Oregon Trees

Heidi starts her birthday like she would any day bullies trying to get her down friends trying to win her heart and her teacher out to get her. Will she ever have a normal life again after she finds the truth?


7. Chapter Seven


  “You know you are always welcome here. You can stay till you go to college, and even then you are more than welcome here.” Chester said (Rodney and Veronica’s dad).
 “I know, but now that Veronica and Rodney’s hearts are buried, and the fact that I promised mom that when she died I would go to Montana and bury her heart with her grandmother, who practically raised her I feel like I should stay in Montana,” I said. “I do have lots of family there.”
 “Well, alright. But if you ever want to come back to Canby then you’re more than welcome to stay here.”
 I waited till summer break to go to Montana. The first thing I did was buy a can of Coca-Cola. That’s mom’s favorite drink. I then spotted my great-great aunt Jen.
 “Hello! You got so big since I last saw you!” said aunt Jen with a smile. I smiled back.
 “Yeah, maybe that’s because I was five. I’m fifteen and a half now aunt Jen,” I said.
 “Oh, well. You still turned out alright. Come on I’ll show you around Browning.”
 Browning, Montana. My new home. There is one thing you should know about Browning, it’s filled with Native Americans. Blackfeet to be exact.
My new school was in walking distance from the house I now lived in. I quickly learned that the reason the kids didn’t pick on me is because my aunt and uncle (he died by the way) are respected at the hospital there.
    I wasn’t fitting in at school, I was fitting in at home, and I wasn’t fitting in at work.
I had nothing to live for.
I was now sixteen and did not have my license. I wanted to go home and see my Oregon trees. I wanted to see green. In Montana there was nothing but brown.
“Heidi, I’m kicking you out,” said aunt Jen one day.
“What, but why? Did I do something wrong?” I asked.
“Yes. You made the choice to live here when it’s obvious you need Oregon. I’m happy to have Rose back. She was wonderful when she was your age and lived here, but in the end she needed to go back home.”
“Do you really think mom is happy to be with her grandmother again?”
I called Chester and asked if I could come back. He said yes, of course.
I went back and he said that for winter break we would go to New York.
“Cool. That would be fun,” I said.
Winter entered Canby, and soon we would be on our way to New York.
“Are you ready?” asked Chester.
“Yep. Are you?”
 “You bet. Come on.”
We had to wait to switch planes in Dallas, TX. We barely made it, but we did.  
Finely we entered New York.
It was big! ‘Wow’ doesn’t even cover it.
A feeling in my gut told me to go strait. So I did. With the luggage heading toward our hotel, we went walking. First we took a left down a street that looked like a piñata threw up all over it. Then we went right down a street that looked like a street in Percy Jackson. At last the last tug in my gut took us to a skyscraper building. Just an ordinary skyscraper.
I was disappointed. Then I looked across the street. They were filming something. I knew the director. It was David Yates! He directed Harry Potter 5, 6, 7, and 8!
I watched amazed. Here was one of the best directors of this time and I get to watch him work!
“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” Chester asked.
I just nodded my head. I wonder who the actors were. I walked just a bit farther to see behind the cameras. OMG! Jake Abel?!
His perfect blonde hair, his bright blue eyes, and the perfect height.
Obviously I have a crush on him. He played in Percy Jackson and CSI, the Suite Life of Zack and Cody once, and many other things.
He was walking out of the building in his role. I just watched, and kept out of the way, I didn’t want to mess things up. He messed up a few times, but the more he messed up the longer I got to watch.
Half an hour later he got the scene just right so they stopped filming.
I woke out of my daydream and looked around for Chester. He wasn’t there. I didn’t panic. I took out my cell phone and called him.
“Hey. Where are you?” I asked.
“I said I would take a walk around. You said okay.”
“I don’t remember that. Oh well. Why don’t you come back here and we’ll hunt down the hotel.”
“Sounds like a plan. I’ll be there in ten,” he said. “Bye.”
“Bye.” I hung up the phone just as someone tapped me on the shoulder.
“Excuse me, miss,” said an accented voice. “I was wondering if you could help me.”
