I'm Ender, Ender Collins. I've been living with my foster dad. My mom died and my dad went to jail. My Foster Dad, Reed abuses me. I've lived here my whole life. One day Niall saves me and Reed gets put in jail. I stay with Niall every other month and the months I'm not with him, I'm with my Aunt and Uncle in Doncaster. And I meet Louis Tomlinson, the famous football player!(:


13. Chapter Eleven!

Chapter Eleven!

It's been a day. A whole freaking day. A whole freaking long day with an annoying lunatic!

I lay in bed and think about life for a few more minutes and then turn over and look at the time on my phone. 8:47.

Louis decided to take me on a tour of Doncaster for a little while. Gosh I can't wait for him to finally leave!

I throw the comforter off of me and slowly get up.

Louis shouldn't be up til' ten.

When I finally get up I take a shower and brush my teeth. I walk into my walk in closet and pick out a light green tee shirt that says 'Ireland' inside a heart. I put on black short shorts and white converses that has a green four leaf clover on the right shoe.

I blow dry my hair and then straighten it. I put on a little make up.

I spray perfume on and put deodorant on.

I walk in the kitchen and find Louis cooking.

"Good morning sleeping beauty." He said grinning ear to ear.

"What's up with you?" I say furrowing my eyebrows.

"I'm happy. Can't a man just be happy?!" He chuckles.

"Well usually when a guy smiles like that it's because he just got laid." I stated.

Louis started coughing and said, "You seem VERY happy this fine morning."

"Don't I though?" I said sarcastically.


We ate breakfast and Louis went and got ready and now we are walking on the sidewalk in town.

We walk beside eachother in silence. It's awkward.

"So.. Uhm.. Have any boyfriend?" He asks. "Or girlfriend?" He chuckled.

"Something like that. I have a bestfriend, his name is Elijah." I tell him all about me and Elijah. "And Niall. He's I guess you could say my boyfriend." I smile and look at the ground. "But we haven't made anything official."

"So technically you're single?" He arched his eyebrow.

I slightly nodded. I wish I wasn't though. I looked up and he stopped and was smirking.

"What?" I said defensively.

"Nothing." He answered staring at me still smirking.

"Why are you staring?" I asked.

"You're ugly." He said and smiled even bigger and started walking. He turned around, "are you coming?"

I started walking, "I am not ugly! If anybody is ugly, it's you mister!" I declared.

"I am most certainly not ugly." He laughed.

"If you aren't ugly then I'm not ugly!"

"Okay." He agreed. "You most certainly aren't ugly either." He chuckled.

My red tinted red a little.


We walked around and took pictures and everything. We bought stuff. We ate lunch and dinner. And now we are walking back home.

As we are in the middle of a conversation, Niall calls.

"Hello?" I answer.

"Hi." He says softly.

"I miss you." I whisper. I feel like if I talk all the tears I've been holding back will suddenly burst out. I didn't know I was this sad until i heard his voice.

"I miss you too, love." His voice breaks. "You're coming home in a month right?"

"Of course." My voice gets a little stronger.

"Okay." He says.

"Okay." I smile.

"Okay." He says again.

"I have to go now. But will you sing me song before I go to bed?" I ask. I absolutely love the sound of his voice.

"Of course." He chuckles.

And I hang up. We head into the house and I run to my room. I check the time. 7:58.

I have to wait until like 9. Ughhh.


An hour passes and I'm laying in bed waiting for Niall to call.

In a couple of minutes my phone starts to vibrate. I answer it.

"One word, that's all you said

Something in your voice called me, turned my head

Your smile, just captured me

You were in my future as far as I could see

And I dont know how it happens, but it happens still

You asked me if I love you, if I always will

Well you had me from hello

I felt love start to grow

The moment I looked into your eyes you won me

It was over from the start you completely stole my heart

And now you won't let go

I never even had a chance you know

You had me from hello

Inside I built a wall

So high around my heart, I thought I'd never fall

One touch, you brought it down

The bricks of my defenses scattered on the ground

And I swore to me I wasn't going to love again

The last time was the last time I'd let someone in

But you had me from hello

I felt love start to grow

The moment I looked into your eyes you won me

It was over from the start you completely stole my heart

And now you wont let go

I never even had a chance you know

You had me from hello

Thats all you said

Something in your voice calls me, turns my head

You had me from hello

You had me from hello

Girl, I've loved you from hello"

And I slowly drift to sleep to the sound of his angelic voice.

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