Distastor Town


1. 1

She heard a scream and a gun go off, she ran down stairs and locked all the doors and the windows, she saw a dark shadow passing the door. She heard a clanking from the laundry door, She grabbed a knife and hid behind the kitchen counter watching the shadow come down the hall. It came closer and closer to her, she started to back up the stairs when she tripped. She started to scream for help as she couldn't get back up. She saw a face but not clearly as it came closer she crawled into the room near the kitchen and hid under the desk, It followed her in the room, and ducked under the desk. She screamed as it grabbed her arm and started pulling her out. She quickly looked for the knife and saw it laying on the kitchen floor. It cuddled her 'IT' was her dad.

Dad: Honey, Honey settle down it's only me

Girl: I thought you were a murderer

Dad: Now, why would you think that

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