Falling in love with my bully

Lily Sakura moves to England when her parents hit it big. Her mom and dad are pretty famous, but she isn't. She attends a high class school, is very rich, but has many problems. She is bullied by another somebody at her school, Harry Styles, and his four other friends. Her teacher is forcing her in a relationship, and she has even more personal problems. What will happen??


1. chapter 1

           If you told me i would fall in love with someone who bullied me, i would never have believed you. I would have turned my head and said "you're crazy." Because it's true. The idea of falling for the one who MAKES you fall on a daily basis . . . it's horrible.  Sadly, it happened to me.

                I walk to school, which was a very wealthy school here in England. I couldn't believe we were here in England. My parents were never rich, but last year, my mom finally made it big on some t.v show which i couldn't give half a crap about, and my dad won huge in the lottery. I was merely an unknown youtube singer who people couldn't care less about. But my parents were pretty well known as far as everything goes, they had lots of money. They barely paid attention to me. Maybe i should take one more minute or two to state all of my problems once more.
                        --self harm
                        --used to be anorexic
                        --now bulimic
                        --bullied by some random English/British dude who thinks he's all high and mighty with his group
                        --parents don't pay enough attention to you to see you've lost twenty pounds within the last two or three months
                        --bullied by preps and the rest of said random English/British dude's group
                        --i have zero friends, one acquaintance
                        --my seventh period teacher is forcing me to be his mistress (mistress because he has a wife who knows about me) and he is 26
                        --i am suicidal and have depression
        My life is great, right?

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