I'm Ender, Ender Collins. I've been living with my foster dad. My mom died and my dad went to jail. My Foster Dad, Reed abuses me. I've lived here my whole life. One day Niall saves me and Reed gets put in jail. I stay with Niall every other month and the months I'm not with him, I'm with my Aunt and Uncle in Doncaster. And I meet Louis Tomlinson, the famous football player!(:


2. Chapter One!

Chapter One:

"Well, well, well, you finally got home. Where were you?" Reed spoke. He's angry. I'm only two minutes late. I even brought home supper.

"I-I brought supper. I-I'm s-sorry. I won't be late again, I promise." I stuttered. He lifted his hand up and I winced. And he slapped my cheek.

"Go to your room!" He demanded. He didn't have to tell me twice!! I ran up to my room and checked the time. It's 4:30. I have to be at work in thirty minutes. I changed to my work clothes and tiptoed downstairs.

"I'm going to work. I'll be home around 10." I told Reed.

"Better be home by at least 10:30 or else!" He stated angrily.

I started walking since I don't have a car. And it's only about five miles down the road. A truck came up beside me and rolled it's window down.

"Hey, need a ride Ender?" A Irish accent called.

"Elijah!! Thank god your here!! And yes!!" I exclaimed as I hopped into is truck. On the way there he asked why there was a hand print on my cheek. I told him everything.

When we got to work we walked in their. Everybody was here. We are getting new partners today. Last year I was with Elijah. I hope I get somebody cool! I really want Elijah though!!

"Elijah... You're with Samantha. Piper.... You're with Tyler. Randy... With Kyle. And Ender with Niall. Let's get to work!" The boss man said. Oh my goshhh!!! I'm with Niall!!

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