Falling in love with my bully

Lily Sakura moves to England when her parents hit it big. Her mom and dad are pretty famous, but she isn't. She attends a high class school, is very rich, but has many problems. She is bullied by another somebody at her school, Harry Styles, and his four other friends. Her teacher is forcing her in a relationship, and she has even more personal problems. What will happen??


3. My Bully

           As i predicted, i was just short of the bell for third period. Ten minutes left. Sadly. I didn't even get a note from Mr,James, so i was counted late for my first and second class. Well, my first period teacher probably marked that i skipped it. Either way. My seat        was right beside my most dreaded human. I've tried to get my seat moved, but it never works. I sit down beside him and sigh, tired already. He lets out a quiet, amused laugh.
        "Yes?" i ask, rudely, but not caring.
        "How long before you give up on your fictional teacher romance?" he asks, not really caring what the answer was.
        "Shut the hell up." i whisper. He grabs my wrist tightly under the table, likely leaving a bruise.
        "Do you really want to start?" he says angrily.
        "Do you really want me to act like a child and say 'you started it first'?" i say, acting as if his grip caused me no pain. He throws my wrist out of his grasp, looking at the clock.  I look at my thin wrists, seeing a bruise already starting to form from his cruelness.
        "Four more minutes until you're being slammed into a locker." he says quietly.
                        -five minutes later-
        Harry (my bully) followed me over to my locker, quickly pushing his side against it as soon as i had opened it, which made me have to open it all over again. He smirked, crossing his arms and leaning up against the Locker beside my own. I shove everything inside my locker that i needed to, then closed it and was about to walk away when Harry grabbed my upper arm, slamming my back against the set of lockers. I gasped, though this wasn't surprising by all means.
        "Care to fight back? For once?" he asks. And this time . . .

                        I did.

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