Oregon Trees

Heidi starts her birthday like she would any day bullies trying to get her down friends trying to win her heart and her teacher out to get her. Will she ever have a normal life again after she finds the truth?


5. Chapter Five


 I picked it up, turned it over and opened it (what? If you were me you would open it too). It was dated back to September 5th, 1995. It said:
 I don’t know how many times I written this letter, but now I’ll just have to tell you.
   Do you remember that last night when I left in 1994? How you said you were sad that I felt I had to leave? Well, I couldn’t handle it much longer, I felt I had made the right choice in going.
 What wasn’t the right choice was keeping you away from our last child. A girl that I did not name. I was shocked when I that hospital and they said I was in labor.
 I know she is yours. She may have brown eyes not blue, but she is strong and learns fast. It took so much to keep the press from finding out. I told them it was a false alarm panic attack.
 She has gone home with a friend of mine in America. I do not want her to have the life of a royal. She will be hurt.
 I will not look forward to the day she finds out who she is. I just hope she will understand my choices.
 I must go.

  Diana, Princess of Wales

 I dropped the letter. This cannot be possible, I thought.
 I spotted another box that had mail addressed to someone named Anna. It was the same hand writing as the letter I just read.

          My dearest daughter,
 Happy birthday! I hope that one day I can share with you your special day.
 I know you are still too young to understand anything, but I want you to know that no matter what happens you will be happy and free. And not a prisoner of the cameras like I am.
    My youngest son, your brother Harry, his birthday is not that far away either. He will be turning 12.
 Oh, if only you knew how much I wish I could be there. You are the most wonderful thing that has happened in my life.
 I must go. I love you with all my heart, Anna.

   Your Mother, Diana

 All of the letters said the same thing only in different lettering. One letter every other week ending the night she died.
 “So you found them.”
 I turned around and saw that Rodney was leaning against the wall.
 “Yeah, I guess she did Anna the favor of keeping her out of the spotlight.”
 “She did it to protect her.” Rodney sat down next to me. “You know how she died. If the laws have never changed she would be dead just like her. You of all people know that. We never told Anne because we knew she would just run off to find out more. She would find her real father-“
 “Shut up!” I said. “It’s too late now to do anything. Just leave me alone for a while.”
 He left and I had time to think. What would happen if I just went away? Just end this life and turned myself in to Dr. Miller (who I found out her name is Lauren).
 That night, I would take my revenge.
 I crept through the house as quietly as I could. I started the car and headed back home. It was time to end this. My life, this fight, and the lies.
 The sun was coming up when I took the Oregon City exit. 15 minutes later I was back home.
 My heart was pounding. Am I ready to face her? I asked myself. Not one bit. I answered myself anyway.
 The manager’s door was open. I walked in and it looked like a normal old house except for the evil sense it had to it. At the back of the apartment there was a hidden door in the wall.
 Humming was being chanted, the smell of blood was as strong as old lady perfume. An inner craving was stirring in my bones, my mouth watered for the taste of death.
 “Let us feast on the death of this girl, for she will not tell us where our real Princess lies!” a voice I had wished I would never hear again said.
 I saw that Veronica was tied to a T shaped pole. It looked like she was used as a cat scratch post. Lines of blood and scars lined on her arms, face and legs.
 “You will never find out. She is safe and will stay that way till the day she dies!” Oh Veronica! Shut the freak up!
 “Hey! Don’t you dare hurt my sister you bitch!” I yelled. I walked forward reviling that I was singling that the war has begun.
 “Ah, the young Princess. Are you ready to die?” she asked.
 “If that’s what it takes for you to stop calling me Princess. Then yes.” I was ready to risk my life for my sister and that is what fueled me right then and there.
 “Alright, then let’s get one thing settled. You only have yourself to fight while I have hundreds on my side.”
 She was right, but I didn’t care I was only there for two reasons, one) to get my sister back, and two) to prove who I really am to myself.
 “I’ll be the nice one and give you three days to get your army together. So hurry back soon so you can die sooner.” She had a red glow in her eyes.
 I walked out and barely had time to process my life that I had. I was out of control of my own thoughts. I was freaking out, my mind was out of control. I was having a panic attack.
 My body could not move, I shut down and took four deep breaths. It’s okay, I thought, I’m overwhelmed with what has happened in the last two months.
 I eventually was calm enough to go over to my once been home. As I expected no one was there. But to my relief, our furnisher was. I turned on the TV and layed down on the couch.
 I didn’t realize that I had fallen asleep until I woke up with a sharp pain on my stomach.
 “What the Frappuccino?!” I freaked.
 A muffled voice said, “Don’t move! Or you’ll be sliced through!”
 It was dark so I couldn’t see. He must have snuck in and turned the TV off. 
 “Who are you?” I asked.
 “That doesn’t matter, and besides I ask the questions, not you!” the intruder said. “Get up and give me all your sapphires!”
 I guess he came from Dr. Miller.  I reached up around my neck and gave him my necklace and bracelet. “Now leave moron! Lauren told me that I could have three days to get my army together. So go! Now!”
 He left. Good, I thought, what am I going to do? I don’t know where my mother was, I don’t have a clue where to look, and on top of that I was sure that I was going to either see Heaven or hell.

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