If you loved someone forever, would you let anything take them away? If the one you loved so truly broke your heart so cruelly, would you forgive them and give them the broken pieces anyway? Rose thought she wouldn't. Then she met Jackson. He was everything she wanted. Nice, respectful, funny, attractive, fit, smart, and tall. He was the new kid and everyone knows that when there is a new kid, they instantly are the most popular kid in school. So will she let the monster of popularity claim another one of her heart throbs, or will she fight for the chance at forever?


3. Chapter 2

The boy walks by me, not noticing me, and leaves a little trail of cologne behind him. Axe fills my nose and I cough just a little. Danny turns to me. "You okay over there?" He asks jokingly.

"Yeah. Just I think that guy took a shower in Axe this morning." I smirk.

"I do too. I could smell him from here." He waves his hand in front of his face making a pained face as if he hated the smell of Axe. Which he does by the way. Oh, just so you know, Danny and I aren't dating. It seems as though we are, but we're just close that way. I remember the day we became so, like yesterday. It was five years ago...



"Haha! Rosie, did you shower this morning? You're hair is as stiff as a board!" One girl shouts in my face touching my hair in disgust.

"R-rosie! What kind of shoes are those?! Did you're grandma give them too you as a hand-me-down because you're so poor?" Another girl asks me stuttering in laughter. They get closer and closer to me, their insults flying bullets from a military grade automatic gun.


"EMO!" One girl shouts at me and I shriek falling to the ground heaving in sobs. They, of course, follow me and try to help me in mock serenity.

"Aw! Rosie are you okay? Do you want me to call mommy?" One girl giggles.

"ENOUGH!" A boy's thunderous voice rings into the air. I look at him in the eye as if asking him if he really wants to help me. He continues.

"She obviously doesn't need your help in feeling better and you have such a low self esteem of yourselves that you decide to bring someone down with you." He walks over to me putting an arm around me.

"Who are you? Mrs. Treston?" The blonde one guffaws.

"No. She's not standing up for Rose, is she? If you're not gonna say anything nice, go away. We don't need you." If looks could kill, those girls would have been dead, brought back to life, then killed again. He glares at them, his eyes fiery with anger. They realize they won't win this one and walk away. The boy turns to me.

"I'm not gonna ask if you're okay, because I know you're not. So, I'm just going to offer you my shirt so you can cry on it." He smiles at me, opening his arms. I fall into them hopelessly letting all my tears fall. He mutters sweet nothings in my ear, rubbing my back to soothe me. Once I gather myself, I look into his deep brown eyes. "Danny. Danny Cohen." He smiles and sticks his hand out.

"Rose. Rose McMaster." I shake his hand with a shy grin.

"Is that a smile I see?" He ducks his head with a small smile. I nod showing my teeth. "You have a beautiful smile." He murmurs and I giggle, and shy away in embarrassment. Why is he being so nice to me? He can't be friends with someone like me, but I have to try it out. Please Lord let him be my one friend!


"ROSE!" Danny runs his hand in front of my face jonking me to the present.

"Sorry. Zoned out." I mutter.

"You don't say! What was it that you were zoning out on?" He inquires.

"Oh just the day when we first met." I wave my hand as if it was a normal thing.

"Well, I feel honored." He bows and I laugh at his antics. He's the only one to make me laugh, besides my mom. Ever since that day, nobody tries to bully me when Danny's around. That's why he got a special circumstance to have his classes changed to fit my exact schedule. It helps, but he can't go into the bathroom with me, or the bus so it's still there. The bullying started when I was in the sixth grade. I don't know why. It just started out of the blue. It's like I missed some sort of sacred meeting that I was supposed to go to and since I didn't go, I will suffer the consequences. It started with just little snide comments that I could easily ignore, but it progressed severely until you have what you saw today. That's why I have battle scars. That's why there are some things as to why nobody can get past the wall around my heart.

Danny, and I make our way to our first period and the class goes silent at my arrival. Here goes another day....

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