Mentally Insane Juveniles (Leico)

Every one of the cast is mortal here.
Welcome to Mount Olympus High School for the Mentally Disturbed and Troubled Teens!

Once Nico walks through the large doors, he has no idea what he is about to get into.

He meets Leo, along with the rest of the pack, and things take a turn for the worse.

No more spoilers, read now!


4. Fat Cops and Death Breath (PART ONE)

The cold wind burning into Nico's skin as he ran through the Walmart parking lot, almost made him throw up.


It was dark out, and the only thing that helped Nico see, were the street lights, and the loud, flashing sirens sounding in the distance, as he heard the sound of heavy footsteps running, not far behind him.


"Leo," Nico gasped, struggling to breathe. "We have to... find... a way... out of... this mess..."


Leo stopped in his tracks, his body bent over, his head to his knee's length, and even more out of breath than Nico, if that was possible. "I... know..."

He shifted his eyes back and forth between different cars, until he set his gaze on an old rusty one, red and rusted silver, the wheels covered in mud, or at least Nico thought it was mud. He didn't want to assume otherwise.


Leo turned his head back, the police had already gotten really close. Then, he yell-whispered, loud enough for Nico to hear behind all the commotion behind them, but quiet enough so that the cops behind them couldn't hear what Leo was planning on doing, "Over there!" Leo pointed to the rusty car covered in "mud," and started to run over to it, without giving Nico an explanation.


But, there wasn't much that Nico could do, considering that if he stayed behind, he would immediately get arrested, so he followed.

By the time Nico had caught up, Leo had already unlocked the car with those magic fingers of his, and was in it.


Nico peeked through the window crack, not in the car yet. "Leo," he started, cautiously shifting back and forth between the loud chains rustling behind him, and a focused Leo, who started hot-wiring the car. "What are you doing? We already stole two cars, we can't steal another car!"


Leo gave Nico a nervous, yet confident glance, then changed it to pure shame. "Considering everything else that we've done today, this would be considered rescuing a cat for a blind old lady. And besides, look at this piece of junk. The owner would have thanked us for taking it, if he wasn't dead." 


Nico looked behind him. What more damage can we do? This won't even make a difference, right? Wrong. 


Okay, so, lets just rewind a little bit.


Morning, after Leo's confession to killing his mother, and incident with Percy and Annabeth:                                                                               


"I have a feeling," Leo said, stopping at the double doors that Nico had walked through, just half a day ago. "that Percy and Annabeth would've gone farther than just making out if I hadn't done something."


Nico smirked. "Its like their zombies when stare into each others eyes."


"Then again," said Leo, a grin plastered across his impish face. "So are we."

Nico smiled, it was like Leo had forgotten all about how he had confessed to killing his mother.


Nico looked around the hallway. Barely a breathing soul was awake yet, Nico wondered if it was always like this on saturdays.

It couldn't be this bad on days of the week, considering that you have to wake up for classes, but maybe they let the Mentally Insane Juveniles sleep in so they're not so "grumpy."


Leo came up closer to Nico, and pecked his cheek, just before running out the double doors.


Nico, being the curious idiot he is, decided to follow.


When he caught up with Leo, he was standing at the railing. "So," Nico started, losing himself as he stared off above the railing, looking over at the incredible view of the mountains; they almost looked like an unfinished painting, and  Nico loved it. "I'm assuming that this is the study hall? An outside view, obsidian bean chairs, fancy tables. Seems about right for this place..."


He heard a light chuckle from Leo. "I like it when you joke, I just dislike when your jokes are better than my jokes."


Nico laughed bitterly, almost evilly. "My jokes are always better than yours."

Leo rolled his deep brown eyes, and aggressively patted Nico on the back, before running off to somewhere else.


Nico raced behind Leo, who was running down the stone steps that Nico had walked up on his first day, to come into the school.

It seemed like they went on forever, but Nico eventually reached the bottom, to see Leo's lip bleeding while he lay on the concrete sidewalk, probably being blinded by the early sun.


Nico knew that he should be sympathetic, and be like Are you okay? but all that came out, was, "You fell? Ha." And Nico started laughing under his breath, but he eventually helped Leo up off the ground, then Leo started running... again. Nico groaned as he playfully rolled his eyes, then followed again.




He followed Leo into the parking lot of Mount Olympus High School for Mentally Insane and Troubled Teens. 

"Leo," he started, dusting the dirt off of the back of Leo's shirt. "Where exactly are we going? I don't think students allowed to leave school grounds."


Leo thought of that for a second or two, then smirked. "If they had wanted to go through the trouble of protecting us 'juveniles' and taking care of us, then they would've locked all the exits."


Nico nodded. "You make a valid point."


Leo and Nico tried to shuffle their way into the parking lot, making it unnoticed.

Fancy cars and reserved parking spaces caught Nico's eye, telling him that he hadn't really been paying attention when he walked through here the first time. 


