Oregon Trees

Heidi starts her birthday like she would any day bullies trying to get her down friends trying to win her heart and her teacher out to get her. Will she ever have a normal life again after she finds the truth?


2. Chapter Two

It said:
  Chase, Veronica
 In for slitting her wrists and saying ‘I want to die! It’s not fair he chose her! I want to her dead! I’ll kill her, I swear to the Holy Father above that I will kill her!’
“Wow! She was here the whole time?” I asked to no one, but I got an answer back anyway.
“Yes. Your best friend knows the answers,” said a voice behind me. I turned around and the glowing green orb was just hovering around. Then it said, “Enough for tonight. Wake up!”
I opened my eyes and was blinded by the fluorescent lights.
“Hey, sleepyhead,” someone said, a girl’ voice. It was my mom. I looked around and saw that they put me in a different room. “How are you feeling baby doll?”
“Fine. How was work?” I asked.
“It was alright. I guess it’s safe to say that you had a rough day? Huh?”
“Yeah. So what was the surprise that you were going to give me?” I said.
Mom looked sad and like she wanted to change the subject quick. But I wouldn’t let her. “Mom, what’s wrong?”
“Baby doll, your present was a surprise party,” she said with guilt leaking out into her voice. “Rodney was supposed to walk home with you and take the long way. But, that didn’t work out.”
A surprise party! I’ve always wanted to have a huge birthday party, but it always was too much money and I know dad wouldn’t help.
   Just then the doctor came in and took off my bandages and shock filled her face.
“What? Is something wrong?” mom asked.
“Well her wounds have healed completely overnight! Plus there’s no scaring. That should not happen with the damage of her face,” Dr. Miller said.
I got up and found that they put an I.V. on me. So I walked with the I.V. pole over to the mirror and my face was back to normal! The stitches were still there, but they were not needed anymore.
Outside in the hall I heard a familiar voice screaming, “It’s not my fault! It’s hers! She practically made me attack! It was her plan to get me in trouble!” Veronica! She was here? I let her continue, “Please! You have to let me go! She’s evil! She told me she speaks to ghosts and she hears them and she sees them! She told me so! Please, no! I can’t be locked up again!” she continued screaming, sobbing and just going crazy! I felt sorry for her.
“Is she going to be okay?” I asked. I mean I know that Veronica is not my friend and is mean, but I still care about another person’s life.
“She’ll be fine. But for now let’s focus on you, shall we?” said Dr. Not Fair.
We talked about letting me go in a couple of hours, but I first had to the lab and get my blood drawn. Which sounded crazy because, A) It was just my face, B) why couldn’t they just bring the lab stuff there to the room like they do sometimes, and finally I just had my blood drawn the other day?
We walked to the lab (after I got the I.V. out) and waited to be called when out of the corner of my eye I saw Rodney!
He was motioning for me to come over to him. So as a best friend’s duty I went over.
“It’s a trap!” he said. Wait, what? Hold the phone.
“Is this a prank?” I asked aloud I guess because he looked at me like I was the crazy one.
“Look, we don’t have time to discuss this, so I’ll just continue. Dr. Miller is not good, she’s planning to poison your blood stream and kill you!” I could tell he was just getting started. “I can see your face and it says that you think that I’m lying. I’m not, I’m telling the truth! So you better listen and do things my way or they will kill you.” He said.
Is this for real? , I thought. Little did I know how right he was.
“What are you talking about?” I asked. “I mean, is this a SyFi joke going on? Because I’m not falling for it!”
“No, this is not a joke!” he was really freaking out. That freaked me out!
I thought he was the one to have a panic attack. He was looking here and there, and then he spotted my bracelet. He stopped, grabbed my arm and said, “You still have the bracelet! No wonder the stitches didn’t kill you! Sorry that sounded bad.”
“What are you talking about for the billionth time?!” I said.
“No time your numbers about to be called. Here I got your necklace for you and if Dr. Miller asks what stone it is you say it’s a diamond. Okay? Good, now put your bracelet in your pocket and put the necklace on. There, you’re perfect. I’ll see you later,” he said. I can’t explain how that happened so don’t ask.
My number got called and mom and I went to the back with Dr. Miller. I sat down in the chair and waited.
My mind was somewhere else so I don’t remember that I stuck out my arm or the questions she asked.
“So what type of stone is that?” Dr. Miller said.
“What? Oh, uh, it’s a diamond. Like in Titanic, it’s rare. I got it for Christmas.” I said.
“Wow. From your boyfriend?”
“No. Family heirloom. My Great Grandmothers, she wanted me to have it,” I said coming up with a story. “It was one of the last real jewelry made before the war.”
“Wow that is rare,” she said.
