Oregon Trees

Heidi starts her birthday like she would any day bullies trying to get her down friends trying to win her heart and her teacher out to get her. Will she ever have a normal life again after she finds the truth?


8. Chapter Eight


When I woke up I was in a room that was brightly lit and I had had to squint my eyes. I knew I was in a hospital.
“Hey miss giggles,” the voice of Chester said coming from my left. I looked over at him.
“Are you my dad?” I asked him.
“Something like that. I’m your stepdad,” he had on a knowing/ understanding face.
My head hurt so I reached up to my head, and there was a bandage wrapped up there.
“What happened? I need to know. I mean I remember some things, but not everything. Help me please!” I asked.
“We will, okay. Just rest first, we will help you,” he promised.
I relaxed. I wanted to sleep but I didn’t know if I had a concussion or not.
About five minutes later a doctor came in. I was scared and I didn’t know why.
“Well miss Gray, it looks like your recovering well from surgery. I guess we can say it was a good thing that you hit your head. Ha ha,” he said. “Now let’s see about removing those bandages.”
I shrunk away from him.
“It’s okay Heidi. He’s just here to help you,” Chester reassured me, but I didn’t feel reassured.
“How do I know he won’t kill me?” I said. It sounded weird even to me, but I was scared and I didn’t know why.
“Honey, no. He won’t kill you. He’s just trying to get you out of here faster,” said Chester. “It’s his job.”
I let him cut the bandages. He had to rewrap my head because the stiches had had not enough time to heal.
When I bonked my head, I was rushed to the hospital. They did a cat-scan of my head. They said it was a good thing that I hurt my head when I did, because I had a tumor in there.
I was lucky because the tumor was still at an early stage. They got it all in one good sweep. The tumor was so small that it didn’t go to causing cancer.
The unlucky part is that when they got the tumor out, the scalpel accidently scraped my brain and it started bleeding.
The other good news is that they stopped the bleeding in time.
The other bad news is I might have memory loss permently.
I had to stay there overnight so they could monitor if I got any seizers or went into a coma, and apparently I was asleep for a week and a half.
Visiting hours were over so Chester had to leave. He left me with, apparently my favorite book.
I was in the middle of a really good part of my book when I heard a crash outside. I got up and went to the door. There standing was a guy holding a gun! He was aiming it at a nurse. I went quickly over to the back wall and quickly got dressed. I had to take out the IV in my hand.
I went back to the door and crept along the wall so I could get the guy by surprise. He was about to pull the trigger when I quickly reached out and grabbed the gun. A strange urge to point the gun at the dude and shoot went through my body. I wanted to see what it was like to be a hunter and kill. I did not like this feeling one bit. Why would I want to hurt someone I don’t even know?
“Give that back and I’ll think about not killing you. Got it?” the dude said.
“Why?” I challenged. What was I doing? I thought to myself. Looking at the nurse I could see she thought the same thing.
“Why? You dare ask me that little girl?”
“Yeah, I dare. I dare you to jump through the window to get your precious gun.” I threw open the window and tossed the gun.
“You just made this fight about you. You got that. I’ll get you for ruining my plans.” He started to walk away, but I called him back.
“So that’s it huh? Wow what a pathetic loser. You won’t even hit a girl, but you’ll kill one? Chicken,” I had no idea what I was doing.
He took the bait and charged me (as I expected) and started to crush me. My face was smashed by his arm. I bit down on that arm so hard I could taste blood. I swear, if I could have seen my eyes I bet they would have turned red.
The guy yelled but didn’t let go. So, I bit harder. I felt his flesh tearing. I almost got a chunk out when he let go. I almost got a chunk out when he let go.
“You bitch! Look at what you did to my arm!” He was mad. I continued to listen to him whine a bit longer.
I went to my room and opened the drawers until I found what I was looking for.
“Sit down. Now!” I commanded. He sat down. “Now, show me your arm. Good. Now this will sting a little,” I said as I poured just a little cleaning water used for cuts. He winced. “Now this will sting before your arm goes numb.” I continued when I poked a needle with numbing stuff in his arm. The nurses were too shocked to say anything. I waited a minuet before I started sewing his arm wound.
“There. All done,” I said as I tied off the stiches.
“Why did you help me?” he asked in a calm voice.
“’Cause you were hurt. I like to help hurt people, and not just wounds, but also problems.” I explained. “Now tell me why you decided to attack the nurse?”
“She didn’t except my proposal when I asked her to marry me.”
“So you thought that she deserved to die?”
“No! I just used the gun to spook her, that’s all.”
“Well, how about next time you talk to her about it. Did she break up with you after she said no?”
“Well then, it just means that she needs time to think. Not that every time she’ll say no.”
After talking to the nurse (whose name is Sara) the dude (whose name is Rick) left.
“That was a brave thing you did,” Sara said. “I never thought he would act like that when I said no.’
“Yeah, well I just know how to understand boys. I lived with them my whole life.”
