Love With My Brother

Alexis' mom and dad-- Darcy and John, adopt a son, and Alexis' friend Melissa's mom and dad also adopt a son. Little do they know it is Harry Styles and Niall Horan from One Direction! (Warning: There is explicit content later in the story, BEWARE!)


1. The Adoption

Alexis's POV

I was walking alongside the water, the title waves soaked my feet. This was the best feeling in the world. Getting away from everything, the arguing, the cutting, my life. We live in a beach house, three ocean view rooms, one for my mom and dad the second dad for my younger sister Melissa, she was only five. I got the smallest room.. even smaller than the bathroom. I held my head back, I looked at the clouds. I was in a daydream. My phone buzzed. 'Get home now!!!' It was a text from Darcy, my mom. Ugh, what does she want now? To ruin my life even more? I put my shoes on and ran to the house. When I got in the house, Darcy's cat clawed me on the foot. "OUCH!!! Son of a biiiiiiscuit." I changed what I was about to say when John came around the corner. "Hurry up!" He yelled and pulled my hair. "Ow!! Let me take my shoes off first!" I yelled. He let go of my hair and slapped me. He was never a good dad. I never called him dad, always John. "Is that Alexis?" Darcy called from the living room. "Yes." John sighed and frowned. "Alexis get in here! We have a surprise for you and Melissa." She said, but she was mad. I walked into the living room and grabbed my bean bag chair out of the closet. Darcy and John never let me sit on the furniture. "Mommy... Daddy why does Alexis have to sit on the big pillow all the time?" Melissa asked. "Mel mommy and daddy tell you all the time.. But that's not the truth.." I looked at Darcy and John, their eyebrows lifted up and folded arms. "They don't love me." I finished. "Alexis!! That's enough! After your mother tells you the surprise, you can go to your room!" He yelled. "Okay... The surprise is, you two are getting a brother!!! He is adopted. His mom and dad died in a car accident last week. No one would take him. He is the same age as you Alexis." She smiled until she said my name. "Great... Another person to ruin my life even more.." I mumbled. "Go to your room Alexis... And you are grounded for a week." John said. "Why? I didn't do anything!?" I yelled. "That's enough! Now go to your room!!" He snapped. "Good, I hate you all." I said getting up and putting my bean bag chair back in the closet. As I got to the hall way, John threw a magazine at me. "What the hell, John?!" I yelled. "GO!!" He screamed. I rolled my eyes and went to my room. My room had sea blue walls, it was small. I didn't care... It was somewhere where I can get away from John and Darcy. I grabbed my mini radio and turned on B93.3 and 'Scream and Shout' by and Britney Spears came on. I blasted the music, so no one could hear me cry. "ALEXIS TURN THAT CRAP OFF!!!!!" John yelled. I didn't listen and turned it up more. The door slammed open, with John storming in. “I said turn it off!” He yelled picking up my radio and taking with him. “Seriously! You take away my life and now my radio?” I yelled. I had a little window in my room, it was big enough for me to jump through. But John and Darcy didn’t know it was there. My dresser was in front of it. I moved it, and jumped out the window. “Finally I’m free!” I whispered. I texted my friend, Megan. ‘Hey, I am grounded... but I sneaked out, meet me at the secret park? I really need to talk.’ I soon got a text back from Megan. ‘Sure meet you there! I gotta talk to! :(‘ I texted back ‘:( see you there.’ I got there first. There was a mini waterfall and a little cave behind it, I got in there and sat down on the bench waiting. Soon she got there. “Hey.” She said with a frown on her face. “Hi.” I said, getting up and hugging her. We sat down on the bench together. “Darcy and John adopted a son.. hes my age, his mom and dad died in a car accident last week.” I said with a sigh. “Yeah, my mom and dad are adopting a son too. He’s from Ireland. His mom and dad are both in the hospital with cancer.” She sighed as well. We layed down on the grass patch in the cave and Melissa plugged her phone into a mini iPhone dock. One Direction blasted throughout the cave, bouncing of the walls. Melissa turned it down. “Hey, you know what would be funny?” I sat up looking at her, puzzled. “If your mom and dad adopted one of the boys, and my mom and dad adopted one of the other boys. That would be so cool!” She squealed. I rolled my eyes, she comes up with the craziest ideas! *buzz* I grabbed my phone. "Ugh, I gotta go. Text you later." I said, walking out and putting my hood on my head and putting my earphones in and blasted Diana by One Direction. 

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