It was Jake Abel!
I went wide eyed. “Um, I’m not from around here. I’m sorry.” It was the right thing to do and ask. I was going to ask the name of his hotel but I’m a crazy fan. You put it together.
“Oh, well thanks anyway,” he said. “Bye.”
“Hey, you ready to go?” Chester just came up the sidewalk.
It took us an hour to find the right hotel. We came in laughing at how we mistook a factory for a hotel.
At the check-in desk was the blonde head actor Jake Abel!
“Oh, hello, I guess we could have helped each other,” he said.
I just nodded.
“I never got your name.”
“It’s, uh, it’s um, it’s Heidi, and this is my stepfather Chester.”
Chester shook hands with Jake.
“Hello sir, my name Jake.”
“Nice to meet you. You look familiar, have we met?”
“Not that I can remember, but have watched Percy Jackson?”
“I have seen it, my daughter made me watch it all the time. Or used to. She died a few months ago.”
“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Well I must get to my room and well go over my script again. Bye.”
Okay, I’m going to explode! Chester was looking at me strangely.
“You were smiling. You haven’t smiled since, well you know.”
Wow, he’s right. I haven’t smiled since they died. Crazy.
 A week later we knew our way around New York pretty well. We could walk to the nearest bowling alley which was 10 blocks away.
“So what do you want to do now?” I asked one night when we were at Macaroni Grill.
“Well, have you found your reason for living again? There I said it, all over.” Chester said taking a big gulp of red wine.
“That’s a hard question to answer. I don’t know. I have to think about that.” I said finishing up my sausage pizza.
“I’ll let you know when I do though okay,” with that said I walked out the door to walk back to the hotel by myself.
I was walking on a deserted street (which is unusual for New York). The sun was just starting to set and I was thinking about the sunsets and sunrises in Montana. How beautiful they are and nothing could be compared to it. If you ever get the chance, go see them.
I got to a busy street and didn’t look where I was going.
“Heidi! Look out!”
I spun to my left and a car was about to hit me! I quickly jump out of the way and accidently ran into someone.
“Oh, sorry.” I looked up and saw Jake. “Hey! You’re out late at night like this, what are you filming a new scene?”
“Something like that. Um, actually I just came back from an interview.”
“Oh, cool. With who?”
  “Well, I-“
“A top secret interview. I get it. Okay I won’t bug you about it,” I said.
“You’re a very understanding person Heidi. How is it that you on your own is not the most talked about?” he asked.
“Well, I just know a thing or two. Plus I kind of don’t want my life in the spotlight just yet.” I said.
“What do you want with your life then?” he asked.
I had to really think about that. “I don’t exactly know. I was never asked that.” I explained. “Something having to do with film making.”
 “Really? Like a director, or a movie producer or how about an actor?” he suggested.
 “If I had to pick any of those it would have to be a director.” I said. “My favorite director is David Yates.”
 “Really, well I happen to know him. Would you like to meet him?”
 “Are you joking with me ? ‘Cause if you are, I will kill you!” I threatened.
 “I’m dead serious. I think you two would be great friends,” he said.
 “No way! I’m going to meet the greatest movie director of our time! Take that Veronica!” as soon as I said her name I burst into tears.
 “Hey, hey! Are you alright? What’s wrong? Did I say something stupid? ‘Cause if I did you can punch me in the eye.” He kept going on and on like that.
 “I’ll never be the same again! I’ll never be me ever again!” I sobbed in to his shoulder. He just cradled me and held me not feeling awkward at all. I could tell.
 He walked me back to the hotel comforting me the whole way. He escorted me to my room. Once inside I let all my feelings out. I complained that I had just found my family and lost it.
 He left soon so I could get some rest.
 I was alone and that’s how I wanted it to be. I wanted my mother, but she was gone. Never to return.
 I didn’t know I fell asleep until I woke up from shivering from nothing.
 “Hello Heidi.”
 The ghost that always followed me was back.
 “Hey whoever you are.”
 “You still haven’t found my name? Well it doesn’t matter right now. Come with me, I want to show you something.” He floated out the door and I followed. Only I opened the door. ‘Tim’ muttered under his breath something that sounded like “show off”. I rolled my eyes. He led me down the hall all the way down to room 414. “Open it.”
