Oregon Trees

Heidi starts her birthday like she would any day bullies trying to get her down friends trying to win her heart and her teacher out to get her. Will she ever have a normal life again after she finds the truth?


4. Chapter Four

~~                                                  CHAPTER FOUR

 “Hi! My name is Betty Sky and I have an appointment with principle Johnson about enrolling my niece and nephew,” said Veronica in a southern accent.
 “Yes, right through those doors. He’s waiting for you,” said the too perky assistant.
 We went into the office and I saw that the principle had his back to us. Just looking at the back of his head I could tell he was in his late twenties, just divorced and a four year old girl. He also has a tattoo of the planet Neptune. I won’t say where because I did not get the full read through when he turned around.
 “Ah, yes the uh Sky’s, yes. Well, welcome to our lovely school! As you probably know, I’m Principle Johnson. My assistant out there is Miss Sarah,” he said. “Let me guess, you’re Homer,” he said pointing at Rodney. “You are Betty,” he said pointing at Veronica (the opposite of Veronica is Betty! You read too many Archie comics!), “and you must be Venus, after the planet.”
 “No, my sister named her daughter after the roman goddess of beauty,” said Veronica, “and her son after the Greek writer of ‘The Odyssey’. She loved different cultures and myths.”
 “Oh yes, well we understand for your loss and the stress of your sudden move. There are some things that we need to get strait,” principle Johnson started. He gestured for us to sit down, so we did. “Now we usually don’t take people after school has started but it is extremely close to the beginning, you don’t have much to catch up on. So we need your signatures here.” He gave us each a piece of paper that looked like a contract.
 Since my name was now Venus Sky I printed that name down.
 “Wonderful! Oh, oh, Venus you spelled your name B-e-v-u-f-s. Do you know why that is?” asked my new principle.
 “She was in the car crash with her mother and she has brain damage, and that worsened her dyslexia. But she is still able to read, just not as fast as the other students,” Veronica came to my rescue.
 “Oh, that’s quiet alright. Many students around the world have a hard time with that,” said Principle Johnson.
 I looked over at Rodney (now Homer) and his face had turned into a scowl. I tried picking up on his thoughts but no such luck. For two reasons this happened, one: Principle Johnson and Ver were talking too much. Two: because something was blocking my way.
 “Yes well the boring stuff is over. Let’s take a tour of this fabulous school. Shall we?” 
 The principle led us down a hallway and through double doors and we entered heaven!
 The library! There were so many books that I wanted to giggle like a little girl who just got a big chocolate bar.
 “The library is filled with over 1,000 books,” explained Principle Johnson.
 Unfortunately we had to leave the library and look at the rest of the school. There were science labs, computer labs, and soda machines filled with Coca-Cola products.
 “That just about covers it. You guys go back to the office and get your schedules and assignments and textbooks. You do that while I talk to your aunt about some important things about the school and myself,” he said. And while he said this he didn’t take his eyes off Veronica. I didn’t have to be psychic to know he liked her.
 Rodney and I went back to the office and got our maps of the school, our books, and schedules.
 “I have a feeling that our ‘aunt’ has a date with our new principle,” I said.
 “Yeah, well she better be careful of whom she trusts or we’re in huge trouble.”
 We waited out in the car. I spent my time wondering where we were going to live.
 “Well I already got one boy’s number and we’ve only been here fifteen minutes. That’s a new record.” Veronica gloated. “Now we just need to find you one Venus.”
 We started heading toward town about a mile away from the school. Veronica went to a beautiful two story house that I had a feeling that was our home. Veronica said that there are ‘safe houses’ everywhere around the world. This was one of them.
 When we got inside I could tell that it was already filled with all the stuff we needed. Clothes, food, etc.
 “Okay, now here’s the deal. You guy’s will walk or ride your bikes to and from school. As you know we can’t trust anyone including bus drivers. Rodney you will wait and accompany Heidi. Even if that means you are late for your job.
 “The first task is to fit in acting like you’re so sad about your parents dying. Then we take a look to find you a boyfriend, Heidi. Okay? Okay.” Veronica took a pause to catch her breath. Then continued, “Okay Homer (that’s what we call you from now on) go wash your hair to get that pink out. Venus and I are going shopping for hair dye.”
