I'm Ender, Ender Collins. I've been living with my foster dad. My mom died and my dad went to jail. My Foster Dad, Reed abuses me. I've lived here my whole life. One day Niall saves me and Reed gets put in jail. I stay with Niall every other month and the months I'm not with him, I'm with my Aunt and Uncle in Doncaster. And I meet Louis Tomlinson, the famous football player!(:


3. Chapter Two!

Chapter Two

"I guess we're working together for a while now." Niall chuckled.

"Guess so." I giggled.

"Lets go train the dolphins. I'll train Camden. Will you train Finn?" Niall asked sweetly. I nodded my head and we went to train the dolphins.

He's so perfect!! He looks up and catches me staring at him. DANG IT!

He smiles and I blush looking away.

I train the dolphin for a few more hours until it's finally seven.

"Hey, Ender! Wanna go get something to eat with me and Tyler?" Randy yells as he's about to step out of the place.

"She can't." Niall butts in. I giggle as Randy keeps walking.

"Thank you, Niall." I say smiling at him. I'm glad he said I couldn't go. I don't want to be late and Randy is a BIG player.

"Anytime, Ender." He winks. Omg!! He winked at me!!

"Let's go Ender! I don't want you to be late!" Elijah called. I nodded and said my goodbyes to Niall.

Elijah have me his sandwich and I are on the way home.

We saw Reed sitting on the porch. Crap! Crap! Crap!

I got out of the truck. But Reed didn't move a muscle.

I walk closer and closer only to find he's asleep. I run up the stairs until I trip and fall down the stairs making a lot of noise. My ankle is hurting a little but not bad. I heard the door slam. DAMMIT!! I woke him up!!

He walked over and he kept yelling, "BITCH, SLUT, YOURE SUCH A WHORE!!!" As he kept kicking me.

Until finally I blacked out.

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