Falling in love with my bully

Lily Sakura moves to England when her parents hit it big. Her mom and dad are pretty famous, but she isn't. She attends a high class school, is very rich, but has many problems. She is bullied by another somebody at her school, Harry Styles, and his four other friends. Her teacher is forcing her in a relationship, and she has even more personal problems. What will happen??


2. Chapter 2

           So, as far as my problems go, I'm trying to recover. But it's hard when you've got a sex-crazed teacher and a dominant group in the school. Especially a school where people couldn't care less what happens to other people because they have to watch their own backs. I've been clean from bulimia and self harm for over a month now, without gaining weight back, thank god. If i started gaining weight back, i swear i would fall right back into it.
        So this is my daily thought process on the way to my school. It kills me to think about it all, but i have to because i can't let myself think for a moment that I'm normal. Because I'm not. At least I'm smart. Half the time.
        I arrive at my school, seeing my phone and realizing that i was late again. My dad always leaves for work and forgets about me and the fact that i am sixteen and actually have to go to school. I have to go to the office when I'm late, and i hate it because the always call Mr. James (my seventh period teacher) to bring me to my classes. He convinced them he was the only one who even attempt to set me straight, so they let him have a thirty minute "talk" with me once or twice a week. Aside from that, i am to answer his call and come to his door whenever he wishes outside of school. Which isn't actually that hard considering my parents are almost never home and/or don't really give a crap.
        I open the office door, walking in and seeing the lady at the front desk look up at me and sigh as she shakes her head. I mentally rolled my eyes at her.
She presses a speed dial button on the corded phone.
        "Mr.James?" she says into the phone. "Your regular. Yes. Okay. Five minutes dear." she says, looking at me. I nod my head, sitting down and sighing into a chair. It was almost second period. Two minutes till. Mr.James doesn't have classes until third period, so on days like this, I'm with him until almost third. After sitting for another two minutes, hearing the ding for the next class, then waiting another two minutes, Mr.James finally walked through the door.
        "Ah." he says after he finds my face in the room. "Shall we go, Ms. Lily Sakura?" he, as well as everyone else here, had an English accent. My last name sounds or looks Japanese, but we come from a long line of Americans.
        "Of course." i sigh.
        "No attitude." he says louder so that the other people can hear him. He walks me out the door, arm in arm with me as we walk down the long, open hallways. "So why are you late this time?" he asks, smirking at me.
        "Same reason i always am. I have to walk, i don't have a ride." i say back, raising my eyebrow.
        "Fine." he sighs. He shoved me into a room, quickly locking it behind him. I couldn't see anything, so it must have been an empty storage closet. It was so dark. He shoved me against a wall - or some other very hard surface - and started kissing me. I had learnt by now to go along with it, to kiss back, to act as if this was some teenage fantasy. So i did. His lips worked mine, mine worked his, it was exciting him inside, it was killing me inside. My bookbag was somewhere where i couldn't feel it with my feet, and Mr. James was sliding my thin over-shirt off of my shoulders, taking my tanktop off with it. I wasn't a virgin any more because of him, and that happened the first month we got here. He unbuttoned my pants, following with his own. We were only in our undergarments. He started kissing down my neck as silently as he could, his fingers tangled in my hair, tilting my head off to my right. Sooner or later, my bra was off, his underwear was off, mine came off, "love" was made. All while staying quiet except for a few moans and gasps.
        After about fifteen or twenty minutes ( i assumed) I had to struggle to get dressed in the dark. When we pushed back out the door, i was thankful that i had succeeded in doing so. I looked at a clock on the wall, surprised to see it was actually ten minutes before third period bell.
        "Can i go now?" i say, acting as if none of that just happened.
        "As you wish." he smirks, playfully bowing. I half smiled back at him -- he wasn't a horrible man, i just hated him for the things like this that he makes me do. I turn on my heel, walking swiftly down the halls and to my next class.

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