My name is Diana and I get bullied daily, I am the slut of the school that no one has any respect for. Read to find out what happens.


1. Introduction


Hello, I am Diana McKinley, I have blue hair, dipped died pink. I have piercings on my nose and snake bites. I have blue eyes and light skin. Well I am a senior at Windler High and the slut of the school. It all started Freshman year. I tried to blend in with the popular group but somehow rumors were started and I became the slut. All the guys want to do is have sex and the girls want to destroy me. I just tease the boys and I ignore the girls. I have gotten into some fights because girls called me anorexic. Taylor, my nemesis, we used to be best friends and now she just wants to destroy me. I have just started to embrace my 'slut' reputation. 

My family... My mom is basically a harmless woman unless you piss her off and my dad is a drunk. My little sister is annoying, she thinks she is older than me and bosses me around. I have run away a few times but my mom eventually tracks me down and I get put on house arrest. 

Alright, some things about me. I listen to Black Veil Brides, Panic! At The Disco, Blood On the Dance Floor... Others. Um, I wear a lot of black clothes but that doesn't make me Emo. My favorite color is rainbow, I am colorful even if I don't act like it. My traits: Loud, annoying, talkative. I like to go partying and I smoke and drink a lot. I love Starbucks, it's my weakness. I have a crush but I act like I hate him. His name is John, he is on the football team. I have a diary and I may show you some entries;). I do wear make up but my friends say I wear too much. I do cut and I wear a lot of bracelets but no one really cares. I get tripped in the hallway and people push me, it's all bullshit. Well I guess that's all about me, see you all later;).

Authors Note

Alright my beautiful lovelies, you asked for another Diana story, so here it is. -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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