Distastor Town


4. 4

I take a deep breath, I grab the car handle and slowly start walk out. I notice there were a lot of people wearing short tops and sluty shorts. I didn't know the world had come to this. Well at least year 8-10 are normal or I would freak out. I see some smokin' hot guys and some totally ugly ones. Some boys are wearing skinny jeans and it's like... 50•C. Wowww... Some girls go crazy with make up and hair. There's a girl with hunger games make up and Effie type of hair. Oh YUCK there is a skinny girl in a short, cut shirt with the top of her chest showing and a chubby type of guy in skinny jeans and normal green element T-Shirt that are pashing. I nearly threw up in my mouth it was that gross.

I met this girl named BECKY she is really nice. she has brown/black, wavy, medium sized hair with lovely, light, shiny blue eyes and freckles. She was wearing black lacey shorts and a leopard print shirt. I also met a girl named ROSALIE but we call her ROSIE. She has goldy, blonde hair and blue eyes. She has pale skin and a freckley face, she is very pretty. She was wearing a black skirt, that was up to the top of her knees and a tiger shirt that zipped up at the back.

I just walked into the school building, It's quite small... But very friendly. There was some guy staring at me, he looked... Familiar. I know, it was my boyfriend Lucas back in Brooklyn until he moved away 3 months ago.

Lucas: Heyy Paige!!

Paige: LUCAS


P: I never thought I would meet any old friends here

Ding Ding

P: Awww poop, I have to go see what home room I'm in

L: Same, I'll see you later

Ding Ding

Paige walks into her home room (8.3)

She walks around the class looking for her name, Paige sees her name up at the back

Paige: Hmm... Who am I sitting next too and it looks like they have already go their books on their desks ready to set up

Paige P.O.V

OMG the person next to me must be really organised, I walk outside to get my bag with all my books and I notice more books had been put on their desk. I looked for the name tag but they must have moved it somewhere, oh well. I CANT BELIEVE LUCAS IS HERE. Lucas is my EX boyfriend, he has brown hair with that intentional flick that most boys have and green eyes.

Bell Rings

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