 Rodney, or Homer, did what he was told and aunt Betty changed into something that made her look like a lawyer.
 We found a Wal-Mart in that small town. We went to the beauty isle and got black hair dye, then some new make-up. The colors reminded me of Easter colors. Pink, baby blue, lavender, and skin color foundation.
 “What are you going to do with that Aunt Betty?” I asked.
 “I’m going to give you a makeover! That’s what.” said Veronica.
 “Oh no! You are NOT going to mess with my beautiful hair! I like my hair! It’s the perfect color!” I was not going to let Veronica ruin my brown/ copper hair.
 “We have to Venus!” said Veronica, then in a whisper, “Dr. Miller will search for you by tracing your hair color first,” she was being totally unfair!
 “Fine! But I pick out the make-up! Or I’ll go back home and take my chances with the apartment manager!”
 When we got home Homer’s hair was back to normal. So aunt Betty and I started right away with dying my beautiful hair black. I cried the whole time.
 Then before I could look at myself, the make-up was put on. I looked in the mirror and a stranger stared back. Literally!
 “Well, well, well! Look who we have here. Our Princess of Darkness!” Two guys stepped out from the corner behind me.
 My fight power woke up inside me. Inside my body craved to see how horrible their blood was. I felt like a vampire waiting for the grand feast. I was ready for the kill, but I couldn’t kill them! I told myself that it was it against nature to take a life that wasn’t deserving to die no matter how bad they were.
 “You want her? You have-“
 “Stop!” I interrupted Veronica. “Go! Before I lose control!” I ordered the two men still advancing. It was close because it was a small bathroom.
 “Go you sons of bitches! Go! Or there will be a fight! And you won’t have a victory.” I was doing everything I could to buy time.
 While I said this I had my pocketknife in my hand behind my back. I handed it to Veronica signing a message to her.
 “Don’t Heidi, they are not worth you losing yourself to get revenge for your dad!” Veronica said. Then all of a sudden she held the knife to my throat. “You were always the better one. Heidi this, Heidi that! I’m sick of it. If you’re going to die, it’ll be by my hand!” With that, she killed me.
 The slit on my neck was deep and not survivable. I fell to the floor hitting my head on the wall. There was a second of pain then it ended. My body was limp and I felt nothing.
 “There, that will teach mom that I’m the true favorite.” Veronica said in a voice that was filled with pleasure. “Come on boys, let’s tell the boss.”
 When their backs were turned I got up and went down the stairs the fast way. Slipping through the floor. I landed on my feet as quietly as possible.
 Rodney was in the kitchen. I ducted behind the island and quickly told him the story. 
 “Guess who we got rid of upstairs? The brat. And it’s all thanks to these guys. Let’s get them something to drink.” Veronica said leading dumb and dumber into the kitchen.
 I crawled to a drawer on the side of the island and took out two vials filled with a yellowish lime-green liquid, “Oh no, I dropped the cups. Can you boys pick them up for me?” Ver’s voice said. I knew they were looking for the fallen cups that were on the floor. I put one vial full each into the two cups on the counter.
 “Why thank you! Here you take our soda.” I could hear their thank you’s and the sound of them swallowing the drinks.
 They fell to the floor.
 “Good job controlling your thirst for blood. ‘Sis”, Homer said.
 “No problem ‘bro’,” I said. “Let’s put them in the spare bedroom. I have a feeling they’ll be passed out for a while.”
 A week later they were still unconscious’s. I was starting to get worried. If Dr. Miller knew where I was then shouldn’t we get away? No, both Veronica and Rodney said.
 School was good. Rodney and Veronica found jobs, and I was already on the honor roll. The boyfriend thing was getting harder to do. I said this to ‘Aunt Betty’ and she asked ‘Homer’.
 “Why is it so hard for you to understand that she won’t ever love you as more than just a friend?! You say you keep trying, but all you do is pick out the bad ones!” I overheard Veronica and Rodney one afternoon.
 “Well I’m sorry that I get jealous! How would you like it if you had to find Todd a girlfriend to protect him?!” Rodney yelled back.
 Todd? Were they talking about who I thought they were talking about?
 “That’s it! I’m going on a walk.” Rodney headed for the front door. He stopped when he saw me then ran off.
  “Wait!” I called after him, he stopped. “Can I go with you?”
 He turned to look at me. His eyes were sad and his face unreadable.
