Falling in love with my bully

Lily Sakura moves to England when her parents hit it big. Her mom and dad are pretty famous, but she isn't. She attends a high class school, is very rich, but has many problems. She is bullied by another somebody at her school, Harry Styles, and his four other friends. Her teacher is forcing her in a relationship, and she has even more personal problems. What will happen??


5. What Happens At Hospitals?

           beep  .. . beep . . . beep . . . beep . . . beep.
        "Shut it the hell off!" i scream. My head couldn't take it. Everything was so sensitive. It hurt. My screaming hurt more. I cried. I screamed again. I cried harder.
        "Hey hey hey. You're okay." a gentle voice says. His hands stoked my hair, dragging it out of my tear stained face. I struggle to open my eyes. I fuzzily make out a mess of curly hair. I couldn't speak, i just let more tears fall.
        "Why are you here?" i cry. "Why the hell did you come here?" i wipe tears from under my eyes.
        "I'm the one who took you here." he states.
        "Why?" i didn't understand.
        "This," he says, "It's gone a little too far this time. I never-"
        "Then you shouldn't have ever started fucking bullying me in the first place!" i yell, sending a sharp pounding into my head. I angrily rip the needles out of my skin, taking the freaky breather thing out of my nose. i almost made it to the door before Harry jerked me back into his iron grip. I struggled against him, and he wrapped his arms over mine like a straight jacket.
        "Let . . me . . GO!" i say, kicking my feet up and hitting the door with him, but then he drags me away from the door, turning me to face him. He held me on the spot, looking into my eyes.
        "Stop!" he says. "You need rest. You need to lie down." he shakes me a little.
        "Why?" i cry a little. "Why do you care?! Why-" i was cut off by him pushing me against the blinds, his lips forcefully and needfully crushing against mine. And even though every fibre of my being was against it, i kissed back

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