There was 5 girls, Emma, Olivia, Makayla, Maddie, and Arianna. Until one went missing...then there was 4. Emma went missing and no one knows where she went. She just vanished off the face of the earth. Rosemont, Pennsylvania isn't going to be the same anymore. With all the people out to get the girls and the people that are out to get Emma people that you wouldn't even suspect. Relationships are created.. but also broken. People die.. Things happen.. But most of all the lives of these 4 girls, Olivia, Makayla, Maddie, and Arianna are torn apart and are hell and they need to be strong and smart enough to figure out the mystery and to deal with all the secrets and emotional stress that is happening.,


3. Am I Crazy?

Maddie's POV.

I was walking home from Livi's when I received a text from a blocked number.

"Hey Madds remember when you and I went to that party 2 months ago and you and Jake had sex? And you made me promise that I wouldn't tell anyone not even the girls? Well guess what I remember everything...Love ya. ;*"


Omg...EMMA! She alive....! And Jake...oh no...nobody can know about that...that's personal. I knew I should have never told her that! But what if Emma is alive...No I'm just crazy. Its probably Jake messing with me...Should I tell the girls though? No I can't...They'll laugh at me and look and me differently. I should tell them... No because if Emma is contacting me she must be contacting them to so I'll wait for one of them tell me and then I'll tell them. Man I was kinda hoping she'd forget by now...considering the fact we thought she was dead...

I walked through the door and it was totally silent...That was not normal...moms always home...not that I think of it her cars not in the driveway...maybe she just ran to the store. Then I heard something upstairs...I walked upstairs to my room and I seen a shadow...



"Sorry babe, I just wanted to surprise you. I missed you I haven't seen you in like 6 hours."

"Baby, I love you but sometimes we need sometime apart its a part of life babe."

I planted a kiss on his soft lips. God I could kiss him all day 24/7 mmmm he's delicious.

"Baby?" he questioned

"Yeah?" I answered

"I want you." He hesitated

"You mean?" I questioned him

"Mhm."He answered shyly

I love him and I know I do...And I've been wanting this for so long...And plus we've been together for 3 years now...And I'm 16...That's an okay age...I think? Oh well...I can't put down this offer.

"Baby...lets go." I answered

We started making out and then he pushed me on the bed and started to undress me. I got butterflies in  my stomach...And he took his pants off and asked me if i was ready...I nodded and he continued...he stuck it in hurt...but felt so good at the same time...i didn't want him to stop...We kept going for about like an hour...that was the most amazing hour of my life.  Honestly, that took my mind off of the text I got earlier thank god!

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