I looked at my mother and she gave me a look that said, “I understand.” Something sharp and painful made me look at my arm. Dr. Miller had stuck the needle in my arm already. It shocked me because it felt like a shot and the pain did not go away. That’s weird for a blood draw.
“Well that should do it. Let me know if you don’t feel right and I’ll see to something about it, okay?” Dr. Miller said.
I was already feeling weird, but I didn’t let on. “Okay, I’ll be sure to do that.” Yeah right.
When we got to the car and down the road I started with the questions.
“What is going on? What’s happing? Why is Rodney acting the way he is?”
“Heidi it’s difficult to explain and I took an oath for your safety that I don’t say anything,” Mom said, “but I can tell you this, it’s about your father.”
What? What does she mean my dad’s involved? I really thought about it and gasped.
“He’s doing this? I mean he’s horrible sometimes but to go this far…”
“Honey, honey, no that’s not it. No, it’s about who he was and what I am. I’ll let Rodney explain,” she said.
I still don’t get it, I thought. I mean my dad’s a jerk sometimes and pushed me away, but I just don’t get it. I’ll leave it alone.
We weren’t heading home we went somewhere else. “Hey mom where are we going?”
“Somewhere safe. That’s all you need to know right now, okay?” she asked.
“Yeah, okay.”
We arrived at an abandoned warehouse and at first I thought it was a mistake, but with everything that I went through in the last twenty-four hours I figured that I should stay quiet.
We went through and my eyes were playing mind tricks, or so I thought. The inside looked like an FBI headquarters. White clean walls and amazing desks that were made of marble not wood or metal. And a nurse’s office filled with injured people.
“Wow! This is amazing! How come no one ever said anything to me about this? I guess my dream was true a month ago,” I said looking back a month ago. That dream was about me becoming like a superhero type person I don’t know the proper name for what they’re called. I also told mom about it and she said it was nothing.
“Heidi let’s go to the back. If I remember right you know where the hospital wing is?” mom asked.
I lead us toward the back of the warehouse and down a flight of stairs. Through a brightly lit hallway and second to the right and straight on till the end of that hallway was a door that I knew as the hospital wing.
We walked in and sat down in a chair while mom went to get someone. So I had time to think. I still did not get what was going on and someone is trying to kill me. Yeah, things can get weirder, but it would have to be huge.
I looked around the room and saw a picture of a boy around the age of 15 to 19. He had hazel eyes, a bruise the size of Russia on the side of his face and black hair.
“His name was Scooter.”
I turned around to see someone in there forties. “Who are you?” I asked.
“You don’t need to know that because you’ll be dead in 3,2,1.”
He came charging at me and I threw my good arm out and slammed it against his chest. He looked shocked for about a second before he got up again. He went for a different move, but somehow I knew what his attack was. I threw my body down to the ground like I was on fire. He tripped over me (the left side of my body was bruised for a month). I grabbed his right leg and bent it in the opposite direction and I heard a crack. He screamed in pain. I got up found a pair of scissors broke it in half and took one side and jammed it into his arm. He stayed still for a moment.
My heart was pounding for two reasons. One, because I stabbed someone and I didn’t know if he was alive or not, two, because of the exercise I just did.
I knelt down and put two fingers on his neck to check for a pulse. At first I felt nothing then a bump, bump, sound through my fingers. I let out a sigh of relief and I was scared at the same time.
My mom and Rodney came in at that moment, looked at my scared face and then at the attacker. Rodney looked at my mom and she nodded. Did she read his mind?
“Okay Heidi, let me see your arm and let me take out those stitches,” Rodney said. I was too shocked to protest so I did what he asked. He took a small pair of scissors and carefully cut the strands of thread in my face and slid them out. He then checked out my arm and said if I could get my bracelet. I did and he put it on my wrist. He tested my arm and gave me a shot to stop the poison.
While Rodney did this, my mom took the unconscious guy, dragged him out and took him to what I believed was the jail.
 “Rodney, please, as my best friend, can you tell me what’s going on?”
“Yes. Your apartment manager, she wants to kill you. We call her Dr. Miller. She wants to take revenge on you and your past lives for killing most of her family.”
What he said made no sense. But I believed every word he spoke. In my heart and deep in my guts I knew he was telling the truth. I didn’t question his words or anything. I just listened.
“With you being who you are and the past actions we thought it best to keep you in the dark (mostly on your father’s orders). You are rare. You can see things and understand things that others can’t. You know how you can’t spell? Well that’s because your mind is fighting with itself to decide what language to use. Your smart and you read because with you, the more knowledge the better. But what we’re trying to do is keep you from going insane.” Rodney was looking sadder and sadder with each word.
