Oregon Trees

Heidi starts her birthday like she would any day bullies trying to get her down friends trying to win her heart and her teacher out to get her. Will she ever have a normal life again after she finds the truth?


3. Chapter Three


Mom came home and we said we had to go somewhere and would be back later. Since neither of us had a license so we had to take our bikes.
We went on the Logging Road in the back of the apartments. We headed toward Fred Meyer’s so we could get to the hair salon next to it. Sally’s was always busy at the counter and we both knew we didn’t have all day so we came up with a distraction.
Me being the actress I was the one to die. “Help! My girlfriend is dying!” Rodney said as I fell to the floor (I’ll get you for that later Rodney). Someone ran to my aid as I started chocking on nothing. My coughing lasted one whole minuet with taking only two breaks.
Rodney appeared at my side and I stopped. I apologized saying that my ‘boyfriend’ is a bit of an over reactor, and that I was just having one of my allergy attacks, not much of a plan I know but it’s what we got to work with and good news is that we got to be first in line.
“Girlfriend? Is that what you came up with? Why not your sister?” I stopped before nothing turned into a fight. “I’m sorry. It’s just that I’m taking a lot of information in one day and I’m still getting used to things.”
“I know. It’s just nothing. An act,” he said with no emotion. Oh, Rodney why do you always do this?
Then I actually thought about it and I realize, I’m the one with the crush on him! Wait a minute hold on. I can’t think like this. After all we were on a rescue mission to save his ex-girlfriend. He might not even like me that way. I’m getting carried away. I’ll think about this later.
“Okay you got the wig right?” I asked. He showed me a turquoise wig that would go to the middle of my shoulders. Then he got a can of hair paint so I could spray his hair pink.
“Rod you are the best! I owe you my life!” I gave him a big hug and we went into Fred Meyer’s spent all our allowance money on costumes for our discuses.
We went back to my place and waited again, this time for mom to fall asleep.
“Heidi, why do you want to go get Veronica? I mean all of freshman year you two were joint at the hip. Doing everything together, then Ver and I started going out and she started hating you-“
“Rodney, stop with the act. Veronica is still my best friend because the whole time she’s ‘hated’ me, she kept her friendship bracelet I gave her. I figured after you told me the truth about my past I knew she’s part of it.
“Another thing, I don’t think you want her to suffer at that hospital again. I know you like her. And I mean you actually want to date her. There is a spark between you. I felt it when you started dating.” He just stared at me not in any way but just him.
“Okay, yeah you’re right, but I told her- I mean I said-I think you’re mom’s asleep.”
For a physic I’m not very good. I tried to pick his feelings and thoughts but no luck.
We checked on my mom and she was asleep. Rodney and I got our goodies we got today. Rodney went to the bathroom to change while I went to my room. I got the wig and hair paint, put them on my dresser. I put on my new black leggings, with black boots, a black mini skirt, and a black shirt with a slivery-white skull and cross bones.
I stepped out of my room with the wig. Rodney just stepped out of the bathroom with black pants with some holes in the legs, black sneakers, black socks, and he was holding a black t-shirt that was plain. He kept his shirt off so it wouldn’t get ruined when I sprayed his head with pink hair dye.
“Ready?” I asked.
“Ready.” He answered.
We headed out with the car keys, my black purse, and a whole lot of snacks. It wasn’t that cold out because it was only September 5th. At 10:35 pm.
“Okay, give me the hair paint.” I said looking around for it.
“I don’t have it. You must have left it inside.”
I went in and the paint was still on my dresser. I got it and turned around and saw the same ghost I saw at the hospital.
“You better pack the stuff you can’t live without because you won’t come back for a long time.” It then changed into the guy that I when I first got home.
“Tim! What do you want that’s in my life?” I asked.
“First, my name is not Tim, and second, I don’t want something from your life, I want to be in it.”
“Then what is your name?”
“I can’t tell you, and I mean literally I can’t. I don’t remember it you’re going to have to find it yourself.” He said.
“So you want to be in my life, huh? Well fine. But don’t freak me out so much, okay?” I asked in a whispered voice.
He nodded his head and disappeared. I went back outside and sprayed Rodney’s hair pink. I went back in to leave a note that said:
   Mom I’m sorry that I left.
   But I will be back. I just have to do this.
   Love, Heidi

