There was 5 girls, Emma, Olivia, Makayla, Maddie, and Arianna. Until one went missing...then there was 4. Emma went missing and no one knows where she went. She just vanished off the face of the earth. Rosemont, Pennsylvania isn't going to be the same anymore. With all the people out to get the girls and the people that are out to get Emma people that you wouldn't even suspect. Relationships are created.. but also broken. People die.. Things happen.. But most of all the lives of these 4 girls, Olivia, Makayla, Maddie, and Arianna are torn apart and are hell and they need to be strong and smart enough to figure out the mystery and to deal with all the secrets and emotional stress that is happening.,


2. Where IT Started..

Arianna's POV.

Honestly it was such a beautiful day outside...for such a terrible day. I try to look at the bright side of things. I mean there's always a positive and a negative to everything, right? Well Emma was gorgeous...she was perfect but she had a way about going things...everything had to go her way, if it didn't she'd find a way to get back at you. She knew everyone's secrets but trust me Emma had some secrets of her own that she wouldn't like the world to know haha. Ugh I absolutely hate driving...not just because I'm stuck in a small space but because of the arrogant assholes who don't know how to drive...It's crazy...



This is exactly what I'm talking about. That person almost killed me. It was my right away not theirs. Ughh finally home!

"Ari, is that you?" my mom asked.

"Yea ma it's me, mmmm smells delicious, whatcha making?" Arianna questioned.

"I don't even know haha it's just an old recipe I found it had no name but the ingredients sounded good so i decided to try it, if it doesn't come out right we'll just order take-out or something."

That's my mom...she's always trying new things...but that what i love about her she's different than other moms...she actually lets me express myself unlike Livi's mom. But she's like my other mom so its okay haha.

I went to my room, set my things down and turned on my computer. As soon as I turned it on I got an email...

"hey hun, just wanted to let you know I still know. ;)"


Holy shit...E... as in E for that can't be possible Emma's missing...Wait does this mean she alive? Omg what does she know? There's so many things that she can mean but which one?




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