Leo stopped flat in the middle of lane 9, and stared at all the cars, a shiny silver Maserati seemed to catch his eye.


He ran up to it, but Nico hesitated before following, then he finally gave in. 

By the time Nico caught up to Leo, Leo was already in the car and the engine was running smoothly. 


"What are you doing, Valdez?" Nico asked, shock expressing thoroughly in his eyes. 


"God, Nico," Leo replied, a small smirk on his face. "I thought you were one of us. A Mentally Insane Juvenile. Guess I was wrong." Leo faked a shrug, and stared off into space.


Nico angrily, and quietly, jumped into the passenger seat of the silver Maserati. "I am a troubled kid." He defended.


"Oh, yeah," Leo said, a curious, yet daring expression on his face. "Not putting on your seatbelt? Oh, god! You're going to get us killed!"

Nico sat there, quietly counting to ten, trying to contain his anger. 


Wait. Isn't that the reason Leo's making fun of him? "You know what, Valdez?" He pouted, scrunching up his nose, a bitter taste in his dry mouth. "I've gone through a lot more things than you know I've been through, so you might as well shut your mouth."


"Oh, yeah?" Leo's eyes softened, probably wondering how they had started arguing in the first place. "Like what, di Angelo?"


Nico hesitated, he felt a small tear shed from his face, but he wiped it away slowly. "Like what?" Leo repeated, even more curious now.


"I killed--" Nico started, but was cut off by the very angry principle, Mr. D, knocking aggressively on the glass window.


"What are you two delinquents doing in my car?" Leo's face paled, now shifting the car into reverse, and quickly backing out of the parking space, running over the Mr. D's foot. "Ah!" And the last Nico saw of him, was him grabbing his foot and jumping up and down like he was on a pogo stick. "Get back here Pico de Gallo!"


Leo drove away so fast, that Nico now felt obligated to put his seatbelt on. 


"Did he just confuse me for a taco?" Nico said, maybe looking a little offended.

"No," Leo explained. Pico de Gallo is a fresh uncooked condiment made from chopped tomato, white onion, and chilies."


Nico raised an eyebrow, but Leo didn't notice, he was too busy being chased by the cops.

Wait. The cops?


Nico looked back, he saw saw red and blue flashing lights, and then he started to hear the sirens, then the loud dog. "Dude, do you have drugs?" Nico asked Leo, who wouldn't stop the car, that was probably going 100.


"Look," Leo said, still driving the car, while stupidly staring at Nico. "I'm troubled, but not that troubled. All I have are my ADHD meds. You?" Nico would've laughed at how casual this conversation was, but he was a bit occupied by trying to check how close the police were getting, Nico could hear a loud dog barking. 


"I don't do drugs... anymore." Nico mumbled that last part, hoping that Leo wouldn't catch on, but no. Leo raised his eyebrow at Nico, as if thinking, Wow, you are troubled. Or maybe that was Nico's wishful thinking.


He didn't know why he felt so strongly about Leo knowing that he really was troubled. Maybe because he didn't know how troubled Leo really was, and it bothered him. The only thing Nico really knew about Leo, is that he murdered, um, his mother was killed, but that didn't seem like something that could trouble someone that much.


Or maybe it did. 


Nico did know how it felt to lose someone. Two people actually, the thought made Nico hurt inside, and the only thing that helped him focus were the cop cars multiplying behind them.


"Are you sure you don't have any drugs on you?" Nico asked Leo, once more.


Leo groaned, almost crashing into a tree, but making a sharp left turn, jolting Nico's scrawny body forward. "No, Death Breath. Are you?"


Nico bit his lip. "No." He found his voice crack, he didn't know why. He wasn't on them anymore, but maybe its the fact that Nico was called Death Breath by his, uh, was Leo his boyfriend?


Leo glanced at him quickly, looking very unsure of Nico's answer, but he brought his eyes back to the road, or, sidewalk? Oh, jeez.


"Don't stop the car," Nico demanded. "I can't afford to get arrested. Not again." 


"Oh, yeah," Leo taunted. "I'll stop the car right now, because I want to be tested for being drunk, doing drugs, get arrested, and sit in a jail cell for 50 YEARS."


Nico rolled his eyes, but Leo's gaze was still on him. "Eyes on the sidewalk, you idiotic Christmas Elf!" 


"Sidewalk?" Leo turned his head back forward. "Ah!" He jolted the car to the side, making it back on the road, but almost getting hit by a truck.


"Uh, Leo?"


"What, di Angelo?" Leo's eyes almost looked possessed. 


"Where exactly are we headed?" Leo's eyes widened for a second, and Nico had to look forward to see if they were about to crash. Phew, no crashing...yet.

Nico still didn't hear an answer, which somehow made him feel uneasy and ridiculously sick. 


Maybe because he knew that the number of stupidly bad things he and Leo'd get into that day, was bigger than he could count. 

But he didn't know crap. It was much, much worse than he would have ever expected.

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