I had to get my IV put back in. Let me tell you if you never had an IV put in when you were awake, I’ll tell you what it feels like. It feels like a bee taking its time to sting you. The needle has to slide in slowly and you want to scream!
 “Sorry, but you never should have interfered and taken your IV out.”
 After getting over the pain I went to sleep. The doctor said I didn’t have a concussion.
  I was hoping to get my memories back, but nothing. A dreamless sleep.
 The next day a boy with blonde hair, cute blue eyes, and extremely cute, came to pick me up. I had no idea who he was so I would not be going anywhere with him. He said that Chester told him to go and get me.
 “Heidi, do you not remember who I am? I’m Jake. The hallway? Nothing?” he asked, but I could not remember.
 He looked very worried. “I’m sorry, but you look don’t look familiar at all.”
  “Well then do you remember David Yates?” he asked.
 The name did sound familiar. “Is he my real dad?”
 “No, he’s your favorite movie director. Then it’s Chris Columbus after David. Come on, I’ll tell you more on the way to the hotel.”
 Hotel? Did I not live in this city?
 I was skeptical about entering the cab, but I did. When we stopped, it was at a Subway to get sandwiches. I got a cheddar cheese and mayonnaise on Italian bread, while Jake (I asked him his name when we got in the cab) got just a cola.
 I didn’t realize how starving I was when I scarfed down my sandwich, and it was a foot long! In one minuet I was done! Jake offered me a sip of his cola. I declined.
  “I must admit, I never saw a girl, no scratch that, a single person eat as fast as you did,” he laughed.
 I would have blushed if it hadn’t been for the fact that across the street I saw someone being mugged! I got up and Jake followed. He said let the cops handle it.
 “It will be too late if I just leave it to the cops!”
 I ran out the door and across the street. “Hey! What are you doing you jerk?!” I asked the guy wrestling with the lady for the purse.
 “Stay out of this cupcake.”
 “No. you stay out of this and leave! Now before I beat the crap out of you!”
 “Oh, a little lady. Not able to say bad words?”
 “I’ll show you bad words,” I muttered.
 “Wow, I bet your mothers real proud of her little girl.”
 “My mother’s dead you jackass! And you’re not an Einstein I’m guessing.” My head throbbed at the name.
 “Why don’t you and your boyfriend over there just leave ne to my business?” he said. He was still holding on to the lady’s purse.
 The same feeling I had in the hospital happened again. I felt like a vampire craving blood. I attacked. I jumped on the “villain” and started beating and beating. Punch after bloody punch, I smacked, I kicked, I went wild and crazy.
 I realized I was out of control. I stopped. He was still concise, but barely. I got up and he muttered, “crazy bitch,” then passed out.
 I looked around. Jake had hold of the girl. She looked scared and I had a feeling she did not watch me beat up the mugger.
 “Give me the purse.” Jake handed me her purse. I looked inside. Sapphires, rubies, diamonds, and other gems.
  “Where did you get these?” I asked calmly.
 “Over by the mining place in Montana with the sapphires. I don’t know where my husband got the others. I swear on the life of my son and myself.” I believed her.
 “Where are you taking them before you almost got mugged?” Jake asked. He had now let her go.
 “To the police. He found these on government property.”
 We let her go, but I kept an eye on her. I don’t know how but I did.
 Jake was looking at me funny. “What?” I asked.
 “Why did you interfere?”
 “Because, when someone is in trouble I feel like I should help. I know I can. As long as there is breath in my body I will fight.”
 “Like a superhero?”
 “Yes. Only no stupid catch phrases or tights. Those must go if I become a superhero.”
 We walked the rest of the way. The whole time I was thinking about what the mugger said. “Why don’t you and your boyfriend over there just leave?” Was Jake my boyfriend? Or was that just something he thought and just said?
 “What are you thinking about so hard over there?” Jake asked shaking me out of my thoughts.
 “Come here.” I grabbed him and pulled him down an ally. “Scram!” I yelled at a dumpster diver.
 “Are you my boyfriend?” I asked once we were alone.
 Jake was speechless. “Well, I just currently broke up with my girlfriend, then the hall incident. Then-“
 “A simple answer of yes or no is fine,” I said.
 “Well it’s a simple question of do you want to be?” he asked.
 “So that’s a no to my question, right?” I asked.
 “I guess,” he said, “but what about my question?”
 I didn’t say anything. I know I was supposed to know him, but I didn’t even know myself. So how was I supposed to answer him?
 “What do you want me to say?” I asked shyly. My heart was beating so fast.
 “I want you to answer true fully. Do you want to go to the movies with me tomorrow night?”
 The name Lastat came into my mind.
 “Think about it okay? I’ll get your answer when you think about it.” He took my hand and walked me along the street.
 Guys with cameras followed us snapping the occasional photo. Jake told me to keep quiet and just ignore them. I just nodded. They kept asking Jake and I questions about are relationship. I was so confused. What was going on?
