Oregon Trees

Heidi starts her birthday like she would any day bullies trying to get her down friends trying to win her heart and her teacher out to get her. Will she ever have a normal life again after she finds the truth?


6. Chapter Six

~~                                                            CHAPTER SIX

 When I got up the next morning I searched the house for ant type of clue that would give me a sign to where my mother went. I found nothing.
 The last place I looked was the towel closet. In desperation and frustration I pulled out all the towels and in the middle of throwing the towels around I heard a thump.
 I looked down. There was a photo album. It was decorated with stamp designs and colorful pieces of paper sticking out between the pages.
 I picked it up and took it to the couch to look at.
 Among the pictures were some that I didn’t even realize that even existed. There was some of my dad. One was him and mom on their wedding day and in the background was Veronica as a baby in a lime green dress. Another one was mom and dad out on a picnic and mom was clearly pregnant with me.
 The last one of my dad was the day I was born. He wasn’t looking at the camera, he was looking at my face and crying. He was happy. I started to cry.
 I started to put the book away, but something fell out. It was a letter addressed to Princess Diana! It said:

 Dear Diana,
 As you know we both gave birth to our daughters on the same day, at the same place. For a while I have suffered the loss of my sister Angie.
 There is also terrible news that your daughter has ran into the street and was hit by a fast moving truck. She also died within two hours.
 I did all I could to save her life but it was no use.
 I’m so sorry.

