There was 5 girls, Emma, Olivia, Makayla, Maddie, and Arianna. Until one went missing...then there was 4. Emma went missing and no one knows where she went. She just vanished off the face of the earth. Rosemont, Pennsylvania isn't going to be the same anymore. With all the people out to get the girls and the people that are out to get Emma people that you wouldn't even suspect. Relationships are created.. but also broken. People die.. Things happen.. But most of all the lives of these 4 girls, Olivia, Makayla, Maddie, and Arianna are torn apart and are hell and they need to be strong and smart enough to figure out the mystery and to deal with all the secrets and emotional stress that is happening.,


5. Dinner.

Maddie's POV.

Makayla invited all of us to go to dinner tonight and to meet at the town diner. We were all sitting at the table waiting for the waitress when Kay said she had something extremely important to tell us.

"Guys, I have some news." She pulled out an envelope from her bag and placed in on the table. I was the first to open it and read it and I was shocked and I passed it to Ari...Her jaw dropped and she just laid it on the table for Livi to read.

"Oh my fucking god." Livi finally blurted out.

"I got one too but in an email." Ari said.

I had to tell them.

"I got a text" I opened the text and slid the phone to Kay.

She read it and passed it to Livi...she followed and passed it to Ari...

"Ari...what did yours say?

"Here read it for yourselves." She gave me her phone.

I don't understand what does she still know? But I passed it to Kay...and she passed it to Livi who handed it back to Ari.

It was silent.

"Does this mean Emma's alive?" Asked Ari.

"Maybe, wait why didn't I get anything?" questioned Livi.

Livi's phone went off she had  new text from an unknown number. She read it out loud.

"Hey Liv, how's your little love connection with Nick? That's illegal ya know to be in a relationship with your BROTHER! And its great how all you girls are in one spot together I can see all of you at the same time in the same place. E"

"Holy shit" Kay said

We all started to look around frantically. Then the waitress came with our food and asked if we were okay.

"Yeah, were just looking for someone" I explained

"We can't tell anyone about this." Livi said.

"Yeah its better if we keep it between us." I exclaimed

"Good idea I don't need drama with my parents about Nick, plus he's not really my brother hes my foster brother." Livi pointed out

"Yeah and officer Wyatt could go to jail if they find out what happened between us." Makayla said.

Ari had an uneasy look on her face.

"Guys someone watching us, and I don't think it's Emma." Ari barely got the words out.




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