Falling in love with my bully

Lily Sakura moves to England when her parents hit it big. Her mom and dad are pretty famous, but she isn't. She attends a high class school, is very rich, but has many problems. She is bullied by another somebody at her school, Harry Styles, and his four other friends. Her teacher is forcing her in a relationship, and she has even more personal problems. What will happen??


6. What did i expect

      It's been a week or so since the whole kiss thing happened (i might mention after i got beat up by the kisser). The damage wasn't incredibly bad, though after they sent me out that same day, i was home bound for another five.

      I can't stop thinking about the kiss. Harry has bullied me ever since i got here. Was it because he had feelings for me? Or was he trying to get me to think he did? It doesn't make since. All i know is i got tingles. Not creepy or scarry ones - good ones. The kind that start at your lips and make their way all the way down to your toes. Not missing an inch of space on the way down.

     Strange of me to try and push away such feelings, but he couldn't be right for me. He hurts me. Emotionally, physically. I tried to push the thought out of my pounding head for those first two home bound days. On the third, i tried calling him. No answer. Called again. No answer. Just one more time. Will my savior not answer to my call? I was going a little out of my mind. Couldn't i at least thank him. All i did was scream at him in the hospital. And he wouldn't even let me apologize, or say "thank you."

     Harry Styles is such a dick.

     My thoughts need to stop flip flopping. It's Sunday, and I will see him tomorrow. God, i don't want to see him. But i do. Why does this have to happen to ME? shhhhhhhhhhhhh,Lily, don't stress. Stress leads to anxiety. Anxiety leads to red. Red leads to dead.

     If you don't get it you've obviously never been in my position before. Even in the most minor way.

     I hear the song "Easy To Love" by the Jezabels start to play and i know it's my phone. I sprint across the room, seeing who it was before reaching it. Harry Styles.

     "Hello?" i say after i swiped the answer text.

     "Hey," his accent played like music through the phone. "You called a few times."

     "Yeah, i know. Sorry about that." i lie. "I just wanted to apologize for the way i acted-"

     "No need. You're forgiven." he interupts. "I actually would like you to completely forget about my actions that day as well. They were irrational. You just wouldn't shut up and I didn't know what else to do. I don't think any other play would have worked quite as well, right?" he laughed. my heart dropped.

     "Uh- yeah, yeah. I mean no. No, nothing would have worked quite like that, Harry." i laugh nervously, acting as if i just brushed it off like a feather on my shoulder.

     "Yeah, so, like i said, completely forget about it. If you mention it at school, I'll deny it. And who do you think people are going to believe?" he questions.

     "I wasn't going to tell anyone in the first place, Harry.




                                don't be such a dick." click.

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