   Your friend always,
           Rose Gray
It ended.
 I looked at the envelope. Yep, just as I expected.
 I need to know the truth, I thought.
 I channeled all my energy in to the past. In the past was unclear. Smoke filled the vision, but I would not give up. Finally I started to make out the image I needed to see.
 I was looking at a hospital in London (don’t ask me how I know, I just do). My mom was being rushed in by my dad. Ten minutes later Princess Diana walked in looking as skinny as ever.
  I was rushed through the doors to a scene that I wish I hadn’t. I watched myself being born. After that I (the baby me) was taken away. Apparently I couldn’t breathe when I was born. An hour later another baby entered the baby nursery. I entered five minutes later.
   It was all fast paced. It was hard to understand, but in the end I did. I understood everything.
 So with all that going on I prepared my battle to end this fight once and for all.
 When the day came for the fight, I had all I needed to win or lose. But one thing for sure was that I was going to get my family back.
 I don’t remember the walk from my house to Dr. Miller’s house, but I do remember arriving. I was shaking with excitement and I was scared. I’m not afraid to admit it. It’s okay to be scared so don’t make fun.
 I walked in as same as the wall opened up into the cave. I walked down the steep hill that led to the T shape pole. Veronica was not there.
 “So, you have finally arrived,” the voice of Laruen Miller said.
 “Where’s Veronica? And my mother,” I said.
 “They’re fine. But you aren’t at all worried at all about your boyfriend?” she taunted. What was she talking about? Then I realized. “Rodney!”
 “That’s right. Your precious Rodney. Bring the special prisoner out,” she ordered.
 Two of her guards went back to the apartment. A minute later they came back with Rodney!
 “You won’t believe what he wanted from me. He came all this way looking for you,” Lauren said. “He found the right place, just not the right house. Or so you, Heidi, would think.”
 “What are you talking about?”
 “I’m talking about how I said I would give Rodney his mother back if he killed you himself.”
 I looked over at Rodney. “Is this true? She says she can give back your dead mother and you take the offer? I thought you were my best friend, not some, oh I can’t think of what to call you, you bastered!”
 “Heidi, I can explain. You know how much –“ he got cut off with my switchblade at his neck.
 “You say one more word and this blade runs very slowly across your neck!”
 He nodded.
 I turned back to Dr. Miller. “So you think you can get me like this? Well you’re going to have to try harder than that to get under my skin.”
 “Oh I know.” She snapped her fingers and my old teacher Mrs. West came out carrying Veronica and my mother!
 “You’re working for her?” I asked my teacher.
 “Yes you little brat. And I was doing just fine until you ran away!”
 “Let them go! All of them. And you can have me. You can take my life however you want.”
 “No Heidi!” my mother said. “She’ll just kill us as soon as your dead!”
 “Ah, a mothers love. To bad she doesn’t know that there was a switch at birth for you.” Lauren said.
 “You’re wrong!  I saw with my own eyes what happened. Anna died. I lived.” I said trying to come up with a plan to get my family out. “There were also no switches.”
 “You can’t possibly know that.”
 “But I do. And I know that you planned that car accident with Princess Diana.” I was still trying to buy some time. “You killed her!”
 “That was a long time ago. No one cares anymore. Now you will be the one to die to night little princess.”
 “I am NOT A PRINCESS!” I screeched at the top of my lungs.
 I then made my attack. I swung at her with the sword I found in the cupboard. To my surprise she blocked the attack with the stick she always carried around. It snapped in two.
 She threw away the sticks and retreated down the hall. I kept swinging and she kept dodging out of the way.
 The thirst for the fight raged just then. My mouth watered for the taste of victory. My body ached for the kill of my enemy.
 She saw this as well. She panicked. She ran into a room at the end of the hall. She slammed the door shut. I heard her lock it. I kicked it opened. She was waiting for me. I swung my sword and it clanged with her sword.
 All of a sudden I had a flash back.
 I was in a clearing. A battle was going on in the background. I was battling a guy with coal black hair, mud brown eyes, and a scowl that could frighten away a t-rex.
 “So brother, have you seen your wife Gwenevire?” the dude said.
 “Oh, well I suggest you look in your friend Lancelot’s bed.”
 I felt a sharp pain in my heart, and I felt betrayed. My opponent took the advantage of my shock to stab his sword in my gut. Pain filled my whole body. I fell back and gasped for breath. Inch by inch my body shut down. The last thing I saw was my opponent grinning in triumph. My eyes closed for the last time.
 The vision ended and I didn’t have time to think as Dr. Miller swung her sword at me. I blocked it. I twisted my sword till she let go of the hilt.
 I ran back into the cave. I did my best with the little time I had to free my family. Not enough time I suppose as I was untying my mom, I felt a sharp stab in my back.
 “You will pay with your life. You will not win as you haven’t before.”
 I looked with difficulty at my back. There near the middle imbedded in my flesh, her sword. I reached behind and took it out. I turned toward Laruen Miller with a look of determination.
 “You will not win while I live!” I took a step toward her. She retreated. She ran to a large jar, while I slowly advanced.
 She lifted the lid to the jar and reached inside. She took out a cobra snake.
 The snake had its hood open. His fangs were gleaming in the torch/candle light.
 I took a step back. I should not have done that, I thought. I was so right. Laruen Miller threw the snake and it landed on Veronica. Her scream filled the cave in one second. The guard holding her ran like a scared little girl.
 I dropped the swords and to her aid. I was too late. The scream spooked the snake and the snake bit deep into her shoulder.
 “No!” I screamed. The snake looked up and saw me running. It dropped from Veronica’s shoulder and slithered toward me.
