Distastor Town


2. 2

My name is Paige West, I have just moved to a new town, lentil. I came from Brooklyn .It's really quiet... I haven't met any friends yet (even though I moved here 3 days ago). I have to go to school soon, I'm in year 8 at lentil High, so I can't miss. Right now I'm living in a hotel with my stupid 6 year old brother, Kyle with my sister, Ruby, my Dad, John and My mum, Sophia. My brother is very short I usually use him as a foot stool. I know, I know that might sound mean but he literally just sits there on his Ipod giggling. He's starting year 1 AT MY SCHOOL!! Why my school, whenever I go somewhere with him or he sees me with friends he always embarrasses me by calling me imperfect names like Peggy poo and paigey waigey, why can't he just call me a normal name like paigey, Paige or sissy. Kyle has brown hair and green eyes. He's so pale, it's strange because when I was 6, I was really tan. Ok, enough of Kyle. Let me tell you about my twin, Ruby. Ruby is my twin, we don't look alike but we have the same personalities. I don't really know how that works but anyway I'll let the scientists work that out. She has luscious, shiny, brown hair and such glowing blue eyes. I know that sounds dramatic but my sister is so pretty, ITS CRAZY!! But the good thing is I'm taller than her so if she is fighting with me I usually just stare her down, so that is good. The rest of my family is my height except for my dad, he's about a head taller than me. My dad is so old he's 43. He has short black hair with some grey. I don't really like to tell people because they always think that. Now, my mum is 36, she has blonde straight hair and hazel eyes. She's not always nice but she's the one I get money from, surprisingly. My mum is smaller than me but taller then Ruby.

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