  I walked toward him. I looked at him and said nothing. I didn’t need to. Neither did he. He reached his hand toward me, he cupped my face in his hands, he leaned toward me like he was about to kiss me, but he didn’t. I held on to him and hugged him close. I started crying, I don’t why, I just did.
 “You should have kissed me long ago,” I said.
 “I didn’t want to ruin our friendship for you. Then you kissed me at headquarters. I was shocked and hoped you liked me in that way, then you said it was nothing and to forget about.
 “Then in the kitchen we danced. I thought that you had changed your mind, but you pulled away so fast.
 “There are so many little things that I can’t say. I want you to be happy. Even if that means that that I’m grumpy and unhappy. You mean more to me than anything else in the world.” I could tell there was more, but I stopped him.
 “Calm down. I love you, Rodney. I do, but right now I want to keep you safe. And my family,” I said. “And then, when this war is over maybe we can think about going on a date. Okay? Because, I feel something for you that I didn’t know I could feel about my best friend.”
 “So, when this war is over, I can make a reservation at Macaroni Grill?”
 We went back inside, and surprisingly things got easier the next month.
 “Your Venus Sky right?” asked a voice behind me.
 I was putting books in my locker when I turned around and my book dropped.
 “Let me get that for you,” said the boy who helped us get to the office when we first got here. 
 “Thanks. I really can’t do Algebra 1 without it.” I close my locker door.
 “No problem. Uh, do you think that I could, uh, that I could, um-“
 “You want to ask me out huh?” I asked.
 He nodded.
 “Well, let me ask my Aunt. Then if she says yes, I have to ask if my brother is free, because-“
 “He’s overprotective.”
 “That’s right, and I don’t even know your name,” I stated.
 “Oh, it’s Lestat. My mom had just finished reading the book. So, yeah, weird name.”
 “Hey, I’m named after the roman goddess. So I think I win that contest.” I said. “Hey walk me to class so we can talk more.”
 It wasn’t that a long a walk but, a lot was said. He had an older sister in collage in Europe. He won the spelling bee in 5th grade. Last but not least, he has been meaning to talk to me but was afraid of my brother beating him up.
 The rest of the day he walked me to and from every class and to my locker at the end of the day.
 “I’ll talk to my Aunt, and then if she says yes then I’ll talk to my brother,” I said at the end of the day.
   “Hey, can I walk you home? I live close by,” he asked.
 Wow he is really desperate, I thought.
 “Fine, but Homer has to at least walk ten feet behind us.”
 We waited out front for Rodney. I spotted him first. “Hey! Homer, over here!”
 “Oh hey Venus, and guy I don’t know,” Rodney said.
 “Homer,” I started, “this is Lestat. He asked if he could walk me home. I said it was okay if you said it was, and that if you walk ten feet behind us.”
 “Yeah that’s okay.”
 “Great!” I said. “Let’s go.”
 The walk home was okay. A little weird, but good.
 “You got a boyfriend?” teased Rodney when Lestat left we got inside.
 “Don’t. Not know Rodney. I just want to go take a shower and study. I have a big test-“ I stopped.
 Something was wrong. I held Rodney back.
 “Veronica!” I yelled.
 5 seconds later, no answer.
 I ran upstairs and checked on Dumb and Dumber. They weren’t there! All of a sudden I fell down and something like a dream appeared:
  ‘Veronica came home. She went upstairs to check on the
  Guys. They were still tied up. But when she turned her back
  They attacked! Tied up and unconscious they took out
  Veronica out the door.’

It ended.
 “Heidi! Are you okay! What happened?” Rodney was panicking.
 “Something, like a dream. I’m fine, but Ver was taken. It seems like Dumb and Dumber aren’t that dumb.”
 “Well, what do we do now?”
 “I suggest that we think about it.” I went back downstairs and sat down and thought.
 Okay this is getting crazy, I thought. My life is a mess and I can’t ask for help because I just get a stupid speech that takes forever to get to the point. Also, my mom is not available when I need her the most. I feel like crying, and to top things off, I want to be normal.
 I needed to walk around a bit to stretch my legs. While wandering around I ended up in the attic. It was huge! There were boxes and boxes everywhere and there was still enough room to hold a circus!
      As being the most curious person in the world, I snooped around. The first box I looked in was filled with costumes of all sorts. The next box was filled with books that looked like they could crumble if I even looked at them.
 Something in my gut told me to head toward the back. There looked like an empty box filled with dust all over. Inside was a simple envelop that was addressed to Charles, the Prince of Wales!

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