If you loved someone forever, would you let anything take them away? If the one you loved so truly broke your heart so cruelly, would you forgive them and give them the broken pieces anyway? Rose thought she wouldn't. Then she met Jackson. He was everything she wanted. Nice, respectful, funny, attractive, fit, smart, and tall. He was the new kid and everyone knows that when there is a new kid, they instantly are the most popular kid in school. So will she let the monster of popularity claim another one of her heart throbs, or will she fight for the chance at forever?


6. Chapter 5

"Rose! Dinner is ready!" My mom calls up the stairs jonking me out of my music.

"Coming!" I call back placing my guitar back on it's stand and racing down the stairs for the food. Mom is such a good cook. Like it's not even a joke. Hopefully we have mac and cheese tonight. Mac and cheese is probably the best food on the face of the planet. I thank the person who invented such a beautiful dish. Sorry. Got carried away a little bit.

"What's for dinner?" I ask my mom.

"Burgers." She states plainly.

"Inside out ones?"

"You bet!"

"I. Love. You." I hug her so tight. Inside out burgers are the best. Next to mac and cheese of course. Inside out burgers are regular burgers but the cheese is inside the burger. I know. Amazing. I'm obsessed with food if you haven't noticed and I don't plan on changing. Sometimes when I'm not depressed I'm like, That awkward moment when everybody's in a relationship and I'm just like I love food. Like seriously. I'm not that bad! I laugh to myself and dig into my burger.


*After Dinner*


I'm back in my room and listening to music. By the way, when we're more into the story you'll see that I listen to music like all the time and my parents always get annoyed because whenever I'm mad, I put my earphones in and forget the world and it drives my parents crazy.

I wish I could have more courage to talk to boys. But at the same time I know that if I did have the courage to talk to them, they wouldn't talk back to me. They would probably walk away laughing like a hyena. Some people wonder how I stay positive even though the people that  are around me most of the time hate me. It's really simple, actually. I just don't let myself dwell on what happened that day. Like once I leave school, I'm not allowed to think about the bullying. Only the good things. Like a good test grade, or a smile, or something like that. That's how it becomes a little easier. Of course Danny helps, and I love him so much. Like a brother. I promise.

I climb into my bed, and turn off the lights trying to drift to my dreams where I have a boyfriend who stands up for me, and loves me for who I am.




Hi guys, I know this chapter was short but there will be more very shortly. Maybe even today. As always, I love all of my readers and if any of you guys need any help with anything, just message me and I will listen. It could be anything. I'm always here for you and you guys are amazing. I love you!


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