Oregon Trees

Heidi starts her birthday like she would any day bullies trying to get her down friends trying to win her heart and her teacher out to get her. Will she ever have a normal life again after she finds the truth?


1. Chapter One

~~        CHAPTER ONE
You opened this book so that means that you want to hear this story. I’m just warning you that this story is not what you expect.
Okay it started when I was really small, I have always been different and a freaky weird girl. No one wanted me to be in their groups at school, but that was fine with me.
I grew up in a small town called Canby Oregon. You may not have heard of it, that’s fine, it is pretty small. I live in Timber Terrace apartments.  The manager is a horrible bitch! Mom and I call her the wicked witch of the west because she is so mean.
You remember how I said I was different? Well, the whole side of my mom’s family is psychic. That includes me. I haven’t even told you my name yet, it’s Heidi Juanita Gray.
The actual story begins when I turned 15.
“Heidi! Get up, it’s time for school!” Mom yelled like she does every morning.
“Ugh!” “Do I have to?” I said. I’m not a morning person, obviously.
“Yes you do,” mom said. She was now standing in my doorway ready to go to work.  She was wearing one of the few dresses she owns. Mom is the most beautiful woman in the world, second to Elizabeth Taylor. She has light brown hair; hazel eyes and is 5’ 4”.
If I had to choose to stay with her or my dad, it would be her hands down. My dad never really cared about me but I keep him around for the money. That’s it. He is a stranger and it was his choice to push me away.
“Alright, I’ll get up!” I said. I went to my closet and picked out a simple blue shirt that had the cookie monster on it (don’t laugh!). I picked out my most comfortable jeans, went to the bathroom and got ready.
Five minutes later I was ready to go. Mom already left. She left a note on the table that said:             
Happy birthday baby doll! When you get home I have a surprise for you!
                   Love, Mom  