 “I can’t, I don’t have the key card to this room.” I explained.
 “You don’t need a key card, you have me,” he floated through the door and I was the one who muttered “show off”.  I saw the door open.
 “Nice, now roll over.” I joked.
 “Not funny young lady.”
 “Young lady? What are you my father?” I laughed. He didn’t laugh. “Your Scooter?” I asked shocked.
 “Hey, long time no see,” he gave it a shot. I was speechless.
 “I have nothing to say,” I managed. I felt like I was going to burst. Like that can of Coca-Cola I bought must have done by now (I put the cola with my mom’s heart. What I said I would do when she died).
 I walked into the room. Scooter or dad walked to the closet. “In here,” he said. I went over and I saw nothing except clothes. Wow.
 “Behind the wall.”
  I looked. There on the back wall was etched in with a pencil the words:

   January 5th, 1995
   Came back from doctor.
   I’m pregnant! Baby due Sep. 2nd, 1995
   Rose L. Grey

 “Yes, your mother and I came here for our honeymoon. She wasn’t feeling well so I took her to the doctor. That’s when he told us you were about to be in our lives.”
 I stared at the wall. My mom wrote that sixteen years ago. I broke down crying.
 “Who’s there?” came a voice.
 I stayed quiet. I didn’t want to be found out. The closet door swung open and a startled Jake Abel stared at me. I screamed.
 “Hey, calm down. Shh, it’s alright. Who let you in?” he asked.
 “My dad.”
 “Your dad? How did he get a key?”
 “No not Chester dad, my dad dad. He’s a ghost. He can sort of unlock doors and let people in.” I said sounding like a fool.
 “I’m confused. Explain, please,” he asked so kindly.
 So I started on my fifteenth birthday at school, ending to how Scooter showed me the note. “So then I cried and I guess you heard me and here we are,” I concluded.
 “I see,” he said.
 “No you don’t. I’m sorry I keep bugging you. I should just leave.” I got up and walked to the door, but Jake caught my hand. I looked at my hand then at him.
 He leaned toward me. I knew he was going to kiss me. I wanted him to kiss me, but I wouldn’t let him.
 “No, I’m sorry,” I walked out the door.
 What is wrong with you Heidi?! I said to myself. You’ve had a crush on him since you saw him in Percy Jackson!
 What was wrong with me?
 “Chester, you know my mom was psychic and you know my powers. Do you think there is a way to take them away?” I asked at breakfast the next morning.
 “Your mother did say something about how a long time ago there used to be this huge mad scientist in the family and he invented a formula to take away what you wanted gone or something like that. Why?” he said.
 “Oh, no reason. Just curious. That’s all,” I said. I knew he didn’t believe me. “What was the scientist name?”
 “Who had crazy white hair?” he quizzed me.
 “Don’t tell me, I’m related to Einstein?” I hoped with all my heart that it was not true.
 “Bingo chick-a-dee.”
 Great, I thought, I’m going to have to go to Russia and get this formula and make it. I’m not that smart when it comes to advanced math and science.
 There was a knock on the door. I went to answer it. I opened the door, and then shut it again without letting him talk.
 “Who was that?”
 “Nobody I want to talk to right now. I’m tired of bothering him and bumping into him that I decided I’m going to ignore him altogether,” I stated.
 “That’s nice, but you didn’t answer my question. Who was it?”
 “Oh, Jake,” I said.
 “I thought you have this major crush on him? Am I wrong then?” Chester asked.
 “No you’re not wrong. It’s just that I’ll just see him on TV. That’s all.” I didn’t want to tell him about the almost kiss last night.
 Jake knocked on the door again. This time Chester answered it.
 “Hello sir. Might I have a word with Heidi? It’s important,” Jake asked.
 “I don’t know something’s bothering her. I don’t know what, but you can give it a shot.” Thanks Chester. NOT!
 “Hello Heidi. Can I talk to you in the hall?”
 “I don’t know, can you?” I asked.
 “Why are you mad at me? Did I do something wrong?” he asked.
