Mentally Insane Juveniles (Leico)

Every one of the cast is mortal here.
Welcome to Mount Olympus High School for the Mentally Disturbed and Troubled Teens!

Once Nico walks through the large doors, he has no idea what he is about to get into.

He meets Leo, along with the rest of the pack, and things take a turn for the worse.

No more spoilers, read now!


3. It's a touchy subject

Leo woke up with a horrible pain in his stomach. "Ugh."

He looked around the room. Hazel was where Nico was supposed to be sleeping, Percy was in his bed sleeping next to Annabeth, Jason was on the floor near Leo's bed, half of Frank's body was hanging out of the bathroom, and Piper rested her head on Nico's lap, both of them sound asleep.


Seeing Nico, Leo thought about the kiss they had shared last night and how they did it longer than they were supposed to.

Nico's lips tasted like vanilla. A sweet, sweet taste. Leo wanted to do it again, so badly, but he doubted it would happen.


Leo looked at the clock. 9:24 A.M. 

No one would be waking up for hours, considering the time they had fallen asleep.


Leo's thoughts were interrupted by a cell phone ringing on the side table to his left. 

He watched Nico softly push Piper off, and walk up to it, Leo was pretending to be asleep.


He heard Nico answer it. "Reyna." Nico said, as he left the room and stood outside in the hallway.


Leo quietly pulled himself out of the bed... Who's Reyna? He thought.


He pressed his ear softly against the door, and heard Nico talking.


That'd be great. --- No, I just need you to pretend for a while --- I don't want anyone to get suspicious --- Yeah, whatever --- Yeah, he's really cute --- Yeah --- We, um, we kissed last night --- No! No! We all were playing a game --- His lips? Reyna, why do you care what his lips were like? --- I know you care about me --- His lips were soft, they tasted, um, Reyna, this is really awkward --- Fine, his lips tasted like fresh strawberries --- No --- Yeah, I guess I do like him --- I just need you to pretend for a while --- Its not for a few weeks --- I just want to be ready for then, just in case they want to talk to you over Skype or something --- Because they're weird and different --- Yeah, whatever, bye.


Was Nico talking about Leo? What about that Reyna girl pretending? Pretending to do what? Leo didn't have time to think about it, he had to crawl back into bed before the door opened and Nico saw that Leo was awake. 


Leo jumped back into his bed, and wrapped himself in his covers. 


He almost passed out when he felt fingers run through his hair, he opened his eyes slightly, so no one would know he was awake, and saw Nico, sitting on Leo's chair from his work desk, caressing Leo's hair, like he was some kind of cat or something.


Nico was talking about me! Leo was so excited, he felt like he was about to explode with fire. He needed to wake up--Er, pretend to wake up before he screamed. Yaaaaaayyyy! You like me, you like me! And then started kissing him like some kind of freak.


He pretended to yawn and stretch out his arms, he opened his eyes, and saw Nico quickly push Leo's chair back into his desk, and walk out of the door.


Leo crawled out of bed, walked to the bathroom, kicked Frank out of the way, and hopped into the shower.

He turned the water on, and before he could even turn the knob to "Hot" it was already warm. Weird.


When he was done, he hopped out of the shower, and wrapped a towel around his waist.

He brushed his teeth, fixed his hair, and came out to find Piper with a huge grin on her face. "Hey, Beauty Queen."


"Repair boy." She greeted as Leo grabbed some clothes out of his drawer.


Leo turned around, Piper was standing closer to him now, smiling wider, if that was possible.


"Whats wrong with your face?" Leo asked Piper, a small elfish grin plastered across his face.


Piper frowned. "Where's Nico?" A smile tugged at the end of her lips, getting wider and wider.


A bigger smile joined Leo's face. Nico. Hearing his name made Leo's heart skip, thinking about the kiss that he had last night. Nico was so cold, and Leo was so warm. It was so refreshing and wonderful, and it made Leo feel powerful, yet nervously sick, and it made him feel perfect, not to mention the great fact that Nico was already shirtless.


"I saw him leave the room an hour ago." Leo finally said after a few seconds of silence.


"Oh." Piper shrugged. "I thought you two were showering together or something."


Leo's face turned a dark crimson. "Piper!"




"I don't think he'll be showering with me anytime soon." 


"Well, you heard what he said on the phone this morning."


Leo frowned. "How would you know what they were talking about?"

Piper smirked. "Nico woke me up when he pushed me off of him, and I saw you listening in on their conversation."


"Doesn't matter," said Leo. "He's got a girlfriend."

Piper shook her head and did a face-palm. "Didn't you hear them? Reyna is only going to pretend to be Nico's girlfriend. Its you he really likes. I mean, who would tell their girlfriend that they made out with someone else? Plus, I saw him petting you earlier."


Leo tried to fight his blush and excitement, but he couldn't help it, he gave Piper the tightest hug that she'd probably ever received, and when he pulled away, Piper started blushing profusely. 


