There was 5 girls, Emma, Olivia, Makayla, Maddie, and Arianna. Until one went missing...then there was 4. Emma went missing and no one knows where she went. She just vanished off the face of the earth. Rosemont, Pennsylvania isn't going to be the same anymore. With all the people out to get the girls and the people that are out to get Emma people that you wouldn't even suspect. Relationships are created.. but also broken. People die.. Things happen.. But most of all the lives of these 4 girls, Olivia, Makayla, Maddie, and Arianna are torn apart and are hell and they need to be strong and smart enough to figure out the mystery and to deal with all the secrets and emotional stress that is happening.,


6. He's Just....Perfection!

Maddie's POV.

I finally got home. And as I walked into my bedroom I found Ant sleeping in my bed. I ran over to him and woke him up.

"Hey sleepy-head, wake up"

"Hey beautiful" he said

God I love his sleepy voice. It amazing mmmmm.

"I thought you went home after I left?"

"Nah I was tired and I wanted to stay here because I love you"

"You know mom will flip if she find out you're here"

"She won't find out, by the way I'm staying the night"

"Fine, only because I don't wanna sleep alone tonight"

I really do love Anthony, there's something about that boy that's addicting I swear. Tonight's gonna be an interesting night considering what happened earlier today. Oh no, what if mom walks in? No she won't she never does. Wait is she even home yet? Where is she? She hasn't been home all day. I'm gonna call her.

"Hey, Mom? Where are you?"

"Hey sweetie, I'm at Janice's and I'm blasted, I don't think I'll be able to make it home tonight, will you be okay home alone tonight?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine, I'll have Makayla sleep over. We have school tomorrow anyway."

Okay hun, I'll see you after school tomorrow I love you."

I hung up the phone, threw my hair in a ponytail, got into my comfy sweatpants and a tank top and laid down cuddling up next to Ant. Damn, he's that's not the word....I don't have a word for him....he's just perfection....

I woke up and was wondering where Anthony was. I smelt something delicious so I went downstairs. I found Anthony making breakfast. This is one of the reasons why he's just perfect.

"Baby, this is amazing!"

"Only for you beautiful."

He kissed me on my forehead and pulled me into a big hug. Then he sat me at the table and served me breakfast.


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