I put the note on the kitchen table and went to my room to pack more stuff that I couldn’t live without.
“Okay, let’s go,” I said as I locked the door and headed for the car.
We got out onto the highway and I thought about the conversation Rodney and I had in the hospital wing about my dad. Everyone kept saying that my mom and dad were different and what they were.
“Rod, what was my dad? And how am I better than everyone in the world?”
He looked like he didn’t want to answered, but I knew he would because he knew me.
 “As you know your mother and her family are psychics, well your mom was the most talented in a long time. People took her to be a threat and didn’t stand to let her be that powerful so they hired someone to kill her. Your dad was a skilled assassin and he took on the job with pride.”
 “What else? I need to know because, I just do!”
 “Your dad was ready for the fight of his life. He was ready for that fight. What he wasn’t ready for was how beautiful your mom was. The second he saw her he fell in love. He was willing to die for her.
 “Your mom felt sorry for being so mean to him for ten years as he waited for her to love him. Then she finely accepted to marry him and all was well.
 “At least for a while. Then you were born. They were extremely happy and worried.”
 “Why? That’s what I want to know! Why am I a threat?” I demanded.
 “Because someone like you has not been born in 500 years. The child of a psychic and a killer is powerful. They cannot be defeated unless they have the proper training.”
 “Is that how I knew how to defend myself back in the hospital wing? Because of my parents?”
 He nodded.
 “Let me guess, my mom gave me most of her power and because of that I can guess the next move my opponents makes and is born with the ability to kill without training?”
 “Yes. But your mom just didn’t want to give you her power because she knew this would happen. She gave you her power to keep you alive. You would’ve died if she didn’t.”
 I had to think about this. So I could easily kill someone if I wanted to. And it wouldn’t have to be a big fight. My life is so messed up.
 “Who were my passed lives?” I asked.
 “I only know two of them. The first passed life was Cleopatra. The other was King Arthur,” he said.
 “King Arthur? I thought that was a myth. So Camelot was real?” I was confused about that.
 “You aren’t even going to say ‘King Arthur? A guy? That’s impossible!’”
 “Nothing is impossible.”
 “You don’t even freak out even a little about all of this. Your okay with your life now?” he asked.
 “I believe you. And I am freaking out, but slowly.”
 We took the Sunnyside exit to get to Sunnyside hospital (I know, but Dr. Miller is crazy).
 We parked a block away from the hospital so we wouldn’t be caught with the wig. I rolled my hair into a bun and put the wig on.
 I looked in the car mirror and applied black lipstick and eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara.
 “How do I look?” I asked.
 “You look like you could play Raven Madison in a movie.” He said. “That is if they ever make that book into a movie.”
 “Yeah, with David Yates directing and Warner Brothers making sure Summit doesn’t lay a hand on the rights.” He laughed at that and we started walking towards the hospital.
 When we got inside I took out my pocketknife and yelled, “You son of a bitch! How dare you! You deserve to go to hell! Rot there for all I care! It’s over! I hate you!” I slit a deep gash in my arm. I cried out in pain.
 I felt the guards’ hands on my arms and started dragging me away.
 “You did this to yourself Raven. Don’t blame me. You were the one who filled yourself with alcohol and drugs.” He walked away never looking back.
 I kicked and screamed as the guards took me away. They locked me up in a solid white room and handcuffed my hands behind my back. They left to go get skin thread and a needle.
 I put on the act for just a little longer. I took deep breaths to calm myself down. I dug in my back pocket and grabbed the keys to the handcuffs and unlocked my hands.
 Once I was free I wiped the blood off with a tissue that was in the room. I looked at my arm and there was just a slash that looked like a minor paper cut.
 “I love my healing powers.”
 Someone knocked on my door. I looked and it was Rodney.
 He opened the door and I rushed out. “That was quick.”
 “Well I just know how to sneak better, that’s all.”
 I had a feeling that he was not being all the way truthful. We walked down the hall and I saw that most of the staff was in a trance of some sort. The rest were passed out.
 “Did you do this Rod?” I asked amazed.
 “Well I needed to do something so that they wouldn’t get fired.” He said.
 He has such a kind heart, I thought. We found Veronicas room and I peeked through the window. She was asleep, good, I thought.
