It's Complicated

Callie Gold and Niall Horan have been best friends since kindergarten, but when Niall's career takes off they loose contact. Will fate bring them back together or will Callie always wonder what might've been


5. A clean slate

Callie's POV I watch as his smile disappears and he looks at me in complete shock. "Cal I-" he begins but i cut him off. "Save it Niall. Let's go Cameron." I walk away with Cameron at my heels. "What the hell Callie?!?!" Cameron says when we are out of the shop. "What?" I ask. "You didn't tell me that you knew NIALL HORAN. Honestly! What else have you been keeping from me?" "Nothing else! Its just a touchy subject thats all. Can we go now?" I say and he shakes this head at me. "Catch a ride with that poser in there, we are done Callie." I gasp as he walks toward his car, I can not believe that this is happening. Another thing that Niall has ruined in my life. I stand in the rain for while before taking out my phone to call Bailey. It rings twice before going to voicemail, did she just ignore my call? "Need a ride?" I turn around and see Niall three feet away from me. "Thanks to you, I do actually." I say bitterly before taking out my phone again to call my mom. I try to turn it on but it dies. Just my luck. "I can drive you." He offers and I laugh in his face. "After everything you did to me, you think I want to be in a car with you?" "What did I do to you Cal?" You have got to be fucking kidding me. "Are you serious? You ignored me for almost three years Niall! You decided that you didn't want to be my friend anymore. You changed numbers without telling me. You were the closest friend I had and you acted like I never existed. It may have been easy for you to forget me with all the frame and fortune you got but it was the hardest thing I have ever done. I cried myself to sleep for a year. I have 7 scars on my wrist Niall. I got to sit back and watch you live it up while I was thinking about killing myself. I loved you and you tore me apart. Thats what you did Niall." By the end I was sobbing and I could barely get the words out. He runs his hand through his hair and I can see that he is struggling to breathe. "You think it was easy for me Cal? I have wanted to call you everyday since the audition but I couldn't. You wanna know why? Because just hearing your voice would be enough to bring me back home and I couldn't do that with so many people counting on me. I have loved you since I met you back in kindergarten Callie. Please forgive me, I'll do anything for you." I cry harder and he embraces me in a tight hug. "I love you Cal, always have always will."
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