  When the snake was a foot away I stopped. I looked deep into its little eyes. It stopped. I me watching animal planet paid off, I prayed and thought.
 I kept its stare and walked slowly and with caution toward the snake. One hand was at my side and the other was raised carefully over its head.
  The hissing continued irritably, but I stayed as calm as I could. As fast as lighting I laid my hand on the head of the snake, grabbed it by its neck, and held it carefully.
 I relaxed a little bit.
 “You may have caught one snake, but can you catch five?”
  Dr. Miller pushed the jar over and with a crash five other snakes slithered across the floor.
 I dropped the snake I was holding and grabbed my sword. I looked over at Rodney, who was over at Veronica’s side. I slashed the ties of mom and told her to get out of here.
 “Rodney, take Veronica and go to the hospital.”
  “They won’t have anti-venom,” he protested.
 I looked at Veronica. She was deathly pale and her eyes were barely open. “Oh, Veronica, what can I do?”
 “You could do what I did when you were born. Give her enough of your powers for her to live just till this is over.” Mom suggested.
 “No! If that happens then Heidi will die!” Rodney said. “Plus, she doesn’t know how.”
 “You rather I let my sister die? She’s your sister too you know.”
 “She’s lived her life. You have much to live for,” he argued.
 What was with him? I wanted to save my family and he was stopping that.
 At that moment the snakes found their way and were heading towards us.
 “Go, now! I got this,” I ordered. To my relief they left.
 I was alone in the cave except for six snakes, four guards, my ex-homeroom teacher, and Dr. Miller/Lauren Miller.
 “Well, I guess you don’t want to see your family again,” Lauren Miller said.
 “What do you have against me?” I asked.
 “You have the power that I want. Simple as that. I kill you I get the power. If anyone else killed you then I kill them.”
 “You have it all planned out don’t you?” I asked.
 “Yes. And you are delaying me. I have trained for years. I can beat you.”
 Then I did something stupid. I picked up a snake with my sword. Then I bit it. That woke the snake up. It bit me right in a vain. I know because a lot of blood gushed out of my arm.
 “I’ll just kill the snake, if you die, simple as that.”
 Not as simple though. Instead of going week, I got stronger. So strong that I thought I would explode.
 I let the anger and thirst take over so I don’t really remember what happened. I just know that I did not kill anyone. They were all unconscious. Even the snakes. All that was left was to put out the candles.
 As I was blowing out the last candle a dagger was forced into my back above my heart. 
 “That’s for leaving your enemy’s alive,” Dr. Miller said.
 She twisted the dagger around and I felt like taking a nap wasn’t a bad idea.
 With effort I turned around. She was shocked. “When you die, I swear on my life you will go to hell no matter how much you beg. You won’t succeed.”
  I walked out slowing with every step. I heard Lauren Miller yell and come running toward me. I side-stepped her and saw her bang her head so hard I heard it crack on the wall.
 She was gone. She died instantly.
 I finally felt safe. I was free to live how I wanted to without name changes or moving. I can now say I’m not a slave to my own fear.
 I got out of that cave and entered her apartment. On the floor was Veronica dead. My eyes teared up but I didn’t cry. Mom was though. She was in a lot of pain and she was suffering inside. I walked over and put my arms around her.
 I felt a lump on moms arm. I looked. Two holes, a snake bite! “Mom! When were you going to tell us?! When you dropped dead next to Veronica?!”
 “Calm down Heidi! It’s nothing. So don’t worry,” mom said.
 “Mom no matter what, I’m going to worry. If it was me would you not worry?” I asked.
 “Yes I would worry.”
 “So I have a right to worry as well.” I said, hiding my arm. “Mom I feel it. You’re going to die. I don’t want you to go!”
 “Babydoll, I don’t want to go, but I have to. You must understand this, that when it’s your time to go you’ll understand,” she was having trouble breathing already. “I love you babydoll. I’ll miss you.”
 “I love you mama doll, I’ll miss you too.”
 She closed her eyes for the last time and her breathing stopped.
 “Heidi, I’m sorry. About everything-“
 “Rodney, shut up. It’s your fault Veronica’s dead. You wouldn’t let me save her! To put things nicely, you’re the hugest donkey in the universe!” I stomped out and then fell. The dagger in my back stopped me from going further.
 “Heidi! What happened?!” Rodney asked.
 “Isn’t it obvious what happened?! Dr. Lauren Miller stabbed me in the back with a dagger.”
 I was fading in and out.
 “I can save you,” Rodney said. “You’re not the only psychic. That’s how the workers in the hospital stayed dazed.”
 “You mean your going to do that thing that could’ve killed me?”
 “Yeah. I know what you’re going to say. But let me tell you this, if I die then I know you won’t kill yourself to join me and your family. You’ll find something else to live for. I won’t. That’s why I stopped you from saving Veronica. I can’t live in a world where you don’t exist. I know I’m going all Edward Cullen, but it’s true. You are my best friend in the world. I know you will live the best life for yourself.”
 He closed his eyes and put his hands in front of my heart and muttered in a langue I didn’t understand.
 He then pulled the dagger from my back and continued. He kept going until I felt I could climb Mount Everest in one day without stopping.
 Rodney opened his eyes and said, “I love you.” He then fell to the floor. I knew he was dead.
 I lay still for hours and cried. I woke up feeling beaten and aching all over.
 The weight in my heart did not go away. I knew it wouldn’t. Around noon I called 911. I was talking to the urgent care part of the hospital.
 I also told the police about the hidden cave and the guards, Mrs. West, and the body of Lauren Miller was taken out.
 I had a broken arm, sprained ankle, and a great deal of blood loss.
 A week later Rodney’s dad came to pick me up. I walked out with three packages, all containing the hearts of my mom, Veronica, and Rodney. Their bodies were donated to science.

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