If you loved someone forever, would you let anything take them away? If the one you loved so truly broke your heart so cruelly, would you forgive them and give them the broken pieces anyway? Rose thought she wouldn't. Then she met Jackson. He was everything she wanted. Nice, respectful, funny, attractive, fit, smart, and tall. He was the new kid and everyone knows that when there is a new kid, they instantly are the most popular kid in school. So will she let the monster of popularity claim another one of her heart throbs, or will she fight for the chance at forever?


5. Chapter 4

The class ends all too soon, but I pack up my things none the less. "Rose. Can you stay back for a minute?" Mr. J asks.

"Sure thing!" I place my bag on the floor and sit back into my seat.

"I just wanted to apologize for my horrible behavior earlier. I should not have said what I did." He sincerely apologizes.

"It's okay now. I'm alright." I smile an understanding smile. I mean seriously. If I was him, I would probably have done the same thing. I just would've worded it differently.

"It's not okay though."

"It really is. If I was you, I probably would have done the same thing. Just worded a little differently." I say what was on my mind.

"Okay. You can come to me if you have any problem. I hope you know that."

"Little bit much Mr. J." I laugh and he laughs too and writes me a pass.

"See you tomorrow Rose." He hands me my pass and turns to his computer doing God knows what. For some odd reason, I feel happy for no reason.


*Later that day*

Walking from the bus stop, I have an unstoppable smile warming my face. Today, including the unfortunate start, ended up being one of the best days in my middle school. Jackson is really nice. He was so respectful to me today. He didn't make me answer any question that I didn't feel comfortable answering and he just smiled and said he'd hear the answer sometime. "In your dreams." I answered with every one.

Walking into the house, I still have the big grin etched into my face as my mom catches me. "What's got you so happy?" She asks.

"Nothing. Just it wasn't as bad today." I smile.

"Wow. How?" She asks bewildered.

"Well, Danny helped, then Jackson was there with me for like the whole day. He has almost my schedule except fifth, and seventh period which is where nobody hates me. They just don't like me." I laugh. "Oh. Maddie's back." My smile gets bigger.

"Wow. I don't like her." My mom grumbles.

"I know, Mom. I have now found a way to deal with her! I'm gonna ignore her. Just like she did to me." I smile.

"Don't take it to far. I don't want you to become the bully." She warns.

"I won't. I know how it feels and I wouldn't want even my worst enemy to go through what I do." I say as I climb the stairs to my room to write in my journal. Once in my room with my pen and journal in front of me I begin to write.

Dear Diary,

Today, was different. I know it's different everyday, but it was a good different. There's a new kid in school, named Jackson and he's really cool. We're so alike it's scary. Like we both live for music, we both have like the same schedule and it's really great. I can see that Danny and I are going to have to make room for a third. He has the most beautiful eyes. Blue. Light brown hair that has a little tuft of hair gelled into a small quiff. The beginning of my day wasn't to great. A sixth grader smeared some weird burning crap on my face that has a pain that I've never felt before, and on my way in, an eighth grader tripped me. Mr. J was an ass. He said that I was beginning to be a bully because I wouldn't let Maddie Bryant sit by me. Yes I wrote that right. Maddie Bryant is back to make my life a living Hell.

For the first time in a long time, I've come home with a smile on my face. Jackson was the cause believe it or not. Danny stood up for me against Mr. J and walked himself down to the office so Jackson was my only companion. I'm starting to to think that Willowood is not my home anymore. I know now that as soon as I can get a semester into a college, I'm leaving and never looking back.

Love Always,



The diary entries will be frequent in your reading, just to let you know guys. Sorry! But if I don't write something down, if I try to remember it, I don't remember it right and it bothers me. (A/N:Not to steal something from The Vampire Diaries. That's where I got this idea. Carry on reading.) SO! Dinner is almost ready, but I pick up my guitar and begin to play to myself softly. Only my mom and dad know I play and my dad left two years ago when I was just starting out. The sound just travels through my concious and brings me to a place where nobody can touch me. It's kind of freeing. Like nobody can judge me because everyone is on my side. Music isn't what I do. It's who I am.




Hey guys, sorry to cut it off like that, but I have to stop a chapter somewhere right? ANyway more should be up soon. Keep reading!



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