It's Complicated

Callie Gold and Niall Horan have been best friends since kindergarten, but when Niall's career takes off they loose contact. Will fate bring them back together or will Callie always wonder what might've been


4. Fate or a coincidence



Cameron and I walk hand in hand into an ice cream shop, we have been together for three weeks now and he is absolutely wonderful.  Nothing could ruin what we have.  Looking back, I guess I was wrong about that.  As we walk in, I see-and hear-a dozen girls screaming and taking pictures of something.  I crane my neck to see what was so exciting.  When I see, my world comes crashing down.  There, posing for the pictures, was none other than Niall Horan.  I start to feel light headed and I clutch to Cameron for support, he looks at me with worried eyes but I claim that I am fine.  I didn't tell anyone that I used to know Niall when I moved to Summerton.  Cameron leads me through the crowd and to the front desk so we can get our ice cream and get out of there.

"One chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard and a strawberry sorbet please." He says and I giggle, I find it so cute that he knows what I would order.  Then, I hear something that makes my heart pound and I feel like I could throw up.  I hoped that I would never hear that voice again.

"Cal?  Cal Gold?" So the jerk still remembers me huh.  I turn around to face him and I can feel the anger build up inside of me when he smiles at me.  He thinks that after all this time without saying a word to me that I won't be pissed off, because I am and he has no right to talk to me after ignoring me for nearly three years.

"Callie, you two know each other?" Cameron asks and I shake my head.  Niall gives me a confused look and I just glare at him.

"I used to know someone named Niall but this guy obviously isn't him because the Niall I knew wasn't a dick!"

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