I stopped him. He looked at me with sad eyes and I just held him. When I did that he broke down and cried. I did nothing but hold him. I somehow knew what was going on. His mother had been shot and murdered right in front of his eyes three years ago. This was the day she died.
“Rodney, who was Scooter?” I asked.
“He was your dad. Dr. Miller killed him when you were ten months old. He was trying to protect you and your mother from her.
“Then we know he wanted you to believe nothing was wrong, so we hired a decoy and his wife to be a bit horrible to you so you didn’t want to be his daughter. We made up stories of how evil your stepmother was so you didn’t like her,” he said.
Everything in my life was a lie. My dad did love mom and died to keep her alive and for my safety. This was a lot to process. I was the one crying next and the one who needed comfort.
The next thing I did was shocking, even to me. I kissed Rodney. The one I always thought of like a brother, my best friend in the world. As I kissed him I pulled back.
“I’m sorry,” I said. “I don’t know what happened. I guess it’s just that I’m in shock. It means nothing of course. Let’s just forget about it.”
He agreed.
It meant nothing. Okay, it meant a little. But right now I couldn’t focus on boys. I’ll focus on them later, when this business with Dr. Miller was over.
“Your still feeling awkward aren’t you?” I asked.
“A bit. It’s just that it was unexpected. That’s all.”
“Look, its over. Let’s just forget about it for now. We got more things to focus on,” I said this as my mother walked in.
“That’s for sure. So are we ready to go? I made arrangements for Rodney to sleep over so we more time to discuss things,” mom said. I looked one last time at my dad. Then we left.
The whole ride home I kept thinking ‘Is it safe to be there at home with the evil manager there trying to kill me?’
When we got to our door it was wide open! I ran inside and ignored the protests of mom and Rodney. It wasn’t trashed but it did feel uneasy to be in there. I could feel something’s presences, something not alive.
I spun around and there standing was a guy with a green glow to him. I couldn’t see his face all that well because there was blood everywhere. He had bullet holes everywhere that made him look like the polka-dotted man.
“Who are you? What do you want?” I asked. He stuck out his hand toward me, but I backed away. He vanished. I felt that he was gone.
“Are you okay?” asked Rodney.
“Yeah I’m fine. I’ll get the blankets and stuff. Can you get the popcorn and pick the movie?”
I got my comforter and pillows. We set up the living room for our sleepover. Mom brought out cake and goodies. Rodney and I watched THE MUMMY RETURNS. We were getting to the flashback scene to ancient Egypt when I said, “I think I’ll call the ghost Tim.”
“What are you talking about? Oh, the encounter today? Yeah okay you can call him whatever you want,” he sounded like he was bored.
I put the movie on pause and shocked both of us. “I want to get Veronica.”
Rodney just stared at me with a shock expression. I waved my hand in front of his face. He grabbed my hand and asked, “How do you want to free her?”
He started to smile which made me smile. We made up a plan that would happen tomorrow.
 We had fallen asleep watching GET SMART. But when we woke up, we somehow fell asleep or shifted in the middle of the night because we were holding each other. I woke up before him and my head was on his chest with his head laying on top of my head.
I shook him awake and went to get breakfast. I found a note that said that mom would be back in an hour. I took a pan from the clean dish rack, put it on the stove, found a bowl, pancake mix, added water and made pancakes. Then I made eggs sunny-side up.
Rodney came in, went to the fridge, got out the orange juice, and put it in the blender with ice and ten strawberries.
We ate, turned on the radio, got dressed and waited for the right moment. The song that was on was LOVE STORY sung by Taylor Swift. I stared singing along. Rodney started dancing and pulled me along with him.
“What are you doing?”
“Dancing, that’s what.”
He grabbed my hand and put his other on my waist. I put my left hand on his shoulder and away in slow circles we danced. It was a wonderful moment.
But as all wonderful moments don’t last forever, ours was that the song ended. Now it was just getting awkward because he wouldn’t let go and neither would I. 
“Okay that was fun,” I said. I now moved away. I cleared the table and washed the dishes.
 “I’m sorry. I didn’t know that you were still hurting about your dad.”
“I’m not. It’s just that right now I need to focus on winning this World War Three thing,” I said.
“We didn’t say anything about World War Three. How did you know that?”
How did I know that? That should make me want to scream and run away, but funny enough I didn’t seem to care.
“I’m physics aren’t I? I can sometimes think the same thing you are when I want to. Like when I asked about that hockey game, I don’t really like hockey, but you wanted to talk about the game the night before so I asked.” What I said was true. He loved hockey and we both love the super bowl. It is a cool and fun friendship we have.
“Okay enough small talk and let’s go over the plan one more time.” We got to work on what was going to happen and how it would work. 

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