 We went in as silently as possible Rodney grabbed her and blindfolded, cover her mouth, and gently carried her over his back.
 We were almost out the back when she woke up. We ran toward the exit faster and faster until we found ourselves outside. We walked the block toward our car. I found rope and tied Veronica’s hands and feet together. We sat her in the back and buckled her in. I got in the opposite side.
 “Rodney let’s go! I can tell we don’t have much time!”
 He started the car and we went onto the freeway toward Washington.
 Fifteen minutes later I let the air out I had been holding in.
 I took the blindfold and gag off Veronica. “Hey are you okay?” I asked.
 “What do you want bitch? Untie me and let me go!”
 “You can stop the act now Ver. She knows everything.” Rodney came to the rescue.
 “Oh, okay, I’m sorry. I had to do that stuff even rip your face apart,” Veronica said. I knew she was telling the truth. I untied her.
 “Wow so I can guess I know why you freed me, huh? It’s because you found out I’m your half-sister and you felt you had to get me. What? Why are you staring at me like that?”
 “We haven’t been able to tell Heidi that yet. Oh, great! Way to go, you froze her!”
 “It’s not my fault you didn’t tell her!”
 “Oh yeah? It’s not like you-“
 “Shut up and stop fighting you two!” I yelled. “Now just calm down and let me think!”
 They stayed quiet.
 Okay, wow, Veronica, my sister? I didn’t even guess or feel a connection when we used to pretend we were long lost sisters. Well I guess ‘pretend’ is no more.
 “Okay let’s pull over and talk.” We took the next exit, which happened to be a rest stop.
 “Now before we start going again can you please tell me what’s going on?”
 They nodded.
 “First question, are you the daughter of mom or dad?”
 “Mom. I was born 11 months before you.”
 “Okay, next question, are you still wanting to date Rodney?”
 She stared at me like I was crazy. “Heidi, there’s also anther thing. Rodney is my half-brother. So here’s how it goes. Our mom dated my dad and had me. They split up and mom married your dad. They had you. My dad dated Rodney’s mom and had Rodney. They married a year later. So I was born 11 months before you and Rod was born 9 months after I was born. Two months later you were born.”
 There was so much information that I think I actually pass out.
 When I woke up we were in Castle Rock, WA. I knew because there was a big red and white rocket there in the middle of the parking lot.
 “Hey, what are we doing here?” I asked still not awake.
 “We are enrolling because we need to be under cover. We are being searched for. These will be our disguises,” Rodney was talking about the dark clothing we had on.
 “What about Ver. I mean what is she going to do? I have a feeling that you meant just us going to high school.”
 “She’s going to be our aunt. She’ll get a job and I a part-time job and pretend to be sixteen. You will stay as low as possible. I don’t want you killed.”
 Okay this was insane. I started to cry and I couldn’t stop.
 It was a good hour before I stopped.
 “Rodney, you asked me if I was okay with my life as it is now. I have to be, it’s my life and it won’t go away or change. So in a way I’m okay with my new life.” I said. And thought about the day this all started and asked, “Rodney, why were you in my locker on my birthday?”
 “Oh, that, well that bracelet was a gift I gave to Herculez to give to you so that it wouldn’t look like I was going all out just for you. So he agreed to give the gift to you if he got to push me in your locker to see how you would react.”
 “And what is so important about sapphires and myself?”
 “Well your birth month is September, and September is the sapphire stone.” Veronica said.
 “I still don’t get it.” I said.
 “Whatever your birthstone is that’s the stone to protect you the most,” explained Rodney. “The opposite month stone gives you no help what-so-ever. Which is March for you.
 “Now the month’s closest to your birth month, their stone helps as well, but not as much as a sapphire. August is probably the next best stone for you, because your birthday is closest to that month.”
 “Okay, check. Now I just need a tattoo that says ‘I’m on drugs’” I said. “There is no way in hell that I’m going to were valuable jewelry like that.”
 “Fine then the next time you need to get poisoned stitches I won’t ask you to be careful,” said Rodney.
 “Don’t mind him. He’s just grouchy because you have to play his sister. Plus he has to find you a new boyfriend. Don’t worry though. It’s just to help you blend in.” Veronica said. 
 We got out and I took my wig off. There was no one saying that I couldn’t so I left it in the car.
 We walked into the school and asked a student where the office was. Once we got the information we went to the office.

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