It's Complicated

Callie Gold and Niall Horan have been best friends since kindergarten, but when Niall's career takes off they loose contact. Will fate bring them back together or will Callie always wonder what might've been


3. Something new


In homeroom I sit next to Cameron and we talk the whole time.  Other than Bailey, he was my best friend.  He was there for me when Niall left and I don't know what I would do without him.  

"Hey Callie, can I talk to you after school?" He asks as we walk to math.  I give him a confused look, why couldn't he just say it now while we are alone.  I nod and walk to my locker.

When school finally ends I meet Cameron by his car.  "So what did you want to talk about?" I ask and sit next to him on top of his car.

"Um listen, we have been friends for a long time but lately, I have been feeling different." He looks down at his hands and my heart starts pounding.  "I like you Callie, you are beautiful, talented, and I really want you to be my girlfriend." I gasp and I can feel my cheeks heating up.  I nod furiously and jump into his arms.  I hear him chuckle and I laugh too.  

*Flash back*

"Callie you are amazing and any guy would be lucky to have you." Niall says while giving me a hug.  I sob into his arms and he holds me close.  I had gotten dumped earlier in the day.  

"Thanks Nialler, you are an amazing friend." He let's go of me and I stare at him, wondering why he let go.

"I have to go Cal, see you tomorrow." He quickly walks over to my bedroom window and climbs down the side of my house.  That was always the way he would get in if my parents didn't let him in.  I sit confused for awhile about why he left so suddenly but then I shrug it off and go to sleep.

*End of flash back*

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