 “Thanks mom”. She is the best mother in the world.
I looked into the cupboards for something to eat. Pop Tarts. Sounds good. I grabbed a package and grabbed my keys, helmet and left. I made sure that the door was locked.
I walked over to the apartment garage and got my bike. I got on and headed for school.
My town is not that big, but it is beautiful, with the green trees and blue skies. When it’s not raining it’s a good bike ride. I opened the pop tarts and started eating. Mm, blueberry! My favorite!
The ride took about three minutes. I locked the bike up, went inside and it was just like any other day. Of course my locker is the farthest away from all of my classes, but that didn’t put me in a bad mood. At first I didn’t see it, but as I did a double take I found that locker 304 is covered with streamers and bows and a whole bunch of crap like that. Rodney! My best friend Rodney, he’s always doing that crazy type of thing. I don’t like it but he means well. I dial the combination and I screamed!
“Thanks Heidi, I was starting to lose oxygen.” Rodney stepped out and gives me a big hug. I don’t hug him back because I was still in shock. “Heidi, you okay? Your eyes are the size of a tether ball.” Rodney waves his hand in front of my eyes and I snap back to reality.
“Stop, Rodney what are you doing in my locker? Was it your goal to give me a heart attack as your present?!” I exclaimed. I looked over at him and his eyes looked hurt. Then I realized that I slapped him with my words. “Rod, I’m sorry you just freaked me out.”
He still looked the same. I mean it’s like he froze. “Rodney, talk to me, you O.K?”
“I’m sorry my putting birthday stuff on your locker was a crime. Bye, Happy Birthday I guess.” He started to walk away. I tried to call him back but he just kept walking.
What is going on, I thought. I started to get my books together then another strange thing happened. Herculez Mason (I know, but his parents are Greek freaks) came up to me and gave me a big smile.
“Hello Heidi, Happy Birthday! I got you something,” he said. I was still in shock Herculez was the star athlete most popular guy in school, which also meant he was a huge jerk, he drank outside of school and partied non-stop. I’ll admit that I thought he was cute, but I never wanted to be one of his many girlfriends.
“You got me something?” I asked amazed he even knew my name.
“Yeah, I did.” He pulled out a jewelry box. He opened it and inside was a beautiful sapphire bracelet. I always hated bracelets because my wrists are too big.
“It’s the real deal, I got it last night. I know you don’t think that I notice you but I do. I’ve been thinking about you non-stop. Please take it.” He pulled out the bracelet and put it on my wrist. It fit perfectly!
“What do you want? Huh? A one-night deal, or the famous ‘next day I don’t know you’. I’ll keep the gift, but I won’t do anything else.” I slammed my locker shut, twisted the knob and went to class.
When I got there the warning bell just rang. I sat down at my seat, pulled out my book and started reading.
Now before I continue, do you think I got to find out to what happened to my favorite hero in my book? If you said no, you are correct.
“Hey Heidi!”
I know that voice. I don’t like that voice. Memory of cake and ice cream being thrown at me came back from a vault in my head that I did not want open.
  “Veronica! Long time no see. Why did you stop the see?” I asked in a voice that sounded sickly sweet. Good!”
“Oh, is that any way to talk to someone who could easily have the deed to your life?” Veronica Chase said the same voice I used.
“You can’t own me in this country, Ver.” Ver is the nickname I used to call her when we were friends. “And I thought you moved to France? What, did you run out of French boys or did they run away from you because you are rushing them into a relationship? I know none of them was willing to go out with you.” I know I should stop but something inside of me said to keep going. So I did.
“At least I can get a boy. You’re too fat to even catch a good eye!” Boy, she was angry now. “Rodney is so stupid; he should be with me not with your sorry ass!”
“You think Rodney and I are dating? Think again bitch, I can tell he misses you! Why he stayed my friend I don’t know. You want him? Then use your own moves to get him and leave me out of it!” I wanted to burst to tears. Rodney and Veronica used to have a thing for each other, but that’s another story.
I could tell she was about to burst, so I backed off.
I only had a second to turn around to find out that Veronica was coming toward me.
Then it felt like my whole body shut down. She attacked me so hard I knew she broke a bone in my body. What was worse was I could not move my body! She punched, she hit, she clawed, and she slapped me so hard I almost blacked out.
“Miss Chase! What are you doing?!” It was then that I got control of my body, and it hurt! I could feel blood spilling down my face. I needed an ibprophen.
“Miss Chase go wait at the Principal’s office, I’ll be there soon.” Mrs. West said. Veronica just stood there with her mouth hanging open. “Go! Or I’ll make sure you are expelled if you don’t already.”
Veronica ran out of there so fast she could have caused a tornado.
Mrs. West pulled out her cell phone and hit three numbers that I knew was 911. “Hello. We need an ambulance and police.” She was quiet for a second and then she said, “yes, Canby High School.
“You’re going to fine Miss Gray” she reassured me. To me that sounded like my face was so messed up that I needed stitches.
“Can I go to the bathroom and see for myself,” I asked.
“Well, let’s wait for the medics to decide,” she said.
At the door Rodney appeared. At first his expression was anger and then he saw me. His blue eyes widened and his mouth was just the slighted bit open in shocked
“Heidi! What happened? Who did this to you?”
“Your girlfriend Veronica.”
   “Rodney, do you think you can look after Miss Gray here and get her things together while I talk to Mr. Hickman.”
“Yeah sure Mrs. West; I’ll stay,” Rodney said, my best friend.
“Thank you. The paramedics shall be here soon,” with that she left.
“Veronica did this to you? How, she’s supposed to be in France?” he was worried. I can tell.
“She came back. I don’t know, something about picking me over her. I don’t know I can’t read her mind!” I say. My face hurt every time I talked.
“Rodney, do you think you can get a mirror?” I asked.
“That might not be such a good idea, Heidi,” he said.
I was tired that everyone was saying that. Was my face that horrible?
“And Veronica is not my girlfriend. I made that choice when I decided I rather be your friend than be her boyfriend.”
“Why did you choose me over her? I mean with her you get to hold hands, go on dates. With me you just get to hang out and only hug me every once in a while.”
He looked shocked and confused at first then said, “Well she was a control freak and I didn’t like that. So I told her that it was over.”
He was getting starting to get upset.
The medics started to arrive just then, which was a good thing.
When I saw their business-like faces change when they saw me I decided that I was going to need a face transplant.
“Miss, I can guess that you’re in a lot of pain, but you just need to stay calm and let us help you.” One of the medics said.
“I’m fine and calm. So that parts over and I’ll let you help me. See, that was easy.” I said. “Hey Rodney, do you think you can get my stuff and bike home? If you can that would be great.”
“Yeah sure thing,” and with that he left.
I got up and almost fell down again but I caught myself on a desk. I grabbed my book and went with the medics to the ambulance. As we past the front office I saw Mrs. West yelling at Veronica.
As we made our way to the hospital they asked me questions about my health and the meds I took and that good ole stuff.
Finally that I was set to a bed and left alone that I found a mirror. What I saw was not what I expected. My face looked like a piece of paper half-shredded. As always I had to touch my face and it felt like I was touching gravel. I was shaking all over and I thought I was going to have a panic attack.
A doctor came in at that point. “Okay Miss Gray my name is dr. miller and you don’t need to worry. I’ve seen worst.”  She assured me.
She studied my face for a while wrote down some notes and said, “Well, it’s not as bad as it looks. Just a couple of stitches here and there and one to four days with a bandage over your head so the wounds can close up.”
“It’s not that bad?” I asked, “because when I looked in the mirror it looked beyond repair.” I was sure that I was going to need surgery to get it to look without scares.
“Oh believe me I don’t think that your face will look too much different than it usually does.”
“How long have you been a doctor?” I asked because she’s either blind or crazy.
“About 25 years that I have studied medical presider.” she said. “Okay I’ll be right back.” She left me alone.
I went back to the mirror and my face had changed! The horrible shedyness was gone! In its place were two small deep cuts. What was going on?
“Okay Miss Gray let’s sit back down and get you fixed up shall we?” said dr. miller.
She set a big needle on a tray they always have in hospitals. The tube that the needle was attached to was filled with clear liquid like water.
“Okay Heidi this will sting just a bit.” she said. She took the needle and carefully poked it in my cheek. She was right it stung! “Now can you tilt your head back for me? That’s it now you shouldn’t feel this but if it bothers you too much let me know,” she took the other sowing-like needle and started sowing my face shut.
It did feel weird but it didn’t hurt. When she was done she let my face rest for a bit.
“Now I’m going to get the bandages for the rest of your wounds.” She left once again and I once again went to the mirror and saw four stitches on two scar that yet to set. I looked back on my day so far. Wow out of all the bad days I’ve ever had this day would be one of the better days (I’ll explain later).
She came back with gaze-like material and wrapped my face up. She left room for me to still talk. She also cut out eye sockets so I could still see. She told me that she wanted me in there overnight to observe how I was healing then she left.
I was reading my book when I started to feel tired and fell asleep. Even to this day I can’t seem to tell my dream right.
It felt like I woke up and the hospitable was deserted except for a small green light. I had a feeling that I should follow it (you know if it ever moved). I stepped forward and it left a ghostly trail when it moved.
I had no idea where I was going, but I didn’t stop until it stopped. I was in an office. Files were everywhere, some lay open some closed. Pictures here and there, it was a freaking mess! And then, there it was a new photo, with an old file.
It was Veronica!

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