There’s something special about Destiny King; she just doesn’t know it yet. When her senior year starts, strange things happen to her. She learns new things about her family, friends, and herself. Her best friend, and the guy she secretly likes, Ryder is hiding a secret, a secret that could either protect her, or kill her. Especially when a new student, Nathan, comes in the picture. Even Nathan might have a secret or two. The Back to School Dance changes everything for Destiny; her perspective, her love interest, and her life. Everything for her is unimaginable.


5. Chapter 5

Destiny sat there, stunned. Even when the bell rang for the next period, she couldn’t even budge out of her seat. Nathan is different. How did he get the world’s most bitchiest and stern teacher to not give them detention? Sure, he’s pretty good looking, but not that good looking. How did he get her to just simply agree with him? What was up with that faraway look in her eyes? It was almost like mentally, she wasn’t in the room, but physically, she was.

    “King, you coming?” Nathan’s voice broke her away from her thoughts.


    Something was up with that kid.

    “Yeah. But i didn’t know we were on a last name basis, Benson.” She couldn’t hide the coldness from her voice. She didn’t want to get any closer to that strange, good-looking guy.

    “Hey, are you alright? Is there anything you want to talk about?” She could see the concern flash in his crystal blue eyes.

    Destiny shook her head slightly. Maybe she imagined it all; she didn’t get that much sleep last night, and it didn’t help that both Benson brothers were taking her to the dance. Just as friends, though. “Uh, yeah, I’m fine, just got caught up in a daydream. Let me see your schedule again.”

As Nathan passed her his schedule sheet, they’re fingers brushed against each other. She pulled the sheet away quickly, not wanting to feel his electrifying touch. She got a better look his classes. “So, it looks like you have French next, with me. You even have the same lunch as me! Oh my gosh, did you like take a copy of my schedule? This is exactly the same as mine.”

His laughed filled her ears and she bit her tongue so she wouldn’t start laughing with him. “No need to worry, King. How would’ve I, a senior who’s new this year, been able to get an exact copy of your schedule and put my name on it?” He had a pretty good point. But it still didn’t erase the suspicion from her mind. “Besides, it just means I’m as smart as you. And who doesn’t love a guy who can speak French?”

She gave him back his schedule and starting heading to their next class. “You actually speak French? Most of the guys only take the class so they don’t have to have any extra homework. Mr. Groth never gives out homework, and he’s not a harsh teacher at all.”

“Bien sûr, je parle français. J'aime la langue et il vous permet de vous loin dans la vie.” Nathan spoke so fast that she couldn’t make out the words clearly.

Destiny chuckled awkwardly. “Um, what?”

“It means, ‘Of course I speak French. I love the language and it gets you far in life.’ French is one of my favorite languages to speak.”

    She looked at him sideways, surprised. “Languages? As in you can speak more than one?”

    He smirked at her. “Of course. I can speak a handful of languages.”

    “Where did you get the time to learn those languages?”

    This was the first time she saw Nathan actually look nervous. “I, uh, well…” He looked away from her and noticed that the door to their French class was practically right in front of them. “Oh, look at that! There’s class! Thanks for walking me!” He dashed in there without looking back at her.

    Destiny shook her head. What was that? She asked him a simple question and suddenly Mister “oh-so-perfect” gets all nervous and runs away from the conversation!

    She shrugged her shoulders and chased after him, heading into class and sliding into her seat,, which surprisingly wasn’t next to Nathan, just before Mr. Groth strolled on in. “Bonne classe du matin! J'espère que vous avez passé un bel été. J'espère aussi que vous êtes prêt à apprendre de nouvelles avance française, et que vous serez prêt à parler couramment une fois votre diplôme.” She couldn’t catch all what he was saying, but knew that he said something about a great summer, and something about graduating.

    Mr. Groth’s smile broadened. “Now, before we dive right into our French conversations, I’d like to announce our new student, who some of you may have already met, Nathan Benson. Say a few words, in French, for the class, would you?”

    He stood up and smiled graciously at all the girls swooning over him. “Mon nom est Nathan, je viens d'une vieille famille, j'ai aussi…” His voice got more distant when Destiny started unintentionally fading into sleep…


    She was running. Destiny looked around her surroundings. Trees. A lot of trees. She must be in some kind of forest. Before she had time to think, she glance behind her. Shadows. Everywhere. Coming for her. Her heart pounded in her chest harder as she increased her speed.

    Run. That was all she could think about. She couldn’t think about what these shadows were, or why they were chasing her, but she knew she couldn’t let them have her. She couldn’t be suck into their dark void.

    Branches scratched and scraped at her face as she ducked and tried to avoid the trees in front of her. But she didn’t notice the big tree root down in front of her, and in seconds she was skidding across the ground, bruising her arms as she attempted to catch herself.

    “Destiny…” Voices, as smooth as silk, caressed her, whispering her name over and over.

    She managed to find her voice as she swallowed down her fear. “Who’s there? What do you want?”

    A female voice spoke up, “Don’t be scared, my child. We’ve come to talk to you.”

    She sat up, looking around for a bodies to go with these voices, but there was nothing but endless rows of trees. “If you want to talk, I’m going to need your names. And how do you know my name?”

    “Oh dear.” Said the male voice.

    A girly chuckle came around and enlightened Destiny, making her want to laugh too. “I guess she truly doesn’t know anything.”

    The male voice spoke up. “My name is Dan. But call me Gramps.”

    Destiny laughed. “You sound really young to be a grandpa. Who’s grandpa? Do I know them?”

    “Yours, Destiny. I’m your grandpa.”

    “As if. All my grand parents are dead.”

    “Destiny, honey, calm down. I’m Mystique. Your grandmother.”

    “You guys make no sense.” She stood up and started backing away slowly. She didn’t know where she was going to go, but she knew she had to get away from there. “Stop giving me fake information.”

    “We are not.” Dan’s voice was stern. “We are telling the truth, Young One. You will understand soon enough.”

    She scoffed. “Young One? Really? As if. What do you want from me?”

    Mystique sighed. “We only want you to understand who you are. You are one of us. Though we cannot tell you exactly what we are, we can give you hints.” Destiny stayed quiet. “Okay, do you remember how you could hear Ryder really well on the phone from a far distance? How you could even hear the other person on his phone?” She nodded, remembering everything that she could hear this morning. “Destiny, that’s not normal. Not human. You are not human. And in our kind, when you turn eighteen, you go through the Change.”

    Destiny looked around frantically, trying to find the owner’s voice. But found still found nothing. “Change? What’s the Change?” Her voice was surprisingly calm even though she was mentally freaking out.

    “It’s quite difficult to explain, especially when we can’t really tell you what you are.”

    “What I am? What do you mean? I’m a human being.”

    Dan laughed. “Not for long.”


    Destiny woke up with a gasp. Looking around her blurry surroundings and seeing that she was still in French class and that everyone, even the teacher, was oblivious to her sleeping and waking up in such a frantic manner.

    When her vision cleared, she looked around the class, and found one pair of crystal blue eyes staring at her. Nathan. He actually looked concerned and worried about her. Had he seen her wake up?

    But before any questions officially formed in her crazy brain, the bell rang. She was the first one to get up and dash out of the classroom. Not looking back for Nathan and heading straight to lunch.

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