There’s something special about Destiny King; she just doesn’t know it yet. When her senior year starts, strange things happen to her. She learns new things about her family, friends, and herself. Her best friend, and the guy she secretly likes, Ryder is hiding a secret, a secret that could either protect her, or kill her. Especially when a new student, Nathan, comes in the picture. Even Nathan might have a secret or two. The Back to School Dance changes everything for Destiny; her perspective, her love interest, and her life. Everything for her is unimaginable.


4. Chapter 4

Nathan stood quietly in the shadows of the lockers, hiding from the screaming freshman girls. He watched all the dumb, innocent teenagers walk by, unaware of his presence. But he was totally aware of their presence. He could smell their fresh, delicious blood from miles away. So what was stopping him from tearing open their throats and drinking them clean?

    Destiny King was stopping him. How? He had no fucking clue. No girl, especially teenage girl, could do this to him. He’s only been in love once, and once she admitted she was in love with his brother, he went crazy. He drained a whole town of blood. His humanity was lost.

    But now that he has seen Destiny, everything has stopped him. He desired to taste her blood, to feel the warm, lush liquid slide down his throat as he stared into her deep, dark eyes. She was beautiful, and he, just like his brother, could almost feel the power radiate from her. But she had no clue, did she?

    Her vulnerable eyes told him so. But what was it about her that stopped him from drinking her blood? Or even messing with her emotions? What was she exactly that made him question those certain things?

    He shook his head. No. He would not get involved with Destiny King. She’s just your normal teenage girl who’s in her senior year of high school. Nothing is different. Unless you look deep inside her eyes, that is.

    The bell rang, interrupting him from his thoughts. He pondered over the thought of heading straight to class, or waiting to see if Destiny was going to look for him. Wait, why did he care what Destiny thought of him? He shouldn’t! Instead of walking to class, he started to head towards the exit, not wanting to relive high school all over again.

    “Nathan wait!” He didn’t have to turn around to know it was Destiny’s voice. A couple of seconds later she appeared right next to him. “You’re going the wrong way.” She giggled and turned around.

    Nathan stood there, staring after her. His stomach was turning in a knot and all he wanted to do was laugh with her. What the hell is she doing to him? He should never feel this way again!

    “C’mon slowpoke. We’re already late to class.” She yelled at him from across the hall.

    He ran and caught up with her, trying to return to his normal self. As normal as a vampire can get. “Well, if we’re already late, why don’t we have some fun?” He raised his eyebrows at her.

    “With you? Gross!” She said it like she was truly disgusted, but she was smiling. Which had him smiling.

    “Damn, girl, take a chill pill.”

    “Chill pill? What? Were you born in the seventies? Gosh!” She sprinted up the stairs, running ahead of him. “Jeez, you’re as slow as molasses!” She grinned down at him as he slowly caught up to her.

    Her smile was beautiful, it was probably worth a million dollars. Speaking from his mind, he asked her, “Hey, have you ever had braces?”

    “That’s a random question to ask. But no, I’ve never had braces, these straight beautiful teeth,” she pointed to her teeth, “all came naturally.” She grinned like a fool at him.

    His heart seriously would’ve skipped a beat, if it was even beating in the first place. “I know I’ve been at this school for about an hour now, but I’ve already heard so much about this yearly Back to School dance, and I was wondering about taking a very beautiful lady to the dance.”

    Destiny looked over at him with raised eyebrows. “How gentlemanly of you. Who’s this lucky lady you were thinking of?”

    He shrugged. “Always the brother’s girl…” He quietly mumbled to himself.

    He wasn’t that quiet though because Destiny shot him a questioning look. “What do you mean by that?”

    “By what?” He tried to play the stupid guy role, but it didn’t pass by her.

    “By ‘always the brother’s girl.’ What did you mean by that?”

    He already said too much. “Inside jokes. Gotta love them.”

    “Um, alright? Well, here’s history class. Since we’re about five minutes late, I’m pretty sure that Ms. Likowski is going to kills us. She’s an eighty year old single woman. To sum it up, she’s a grouchy bitch.” She broke up into fits of laughter at her own little joke. “Which means we pretty much might get detention for a year.”

    Her laugh was so contagious that Nathan couldn’t help but laugh with her. “No worries. We won’t get detention at all.”

    “Yeah, we will, you don’t know her.”

    “Trust me. We won’t.”

    “I still don’t believe you. Wanna bet on it?” Destiny’s eyes sparkle in amusement.

    He puts on his original mischievous smirk. “You’re on. If I win,” he pretended to ponder for a moment, but he knew exactly what he wanted, “you have to be my date to the dance.”

    “No way! I’ll go with you to the dance, but just as friends.”


    “And if I win, you have to buy me lunch, anything that I want.”


    Her grin just got bigger, if that was even possible. “Alright. Let’s mosey on in then.” She opened the door and the whole class stared at them. Even the history teacher sent them nasty glares.

    “Why are you two late?” She roared from her behind her desk.

    Nathan could hear Destiny gulp right next to him. “We’re late because I was showing the new kid here, Nathan, around a bit more, but we’re here now, right?”

    “Do you have passes?”

    “Uh, no….” Her voice was barely audible.

    So that’s when Nathan decided to step in. Literally. He took a couple of steps, closing the distance between him and the nasty old hag. He concentrated on his power and stared deep into her pupils. “We are late because Destiny was kindly showing me around.” Then he lowered his voice so only she could hear. “You will let this one slide not give us detention.”

    The teacher’s eyes glossed over and she repeated exactly what he said. “You are late because Destiny was kindly showing you around. I will let this one slide and not give you guys detention.”

    “Good.” He sneaked a peak at Destiny’s face and saw it was filled with total shock. “Where shall I sit, then?”

    Ms. Likowski shook her head and her dazed eyes returned back to her normal, stern look. “Right, right. Well, there are two seats right in the back corner. Have at it.”

    Nathan smirked and sat down in the seat next to Destiny. He leaned over and whispered so only she could hear him. “I win.”

    Destiny shook her head at him, still surprised by the whole situation. “I just don’t get it. She gives everyone detention, no matter if they’re new or not. Freshman year, she gave me detention for wearing a hat when I first came into the school. I was about to take it off, and she looks over at me and yells, ‘Hey you! Freshman girl, no wearing hats when you step inside those doors! Detention for two weeks!’ Two freakin’ weeks of detention just because I was wearing a hat when I entered the school doors.”

    “I guess you can call it luck, or maybe because I’m so good looking.”

    But she totally ignored him and kept talking. “But then you show up, and we happen to be more than five minutes late to class, without any pass, and she just says she’ll let that slide! It’s insane!”

    He shrugged, acting clueless. “I guess that-”

    “No, but get this. I think I’m going crazy because I heard you whisper to her that she will not give us detention, then she repeated everything you said. She also had this faraway look in her eyes.”

    Oh my God. Ryder wasn’t fucking kidding. She can hear really good. Too good. Possibly supernaturally good.

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