Mentally Insane Juveniles (Leico)

Every one of the cast is mortal here.
Welcome to Mount Olympus High School for the Mentally Disturbed and Troubled Teens!

Once Nico walks through the large doors, he has no idea what he is about to get into.

He meets Leo, along with the rest of the pack, and things take a turn for the worse.

No more spoilers, read now!


2. Let The Games Begin!

Nico felt his earbuds being yanked out of his ears a few hours after he had fallen asleep.


He fluttered his eyes open, and saw pretty much everyone he ate lunch with staring at him.

"Okay," Nico said. "I get that I'm new and all, but don't you perverts have anything else to do on a Friday night other than staring at me like I'm actually amusing?"


Nico heard Leo laugh lightly next to him, he hadn't realized that Leo was sitting next to him on his bed, and he blushed slightly.


"What do you all want, huh?" Nico said. "I've been stuck on a plane for hours, and I just want to sleep."


"Sorry, Nico," Annabeth said. "We just wanted to ask you if you wanted to hang out with us. We're all going to watch a movie, then play some games, things like that. We do this every Friday, we don't usually stare at new boys when they're sleeping, we just noticed your, um, side of the room, so we were all just a bit, uh, surprised."


"Yeah, we knew you were goth, but not this goth." Leo said playfully.


"I. Am not. Goth." Nico corrected him.


"Ohokay, if you say so." said Leo. "So, you in?"


Nico turned his head to a clock next to him. 8:24 P.M. 



Hazel jumped up and down in excitement. "Yay, my brother's finally going to join us!" She started clapping her hands all girly like, which made Nico smile.

Eventually, everyone noticed his smile, and started smiling.




"I think we should let Nico choose the movie, just because he's new here." Piper said.


"Aha, um, yeah. Not sure you'd want me to choose. I probably have a different style than you all."


Piper looked back at Nico's side of the room. "Oh, yeah. I'll choose."

She shuffled a bunch of movies in her hands, looking for a good one.


"Aha!" She pushed a bluRay disk into the slot of the player. "Okay," She said, looking at everyone besides Nico. "Our goal tonight, is to see Nico laugh. If someone hears even the slightest of giggles from him, bring it quietly to my attention!" 


Everyone nodded, while Nico just rolled his eyes.


She pressed the play button on the remote. 


"Identity Thief?" said Nico.


Piper nodded, snickering silently.


The movie was almost finished, and they all sat on the floor, a bunch of pillows, blankets, and popcorn scattered around it.

Nico lay back with his hands behind his head, biting back a big laugh throughout the whole movie, and Leo must've noticed too, because he started tickling Nico like he was some kind of child, and it wasn't long before everyone noticed.


"Agh.. hahaha.. Le-Leo! Stooooooop!" Nico was laughing like crazy, and everyone turned around and started laughing with Nico.


Leo pulled back with a wide grin on his face. "He laughed."

Everyone started clapping for Leo, and the end credits of the movie rolled in.


Piper shut off the TV with her remote.


"So," Leo started. "You ladies sleeping over tonight?"

Annabeth nodded. "We're going to have to. We can't be seen walking back to the girls dorms this late at night, especially not from the boys dorms..."

"Haha!" Leo excited. "We gunna be spending time with da laaaaddaays tonight."


Nico rolled his eyes... 


Percy decided to drop in on the conversation. "So, games anyone?"


Hazel excitedly pulled a dice out of her pocket. "Confess... Or Stress. Its like, a better version of Truth or Dare. If you roll even, you have to confess to something. If you roll odd, someone has to make you do something stressful."


Everyone nodded and started to sit in a circle. Hazel rolled the dice. 6. 


"Alright, confess." Leo said.


"Um," Hazel started. "one time, Coach Hedge caught me and Frank making out in the boys locker room at night."

Frank blushed really hard, and everyone else started laughing.


"Okay, Nico," Hazel said. "You're turn!"

Nico sighed and took the dice from the the middle of the circle.


He shook it in his hand for a while, and then tossed it onto the floor. 1. "Agh."


"Okay," Annabeth said. "what are we going to make him do?"

Piper grew a devilish grin, and whispered something into Annabeth's ear. 


Annabeth snickered before talking. "You have to take off your shirt for the rest of the night."

Nico didn't know why, but he shot a glance at Leo, who noticed, and was trying hard to fight a blush. Good thing no one else noticed.


"Okay, Okay." Nico finally agreed. He pulled the back of the neck of his shirt over his head, and found everyone, including the boys, especially Leo, looking.


"Whoa," Hazel said, complete awe on her face. "when did you get a six pack, Nico?"

Nico blushed, but when he realized that everyone noticed, he sighed and rolled his eyes. "I send people to hospitals, and I work out. I'm not a wimp."


Nico looked around the room. "Piper."

She grabbed the dice from the center, and threw

All Nico knew was that she had gotten an even number, but he didn't know what she confessed, he was too busy watching Leo stare at his six pack nervously, and looking like he was going to pass out, and Hazel eyed Leo carefully, while Leo took small glances between Nico and Hazel, like they both knew something that Nico didn't.


"Uh, Leo?" Piper said, smiling widely at him, like she was in on a secret with Hazel and Leo. "Roll the dice."