 “I’m not in the mood to talk to you. It’s just that you being you and me being me. People judge and I don’t care when it’s me, but when it’s someone else, I go beezerk.” I said. “Alright let’s talk in the hallway.”
  We walked out and down the hall so Chester wouldn’t interrupt.
 “So, what do you want to say?” I asked. “What’s so important?”
 “I can help you. I know where to look for that formula,” he said.
 “How did you know about that?”
 “A lot of hotels and motels have thin walls. That includes this one,” Ben said.
 “The next thing I wanted to talk to you about is why did you run away from me? Did I scare you?” his face looked concerned.
 “Yes, you scared me. My life right now is so messed up and chaotic that I might go crazy. I can’t think about boys right now. I just need to sort things out first, okay?” I asked.
 “You know, from that story you told me last night, I get the feeling that you’re afraid.”
 “What? Afraid about what?”
  “Afraid you’ll be hurt. You didn’t want to mess up your friendship with, oh what’s his name? Rodney,” I flinched at his name. “I get that, and then he tells you he’s in love with you. You kept pushing him away by saying you needed to focus on that war thing,” he kept going on and on.
 I stopped him.
 “Stop! You don’t know me! So how can you possibly know what my feelings are?! You’re a jerk! I can’t believe I used to have a crush on you!”
 “Used to? From what I heard you still do.”
 “That was before this conversation happened! You think you’re all that when you’re just a huge-“
 He interrupted me by kissing me. What shocked him (and me) the most was that I kissed him back. There we were in a hotel hallway kissing. Not making out, just kissing, and it was the best kiss I ever got.
 “You need to talk to your friends about this so you can be happier,” Ben said after he pulled away.
 “All the friends I had died, Jake,” I said. “I never made any friends at school when I came back.”
 “Well, what about me? I’m your friend,” he said.
 “Yes, but sometimes you’ll be out of state. Plus, I won’t know if you’re shooting a scene or what.” I said.
 “There you are making excuses again Heidi.” He stated.
 “No I’m not. I’m just stating the obvious,” I explained.
 “You are making excuses. Don’t argue! I mean it I will go and never look back,” he threatened.
 “Oh, nice. You know you’re just a huge jerk! I can’t take this. I’m sorry I ever met you.” I said what I meant and I meant what I said. I started walking away.
 “You are the one pushing people away, Heidi. You will be nothing more than a bitch.”
 Okay whoever came up with ‘sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me’ lied. The words Jake just said hurt bad. I walked over to him and I shoved him. He looked like he was expecting it. I quickly picked up on his thoughts. He wanted angry! That jerk, I thought.
 “Oh, you think you are so smart. But you are messing with a psychic, buddy. You won’t get much out of me,” I said. I walked away.
 “Then you will still be one pathetic ugly little girl.” He did not just go there. “And you know, I heard black heads will end up dying alone. Never loved, no kids,” he kept taunting me.
 Do not give in! Do not give in, I said to myself.
 “Yeah, so you call me a jerk when you over there are one giant little girl filled with hate.”
  That was it! I ran at him out of control. I punched him in the eye, I pulled his hair, I was crying and I was hurting. I collapsed on top of him. He jest held me. I knew he understood everything.
 “You know my hair was dyed black. It’s actually a rich chocolate brown. I just keep dying it black as a memory to my sister.” I explained to him.
 “Okay. What do you keep as a memory of your mom?”
 “Her diary from when she was growing up.”
 “And what about Rodney?”
  I didn’t want to say but I did. “This bracelet.” I showed him the bracelet I was given to be on my birthday. “Well Herculez Mason gave it to me, but it was from Rodney.”
 My heart gave a pang at the mention of Rodney’s name. I don’t know what it meant.
 I got up and helped Jake up next. He walked me to my room, gave me a kiss on the cheek then headed towards his own room.
 “So what did you talk about?” asked Chester when I got back inside.
 I didn’t really answer, unless you call laughing so hard your sides hurt, an answer.
 “What’s so funny?” he asked concerned.
 I continued laughing until I fell to the floor and bumped my head and went unconscious.

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