper." And then she's gone. That's so not her, she never walks away from a converstation. She never walks away from anything really.

I sigh and walk back to my room. In there I start my laptop and open Twitter. I've got a few mentions and a DM. I start with the mentions. The first one is from Lottie, my little sister.

@lottietommo: had fun with @mynamemysecret and @jettessecret today. They really feel like sisters to me! ;)

The whole 'secret name thing' was my idea. They couldn't know I was Louis' sister so they also couldn't know my name. Jette and I made our accounts together, so that's why she also has 'secret' in her name.

Gemma responded to Lotties tweet:

@GemmaAnneStyles: @lottietommo @mynamemysecret @jettessecret we should hang out soon, bring the sisterhood back together!

Like you probebly already noticed, I didn't go anywhere without Jette for the last year.

I also react to the tweet:

@mynamemysecret: @GemmaAnneStyles yeah we should! I'll try to call you tonight! X

The other mention is a reaction to a picture I've posted:

@DaniellePeazer: Stop with being so pretty you beautiful girl! 😘

I fav the tweet and go to my DM's. It is from Miley:

@MileyCyrus: eyyy, looking good girl we should hangout!

I react:

@mynamemysecret: give me a time and place, i'll be there!

All the celebrities my brother knows know I am his sister. I like them. They don't judge me because I went to prison.

I hear a door close down stairs. I look at my phone and see I've been on Twitter for an whole hour! Quickly I put my computer away. I'm so addicted.

In the corner of my eye I see someone walk pass my door. I only know one person who can walk so quiete on the stairs. "Jette?" I ask quietly while standing up. "Yes." When she turns around I can see her face that is so pale that I looks like she is about to pass out. "Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine" When I look better I can see she's holding her hand inside her jacket. "What are you hiding?" She looks at me and her face looks furious. "Nothing." I take a step closer to her. "Tell me the truth." "Just leave me alone, okay!" Then she walks away.

For a couple of minutes I just stand there. Not sure what to do. I know I'm not suppose to follow her, she doesn't like it if people 'stalk her', but sometimes I can't help myself.

I take a step outside my room. She went to the right, so she only could have gone to the bathroom. I slowly open the door when I see she is washing something from her hand.

I pull her hand back to see what it is, but instead of finding something she screams it out of pain. For a second I'm to suprised to say anything. But when I look better I see the sink is full of blood. In the middle of Jettes hand is a huge whole fulled with her dark blood.

"What happend?" I ask when I'm over the biggest shock. "Nothing." "This aint nothing Jette! WHAT HAPPEND?" She pulls away her hand and puts it in the water.

"We need to take you to the hospital." "No one is taking me anywhere!" Jette seems really furious. "I already checked it out and it didn't hit anything inportant.

"But what ha" "I got shot okay. By G."

G was the men her family owned money to, her boss. "What did he want?" "He wants me to work for him again. And I get the feeling he's pretty serious," she says while holding up her bleedy hand.

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