Leo snapped out of his thoughts and stopped looking at Nico's bare chest, and rolled the dice. "7, crap."

Leo suddenly looked nervous when he saw Piper and Hazel whispering, like he knew exactly what they were going to make him do.


"Okay, Leo," Hazel said, grinning widely, letting her white teeth show. "Oh, Piper, you say it!"

"Kiss Nico, for 15 seconds." Piper ordered. 


Leo buried his head into his palms and started blushing, and Nico was pretty sure that he looked like a tomato.


"I have a girlfriend." Nico lied, Leo suddenly looking paler, Piper and Hazel looking sick.


"Doesn't matter," Percy said.

"Yeah," Jason agreed. "A dare, is a dare, so you two have to make out."


Nico blushed, but he decided that he wasn't going to make a big deal out of it, if he did, they all would start asking questions. "Okay, then."

Leo slowly pulled his face out of his hands, and Nico pulled him in. Soon, their lips were pressed together, and they heard clapping and "Woo"'s behind them.


"1." He heard Jason say.

"2" Piper.

"3" She said again, and soon, everyone was counting together.










"13" Good, this was almost over, though Nico felt weird not wanting it to end.


"15!" But Leo didn't pull away, and Nico didn't either, and he felt everyones eyes burn into him.


"Guys!" Jason said, Nico and Leo now pulling away, blushing hard. "Its, ha, its um, been more than 15 seconds."

Leo and Nico blushed, especially Leo, and Nico pretty sure he had a wide smile.


From the corner of his eye, he saw Piper and Hazel giving Leo a thumbs up, hidden slightly under their legs, but enough for Leo to see.

Does Leo like me? Nico thought to himself, but there was an even more important question he needed answered. Do I like him? 


His thoughts were interrupted by night security, aggressively pushing the door open.

Nico looked back to his side, and saw all of the girls gone.


"What are you delinquents doing awake at this hour?"


"Trying to devise a plan to take over the universe," said Leo. "What does it look like we're doing?" Leo pointed at the dice and held up the movie they had watched.


"That is a Rated R movie!"


Leo smirked. "We're Rated R kids." 


The security guard looked mildly offended, but changed it quickly. 

"Zhang, Grace!" The guard said after wiping the embarrassed look off his face. "Get back to your room! Now!"


Frank and Jason suddenly got up and scrambled to their room, which, apparently, they shared with the blond dude who Nico caught making out with the redheaded girl, right next door. 


The security guard left, and Nico asked, "Where did the girls go?"

Suddenly, the bathroom and closet doors opened, and they all came out.


Nico wondered how they went into hiding so fast.


Leo ran to the door and peeked outside. He then ran inside the bathroom and knocked some weird knock on the shower wall.

Jason and Frank quietly came back in.


"Seems like you guys know the drill, huh?" Nico said, getting up and putting his shirt back on, after realizing it was midnight.


Everyone laughed lightly and nodded, random Yeah's.

Nico turned around and almost tripped on Leo, who was sweating, passed out on the floor.


"What happened to Leo?" Nico shouted, grabbing Jason's attention.


Piper smirked. "Sometimes he passes out when he gets nervous."


Why would Leo be-- Oh. 


Jason grabbed Leo by the arms, while Percy grabbed him by the legs, and tossed him onto his bed.


Leo started muttering something about greek gods, and wrapped himself in his covers, deep in sleep.


"Well," Hazel started. "I'm tired." 


"You can take my bed, Hazel." Nico offered. Hazel nodded and jumped into Nico's bed.

Soon, everyone was asleep in random places, except Nico and Piper.


"So," she said. "Who's this girlfriend you're talking about?"


Nico raised his eyebrow. "First you have to answer my question."


"Oh, yeah? And what would that be?"


"Why were you and Hazel giving Leo a thumbs up after we, you know, made out?"


Piper straightened her face and stared off into space. "Whats her name?"


Knowing that Piper wasn't going to answer, Nico decided it was hopeless. "Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano."

Nico was lying. Reyna was really his best friend from the first school he went to in California, and they were still friends now, but Nico was never really into girls, more boys, and Reyna was the only person who really knew...


A smirk swept across Piper's face. "RARA?"

Nico let out a laugh. "Yeah, RARA." Nico had never really thought of that before.


"So," said Nico. "I answered your question, now you have to answer my question."


Piper shifted uncomfortably on the floor next to Nico. "It's not really my place to tell you, Nico."


"You're right," Nico agreed. "I'll let Leo tell me the truth when he's ready."


Piper raised an eyebrow at Nico. "Is it really that obvious that Leo likes you?"


Nico smiled, not noticing. "Yes," He said. "There's just one thing I don't get."




"If Leo is, you know, why is he always like The ladies looooooovvvvve me and I looooovvveee them?


Piper sighed. "I guess that its just his way of hiding it," she said. "He doesn't want people to know."

Nico wondered if he should tell Piper about him, she seemed pretty cool about it. 


No. He couldn't take that chance. The chance of someone waking up or hearing it.

Even if he did, he felt a head fall onto his lap; Pipers head.


She had fallen asleep on Nico. Nico smiled at pet her head for a while.


Nico no longer disliked Piper, she was now like a big sister to him.

"Night, Pipes." 


She mumbled 'goodnight' and fell asleep on Nico, and a few hours later, Nico did too.

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