"What?" Leo looked down, his towel had fallen off. "Oh, crap, sweet jesus, crap, AGH!" He pulled up the towel, and rushed back into the bathroom to change into his clothes, not saying one more word to Piper.



Leo exited the bathroom, glaring at a laughing Piper. Everyone else was awake now, maybe a little confused as to why Piper was laughing so hard.

"Well," Annabeth said. "we're going to all go wash up and get dressed back at our dorm rooms."

Jason and Frank agreed, and they all left.


Leo walked over to his bed, pulled his shoes out from under it, and slid his feet inside.


Leaving the silence behind, Percy decided to make things really awkward. "So, you kissed Nico last night."


Leo wondered where exactly this was headed. "Yeah..." 


"How was that?"


It was the best kiss I've ever gotten and I want to do it again so badly. I just want his lips!

"It was a kiss."


"Yeah," Percy said. "But how did you like the kiss?"


Leo tried to hide his blush. "Like I said, It was a kiss."

Percy nodded, knowing that Leo didn't want to continue that conversation.


Percy got up off of his bed, and followed Leo out of the room and into the cafeteria for breakfast.


When they arrived at the cafeteria, barely anyone was there. Only everyone who slept over at the dorm last night, and a few other people.

Leo guessed that people were still asleep.


"Hola, Beauty Queen." Leo said, sitting down between Piper and, oh, Nico di Angelo, he suddenly didn't feel so hungry anymore. Leo nodded at him. "And hello, Gothic boy who claims to not be gothic." 


Nico rolled his eyes, and sighed deeply, slouching in his chair.


Percy sat next to Annabeth and put his arm over her shoulder, and Jason between Frank and Piper, while Hazel sat closer to Nico, watching him carefully.


Everyone cautiously eyed Leo, as if they had heard the conversation that Piper and him had that morning. Maybe that was why Leo was asked by Percy if he liked the kiss. Maybe.


"Like what ya see?" Leo said, winking at everyone individually.


After that, everyone rolled their eyes, and went back to staring at their own feet.


"Nico," said Hazel. "did you eat yet?"


Nico groaned and shut his eyes tightly, probably trying to contain himself.


"Oh, I'm sure he did," Leo said for Nico. "Just give it a rest, Hazel. It can get kind of annoying." 


"Actually, I haven't ate yet." Nico corrected him, a smirk on his face, obviously trying to annoy Leo.


"Not helping, buddy." Leo pat Nico's shoulder, which made Nico take a shaky breath.


Everyone laughed a little, and then everything turned all awkward again.

"Well," Nico started. "I'm just going to go get a biscuit or something, but I'm pretty sure that this school doesn't have such low quality breakfast options. Anyone want anything?"


"Nico di Angelo," Leo clapped his hands slowly. "Was-Was that sarcasm?"


Nico rolled his eyes and walked away, not even bothering to listen to Jason and Frank, who had their hands raised for Nico to bring them something.


"Thanks, Leo," Jason said, sarcastically. 


"Yeah," Frank agreed. "Now we have to get our meals by ourselves." Frank huffed and walked to the buffet area with Jason.


"Well," Leo started. "I'm going to go get some breakfast for myself."

Piper and Hazel snickered and looked like they were trying really hard to be like Ooh! You guys are so in love! Agh. 


Leo walked up to the buffet area, where Nico didn't see Leo coming behind him, Jason and Frank were already at the table again.


Nico looked all around the area, a little nervous, just trying to find something to eat. Finally, he grabbed a blood red apple and a bottle of Evian water, and went back to the table, Leo following with his gigantic plate of pancakes and syrup.


Piper had somehow made way to a seat next to Hazel.


Leo looked around the table. Annabeth and Percy were talking about their project on greek mythology, while Piper and Hazel were having a conversation about shipping Valdangelo...? Whatever that meant.


Before he sat down, he got a bit closer to them, so he could hear what they were saying.


He heard their whispers.

So, Nico really likes Leo? Leo rolled his eyes.


Yeah, I think so, I mean, Leo and I both heard Nico on the phone with his so called "girlfriend", talking about Leo's lips.






Why hasn't Nico told me anything about this?


Probably because he's embarrassed of who he is or something.


But, then, why would he tell that "Reyna" girl?


I dunno, I'll look more into it later, but for now, I think Nico's coming back.


Leo walked back to his seat next to Nico, while Piper and Hazel stared at them with stupid looking grins on their faces.


"Can I help you?" Nico scowled, running his fingers through his jet black hair, in a similar way he had done to Leo's.


Piper and Hazel quickly looked away, and joined Percy and Annabeth on their conversation about their greek mythology project.


Nico shot a glance at Leo, now starting a silent conversation with his eyes, He mouthed the words Piper and Hazel


Leo shrugged his shoulders in an 'I don't know' kind of way.


Leo looked to his right. Jason and Frank sat at the table, with huge trays of simultaneous breakfast foods; Bacon, eggs, sausages, pancakes, french toast, waffles, and much more.