 We got to a hotel that said ‘Chase Hotel So Big We Chased the World’. The guys with the cameras stopped at the revolving doors.
 “Okay it’s safe. Let’s go.” Jake was leading me to an elevator. “What’s wrong?”
 “Who were those guy’s with the cameras? And who are you?” I demanded to know.
 “Let’s go to your room and I’ll tell you okay?” he asked.
 I let him lead me to the elevators. Once inside I asked again.
 “You seriously don’t remember do you?”
 “No! I don’t!”
 We reached the 400th floor and got out. We headed down the hall and we stopped at a door to a suite. Jake knocked on the door and Chester answered!
 “Oh, thank goodness! Come on in,” Chester said.
 Inside looked like Heaven. All the pillows and furnisher were navy blue and there was a door that lead into a room with a king size bed that had a lavender and pink comforter with monkeys on it.
 “Wow! Is the queen in town?” I joked.
 “I’m glad you like it. I had the staff go shopping while you were in the hospital. This is your room whenever you come to New York.”
 There was a knock on the door and Chester answered it. “Oh good. Yes attach it to the door, thank you.”
 “So what do you want to know?” asked Jake.
 “Who are you?”
 “My full name is Jacob Allen Abel. I’m an actor.”
 “Okay, so how do I know you?”
 “We first bumped into each other on the street. Then again down at the lobby the same day. I saved your life a week later from getting hit by a car. There’s more but now’s not a good time for the other meetings.” Jake looked over at Chester.
 “Okay, then how come you want me to be your girlfriend?”
 “Later.” Was all the answer I got.
 “Well. That’s all settled,” Chester said rubbing his hands together. “Shall we go get something to eat?”
 “I already ate at the hospital. I just want to sleep.”
 “Alright, well just call the front desk if you need anything else. There’s food in the fridge or there’s room service.” He started to walk away, but I called him back.
 “Isn’t this all so expensive?”
 “No. I own this hotel. It’s free for you and I.” I raised my eyebrows.
 “You own this hotel? And all the other Chase Hotels?” I asked.
 “That’s right. Well have a good rest.” He walked out.
 My stepdad owned a whole bunch of hotels and is filthy rich? Way to go mom! Then I thought didn’t I say to that guy that my mom was dead?
 “You looked shocked.”
 I turned around. Jake was still here.
 “Hi,” I said.
 “Hello. So you wanted to know more? Well, after I saved your life I walked you back here. Then in the middle of the night I heard you in my room. I had no idea what was going on except that you look beautiful in your pajamas,” I started blushing, “and then I grabbed your wrist to stop you from going without a good-bye. I then started to lean down to kiss you, but you got away. The next day I came by to see how you were doing- well long story short, we went out into the hall and I kissed you.”
 “You kissed me? How?” I asked.
 “Like this.” He walked toward me and grabbed my face gently and brought his lips to mine. I could feel both our pulses. They were beating fast.
 I pulled away first. I got a major headache. I saw in my head all the memories I forgot. Jake came rushing to my side, but I pushed him away.
“Go! Leave me alone. I’m sorry I ever met you!” I pushed him away, but he wouldn’t budge.
 “I won’t go away until you tell me what’s wrong,” he insisted.
  I gave up pushing him away. But I did not tell him what was wrong. I got up and headed for the bedroom door. I closed the it shut and started getting undressed. I got my pajamas and put them on the bed. I curled my hair into a bun and got ready for bed.
 When I got out of the bathroom, Jake was there on the bed. Thankfully I put my bra back on, under my pajamas, when I got out of the shower, but that still didn’t stop me from blushing.
 “Get out!”
 “I won’t get out, but I promise not to talk.” He zipped his lips shut like they would actually stay closed.
 “Not good enough. Move, now!” I told him.
 “There’s enough space on the bed for two people,” he said.
 I could not believe it! He is such a jerk! “I will not let you near me! Now let me sleep in peace!”
 “Huh S-I-P instead of R-I-P. Funny, but I promised your dad I would keep an eye on you all night.”
  “Well you can keep an eye on me from across the room then!”
 “Nope, not as comfy.” He is just trying to get you angry, I thought. Just ignore him. That’s exactly what I did. I ignored him when he bugged me about the TV channel I picked to watch before bed, and when I left a light on because I refuse to sleep in the dark anymore after what happened last time.
 It was an hour before he really got under my skin. He wouldn’t leave me alone.
 “Will you just leave so I can sleep? I asked in a harsh tone.
 “Not until you tell me why you’re angry at me,” he said.
 “I’m angry because you won’t let me be! I want to go to bed but I want to go to bed alone. You won’t leave me alone.” I almost yelled at him.
 “Not that. Why are you mad at me after I kissed you?” I could see he wasn’t going to give up.
 “You really want me to tell you?”
 “Are you sure?”
 “Well then,” I said. “Come here. NOT EVEN IN YOUR DREAMS! Just leave my past alone! Good night!”

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