"Don't you boys eat enough?" Hazel giggled, but Jason and Frank continued to gobble down on their food, which made a certain gothic boy laugh a little.

And Leo swore, his heart skipped a beat and he shuddered. Nico's laugh was amazing, and Leo loved how it came out; softly and naturally. 


"Uh, Leo?" Percy said, leaning over the breakfast table, vigorously waving his hand over Leo's face. "Earth to Leo?"


"Huh?" Leo snapped, swearing that he saw Nico blushing.


"I asked what you were doing for your greek mythology project?"


Leo slumped in his shoulders and frowned. "I don't really know yet, and I don't really care..."


"Well," Percy said. "maybe since everyone here already has a partner, except you and Nico, you guys can work together or something, unless you wanna work with that blond kid, Octavian."


"The one who's always making out with Rachel?" Leo pondered. "Hell no."


Nico suddenly started looking curious, he bit his lip, as if debating on whether or not to say anything. "Alright," he decided. "I know why Hazel is here, and I've told you all why I'm here, so, why are you all here?"


Piper sighed. "I, um, I stole a car."


Nico smiled in a 'proud' kind of way, and gave her high five. "Thats meh girl." 


"When did you two become bros?" Jason asked, nobody answered.


"Percy?" Nico nodded at him to go. 


"I don't know," Percy explained. "One day, Annabeth and I woke up in the school infirmary, and we've been here every since."

Nico looked slightly bothered by Percy's answer, but looked at Jason.


"I was kidnapped," he started. "Then, I escaped on my own, and I--I realized, my alcoholic mother didn't even know I was, um, gone. She told me that my sister had died, and I went insane, then I ended up here with my Pipes, and I've gotten better."


Nico looked like he was about to cry, but he did a great job of stoping it. "Uh, Frank?"


Frank bit his lip. "I, uh, my mother died, and my grandmother..." His voice faltered, Nico looked like he understood Frank's not wanting to explain.


Then, Nico glanced at Leo, waiting for his answer. Leo's eyes somehow found their way to his feet, but Nico didn't want to leave Leo alone on the subject, unlike with Franks, where he obviously didn't care much.


"You know?" Leo said, his voice slightly high pitched at those two words. He started feeling nauseous, "My story's probably not that interesting anyway."


Piper brought her hand up to Nico's shoulder and whispered in his ear, Leo could just make it out: He'll tell you when he's ready, its kind of a touchy subject.


"You know," Leo started, deeply inhaling. "My stomach's kind of hurting. I think I'll go lay down." Leo stood up, still holding his stomach, and walked away, the last words he heard of Nico di Angelo before he completely left the cafeteria, "Well, I didn't mean to make him upset."


Leo walked back to his room, and collapsed on his bed. It was so painful to think about how he had gotten into this place, and how he might not even get out until he was of legal age. So, three years. Great.


Though Leo always tried to hide his pain, this, right then, he couldn't do very well with the thought of what he had done in his mind.


He lay back on his bed, with his hands behind his head, staring directly at the ceiling, no expression on his face, except for maybe a hint of sadness.


He was too locked in his mind to notice someone come in the room.

"Leo?" He recognized that wonderful voice, Nico di Angelo. "Are you okay?"


Leo brought himself to where he was sitting up in his bed. "I'm fine," He lied.


He watched Nico step closer, then sit down on the end of Leo's bed, making Leo's heart jump. "Are you sure?"


Leo sighed, and let a small tear drop from his face. "I killed someone."

Nico's eyes widened, but Leo could tell that he was trying not to look too surprised. 


"That someone, is-is, my mother." Nico's expression hardened, Leo continued. "There was a fire, and I'm the one who started it."


Nico shook his head. "W-Why?"


"I don't know why I did it, I was eight years old. I don't even remember half of that day. All I know is that, is that I'm a murderer."


Nico moved closer to Leo, making Leo almost pass out. "You're not a murderer. And there's no way that you have proof that you were the one who started the fire." 


Then, everything fell silent, just quiet, as Leo and Nico stared into each others eyes.

But Leo couldn't take it anymore; He grabbed Nico's face, and started kissing him. At first, he didn't kiss back, but once he realized what was happening...


Leo ran his hands up and down inside of Nico's shirt, making Nico moan softly, and it wasn't until they heard a key turn in the door, when they both pulled away, and Nico jumped onto his bed, quickly putting in his earbuds, while Leo pretended to sleep, once more.


Leo opened his eyes slightly, to see Percy walk in with Annabeth, obviously not noticing Leo and Nico in the room, then, they started making out aggressively.


"Aw, my eyes!" Leo shrieked, jumping out of his bed and running out the door, Percy and Annabeth blushing like crazy. Leo peeked back into the bedroom. "Uh, Nico, you coming?" Leo watched Nico glance back and forth between him, and Percabeth over there.


Nico obviously decided to go with Leo, not wanting to watch what Annabeth and Percy were about to do.

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